Have you ever had an amazing creative surge where you have been going a million miles a minute for days and days. The words just flowed and the juices were plentiful, and then suddenly as quickly as it started, been so stuck you feel as if you just woke up one day to find youself smack in the middle of fast drying wet cement, as you sit there looking at a blank screen?

I think that my being stuck is parallel to my life as I am currently living it. I can’t seem to move my foot and get out and yet I have finally realized that I am only hurting myself by staying stuck. I was told recently that I would know when I was done. “You will only be done when you are done.” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? How do I know when I am done? For me who is all about closure, that explanation just is too abstract. I need a picture. One that has no coloring outside of the lines because lately, in my world, the colors have been outside of the lines. And you know what? It doesn’t feel good anymore.

Where I once did not want to live in a black and white world & needed shades of gray to explain away my pain. I now am beginning to crave the structure of a more controlled world. The secrets and fantasy, the thrill of the unknown, what could have been or what could possibly be are now not so exciting anymore. In fact, t
they are downright exhausting.

I don’t want the ending to be abrupt or in anger. I want it to have a sweet twist, I want it to all be okay for everybody. I want to find the words to know that I am done and my story can find it’s way to the last page in a way that will touch hearts for years to come. A book is only as good as it’s ending; as is life.

5 thoughts on “Writing the last page

  1. Thank you! You reminded me of a topic I wanted to write about and forgot. It has to do with scope and the size of project I can and cannot handle and how I suspect it is related to my developed level of craft. I must go make notes. The world must know of my limitations!

    1. As I edit my book, I have fleeting ideas of an ending but never take the time to stop and write them down. I still don’t have a solid ending. Thanks also for going back in my own archives and reminding me of the same!
      YOU are sooo good for me!
      Hope you share your project that you speak of here someday?

      1. I started this blog thinking I was going to do a series of posts about an idea for a novel I have a clear idea of. The title is, “They Take too Much”. It’s about . . . What if everyone got fed up and decided to not go to work and instead try to just make it on their own. The music school I was working for was charging $30 for a lesson and paying me $10. I round off. Outside the school I charge the student $20. They pay $20 saving a third and I get $20 which is double. Screw the school. It is this kind of growing realization that causes everyone to all at once say screw it and go it alone. The novel starts 2 years after that and events are backfilled, too messy to describe the mayhem in “real time.” Some hippy-style or environmentalist communities form in pockets and there are also the evil capitalists trying to form work camps and put things the way they want. It is really an exploration of communism/socialism vs capitalism economically and also an exploration of various political systems like democracy vs republic vs monarchy as different little societies emerge. The scope of the whole thing boggles my mind. I decided to write it like Frank Herbert’s later works in a series of short disjointed scenes (Dune) and let the readers fill in transitional blanks for themselves. This is my approach since my comfortable scope is like one of my blog entries, 500-1000 words.

        An article about scope in general will be my blog tomorrow unless I get a better idea in the meantime.

        1. Jim,
          I see a BEST SELLER and you on the top shelf! Great idea! Even in your explanation I get excited! And I love the title… SCREW THE MUSIC SCHOOL! Just kiddinng but I get it and I bet a million other people would do!

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