Life is hard… Being Stupid just makes it harder. And I am not referring to someone’s intelligence, I am referring to choices people make in their own lives. I can go right down the list; it can be as personal as the one you fall in love with, to the the people you choose to surround yourself with and it can be referring to the way we handle our finances, or the way we handle our attiude in our daily life. If we gossip or take the higher road and just plain don’t.

Being stupid can be done behind closed doors or it can be done right in the open. On the highways or in line at the store. Have you ever heard yourself say something that you wish you could suck back inside? Or have you ever let something eat at you until you have let it take over your whole day?

Stuff happens to all of us. Job stuff, personal stuff, family stuff, financial stuff,  and the way we decide to handle different situations is our choice. Just like over eating or consuming too much alcohol, we have the choice every minute of every day.

A few years ago, we lost our store in an earthquake. That was one shining example of being out of control or when I lost my last baby. That was out of control. But what comes after it… is our choice. I have been going through some life changing things lately and made some real stupid moves that I dearly regret, and yet am learning about me through it all. I watch as other people make some pretty dumb choices… and someday, hope that my lessons I am learning, my story, may help others not be as stupid as I have been. But I stand by my quote of the day… Life is hard and being stupid doesn’t make it any easier!

6 thoughts on “Life Is Hard… AND~ Being stupid just makes it harder!

  1. Nah, I need to get used to it as I ready myself to send out my book. And begin to start going to writer’s seminars. I need to be able to take the good with the bad and have the ability to see what you as a reader sees… I don’t even remember what brought this particular blog on. but in my defense…
    I wrote:
    A few years ago we lost our store, that was a shining example of being out of control… what I meant was how out of control can you be… having an earthquake tumble down the likes of your world? Even if I just said…. in that one sentence A few years ago we lost our store in an earthquake, whether I had written about it or not… I guess I thought it was kind of self explaned in that sentence… Though in my ABOUT I think I also talked about it??? I will have to go back and check now.

  2. Jim~ Actually in this whole blog I have kind of insinuated making mistakes but never come right out and blurted out what they have been..
    Though, the earthquake was not really one of them…
    That is what happens when you come in, in the middle of a blog that has over 150 posts. lol. πŸ˜‰ But I am grateful that you are even interested!!! πŸ™‚

    Below I have included the link to my story about the earthquake if you are interested.
    As for the otherwise… I have never really come right out and said what my other big faux pau actually has been… Let’s just say I have made a whopper or two
    By the way, thank you for making me find it again. I need a good kick in the butt reminder myself sometimes! I think that in this case, I was just referring to the earthquake being something that I had no control over… as well as having a misscarriage…all other stories amidst over 150 posts here…;)

    1. I’m starting at the beginning, not the middle. The post you reference is six months in the future of this entry here. My point is those two references are confusing in context. Maybe I should make myself a boundary for commenting and only stress the positives. Easy enough as there are many here.

      Meanwhile you take care and get better! I have a good blog to catch up on.

      1. No… truth works best for me. Especially as a writer. I don’t want just the positives or that would be a waste of time for us both and I value that you are amazingly going to the beginnng!!!!! I dont’ even have a funny little icon to add here. I am stunned! I do see how I didn’t make it very clear that my out of control comment was jumbled. Thanks for reading. Seriously, thank you!
        There is an actual editing process called Dr. Suessing… my daughter was telling me about. You get someone to read your stuff. You find someone to read your stuff to and then you have them read it to you… and than you thank the socks off anyone who does even one of those things in your acknowledgments!!!!!

        1. Dr. Suessing. Hmmm. I saw him interviewed once. He talked about making thousands of revisions to each of his books before publication.

          My own process is to first splat it all down as fast (and sometimes finished) as it will go down and then I walk away. (I’m talking about a simple blog entry here.) Then I come back and thoughtfully read it and edit for any sort of mistakes and delete all instances of “So,”, “What I mean is”, “The key point is”, and other lazy phrases I might repeatedly use, you know? Then I find or create a picture or two and then I repeatedly walk away enough to clear my head and try to come back fresh . . . lather rinse repeat, and done. I can’t just do it in one sitting I have to keep coming back with fresh eyes even though it might just take an hour.

  3. This works well as we all do things we regret. Seems to me we need to accept that we are going to screw up and need to get over ourselves and just keep moving forward and learn from our mistakes.

    You do come at me from out of left field as you seem to be assuming I know all about your store and losing a baby. I know zero about both huge events and you imply you handled both badly and I know nothing about that either. You hint at big juicy things and don’t share. From reader to writer, you are a tease. I am left feeling I should have read about these things already. Is there another blog predating this? Still it should be more self-contained.

    I will stop here. Am I being too strong in my comments? I can more privately send critiques if you would like them but not have them so public.

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