sunrise (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

This was the place where my journal with wordpress began. My very first post, or what was supposed to be.  They already inserted a title into my first post and so as I scrolled through all of my posts since, I found this place where I never officially began. I had another blog on another blog site (, please feel free to go and find some of my earlier posts where I started blogging:) that was not as user friendly for my readers and so after writing what seemed like hundreds of entries, I decided to jump ship and climb on board here.

Even though I only began writing here seriously just a month or two ago…. I thought I would edit this space to welcome my readers. I would love to hear feedback or link blogs. I have gotten a lot of sweet notes on facebook or in person encouraging me and I love hearing your thoughts on any subject.

When I first started blogging, it was due to my last baby leaving the nest. Most of my writing focused around missing her. Today, it is hard to believe that five years later, I have evolved! Not everything is about her life but mine as well. Don’t get me wrong! If you ask my friends she is still my favorite subject but I have survived and I am proud of her and the panic has gone. I have realized that my kids are in their new chapters in their lives and I have finally begun to realize that though raising kids seems to be the BIGGEST part of our lives…. consider this,  if you live to be in … say in your eighties… the first 20 years of your life is the smallest percentage of it all. Besides your own childhood which seems to have a huge impact on everything after that. Funny isn’t it? We pack so much in the beginning that we forget how to live the sixty plus years we have left.

My story is about surviving the first few decades and learning that your dreams are not over when your kids begin having their own!

Sooo Hello World… this is my world and welcome to it!

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