Like pieces of a puzzle

mixed in with all the rest~

It’s finding all the ones that fit,

that is the biggest test.

The pieces that are missing

have left  spaces we can’t fill~

working around the missing ones,

we keep playing, just until….

God comes in to change the game,

as we stop to step aside~

He shows us that our picture

was always on the other side!


Diane Reed

6 thoughts on “Missing pieces

    1. Thanks! Aside from crying… (not expected here, nor did I set out to create tears here… but on some things… that is my goal… to touch to tears! 😉 ) Liking the ending is the best of all compliments! Cuzzz the ending matters so much to me and usually is the hardest place to land. That is probably why most of my poems are so long… I am trying to find that perfect landing place…. the ending.

    1. Thanks dana~ sorry I missed your comment! I have been following around a friend that is taking me back through a journey of my old posts. Funny, I may never have gone back down this path again… nor seen your post! Thanks for stopping by this past summer!

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