I have been on a kick lately. Perhaps if you have been following my blogs, you have seen a pattern… I am stuck in the past. And not just a few years ago… I mean THE PAST! Like back in the Beezus and Ribsy days! When the Flinstones and Jetsons were Syndicated!  Remember?!

I have been peeking through the doors of my childhood and been learning a lot from the  friends or in this case, the chararacters I have left behind. And today I have settled on the likes of Winnie the Pooh. He was a wise little bear! You have got to hear this one… are you ready? He said……

Although Eating Honey is a very good thing to do, there is a moment before you begin to eat it which is better than when you are.

Right???? I mean Ya know? Don’t you think he has happened on something profound here? Don’t you just love it? Do you not know the moment he is talking about? The time looking forward to things is the most amazing time. Looking forward to a vacation or seeing someone who you haven’t seen in forever or  surprising someone you love with a gift they really wanted, or that perfect moment before a first kiss, and yes, simply just  the moment before you taste the honey.

We need to savor the moments. If we could capture them and bottle them up and sell the feeling, we would be rich. Or we could just take s moment to enjoy the anticipation of what comes next and realize that getting there is an amazing part of our journey!

6 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. Sometimes the anticipation is better than the reality once you are actually into it.

    If the mood ever strikes and you have an appropriate instrument and ability to point a webcam, I have been known to give free lessons to people through Skype if they have good internet. Just so ya know. It would take away time from going through your blog!

    1. Music is like math to me! I am awed by those who can make it! Obviously I am no good at math! (My dad skipped two grades of it in High School.) To complete certain General Ed credits in college, I had to take a Music Appreciation class and we had to learn how to play the recorder… Lets just say I would frustrate the kajeebies out of ya!
      But thank you.
      I bought my daughter a keyboard for about $500 when she graduated and she would have loved that offer! We are a lot alike but she has a voice like an Angel… me not so much… but when I get to heaven… I’m gonna ask for a good voice and to know how to play the piano! 😉

  2. Franz Liszt wrote of Chopin that his music depicts that moment between when we see something and before we react. So like the joyous anticipation of the taste of honey is his music.

    Thank you for the quote from Winnie the Pooh, I’ve never read “his stuff.”

    1. I know that I haven’t even grasped your knowing how to play the piano let alone teach it!
      I am so humbled by that! There are many things that I can learn from you.
      Thanks for reminding me of this post. Funny how today, I might get a few more LIKES than 0 ~~ ya think?
      Just goes to prove I was writing for me back then… Maybe I thought, I’d take one of these posts off the shelf eventually and dust it off and edit and then offer it up for some kind of something… but when I wrote this… it was just for one or two people. Just to exercise my writing skills…
      I always use that quote… I love it!
      You get it right? There is that moment “just” before you taste something or do somethng or go on a trip… when the looking forward to whatever it is… is almost as great as tasting or doing it!

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