The Yellow Brick Road's spiral origins in the ...
The Yellow Brick Road’s spiral origins in the 1939 film (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An illustration by W. W. Denslow from The Wond...

Once upon a time in a world  where I still believed that there was somewhere over the rainbow where people never died and cotton candy couldn’t make you fat cuz it was “fat free” there lived a girl who didn’t believe that Oz was just a little man behind the curtain. I think I watched that movie a dozen times before I realized that there really wasn’t a great and powerful OZ. I remember back in the day, before there was such a thing as videos or dvds and The Wizard of Oz was a special event in many homes. It usually  was shown around Thanksgiving and I remember when we still lived in the Midwest, and came in from a day filled with snow and sledding to watch it by the fire with piping hot mugs filled with steamy hot chocolate, wondering if this time, they would find OZ, forgetting that you could really find everything you were looking for in your own back yard.

Since then, I have continued my own quest for courage and a heart and oh if I only had a brain…I have yet to find a yellow brick road or be guided by the likes of friendly little people down a path attempting to reach the unattainable but I can’t help but suspect that I may have really met up with a wicked old witch a time or two during my journey and have been tempted to throw water on one or two of them to see if they would actually melt! But in the end, I almost missed  the whole message that it’s really about finding it all in your own back yard.

The question is what am I looking for? I think it has changed over the years. I know I definitely was looking for love and thought I found it  a few times. I definitely could have used that  brain during those times and the courage to use it. But hey, when you have those flying monkeys darting at you, it is hard to think!

Actually, I think the paradigm of finding it all in our own back yards was not so much  finding anything but a state of mind. To finally rest in the knowledge of that  place  inside us all, where  we can love and not be scared and not need anyone’s approval but our own