Pop That Cork!

Who hates those advertisements on the front of our Internet pages? I am a writer and it kills me that people actually get paid for the asinine commercials and ads that we see daily! Anywaay, I guess the problem is that my life has passed me by and I missed the bus! Okay, I wanted kids and I had some. And I  didn’t do too bad in that department if I do say so myself. But I do have to say that in all other ways I have a few regrets.

My youth was a total rip off. I mean, I didn’t know what I was doing and I really am quite mad at myself for missing out on appreciating the hard tan stomach and skinny legs I know I had because I have photos to prove it!

What was I thinking?

I also am mad that I was in such a hurry to find my prince charming and have those two point two kids behind the white picket fence. Okay, okay, it was chain link. But hey, what did I know, the guy was hot. My heart was broken and my attitude was “This is as good as it gets!” Well it wasn’t. My life has been hard. And I could say it has sucked to be me and sometimes it has. But really, I “GET” that everything has taught me something and I am who I am because of all the sucky stuff. Sooo the question is…  Is the who I am worth the sucky stuff I went through? Hmmmm….  Well, if it supplies me material for a book or a screen play… perhaps….

If it provides zero lessons than maybe not. But I lift my glass of wine as I write this and maybe you can sense some sarcasm due to my small glass of pinot grigio but I challenge you to ponder the regrets you may have. Mine are that I didn’t appreciate how fast time can slip by. It seems as if only yesterday my friend Jody and I were searching for jeans in the size five rack. Our shirts were always small and our expectations were large. Too large? Time will tell. She definitely seems satisfied being a grandma. I on the other hand, have not quite embraced that title yet. I still mourn my youth.

I never got a chance to be a kid. I was forced into the role of adult before I was ready and by the time I realized, I was so damaged by the responsibilities, I never really learned how to be an adult. Today I am doing a balancing act between the two. I usually don’t partake in the Pinot so I am a little more positive in my final thoughts but hey sometimes you just gotta pop the cork.

3 thoughts on “ Pop That Cork…

  1. Yeah . . .

    This was indeed a different you. A little buzzed perhaps? Don’t worry, you did not make a fool out of yourself. I personally have learned the hard way to not drink and post.

    I think now is the best time of my life. What I could accomplish I have accomplished and now it is time to putter around and follow my fancy. I don’t feel I have to live up to anyone’s expectations and I feel more free to just be myself than at any other time prior. In many ways I think I have stopped trying to be something I am not and I have stopped trying to pretend for others.

    I am who I am, and I find that I like me. You’re next.

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