We are in the midst of an election year and I must say that I am already weary as I watch the gas prices fluctuate and hear all the rhetoric from both parties and wonder where has character gone? Where are the Mr. Waltons and President Regans of yesterday?  Are they really a thing of the past?

My favorite saying has always been something I saw on President Regan’s desk several years ago when I visited his library. It basically said: “You can accomplish anything if you don’t care who gets the credit” He will always be my very favorite president.I loved Regan and feel he really lived that.  I wish I knew more people who did. I wish I could say I did.  If I really think about the people I know who hide behind their good works, it is barely a handful. Politicians are notorious for NOT doing that during elections, they are continuously boasting about their accomplishments which are usually more fabricated than not. Even Ministers have incorporated their acts of goodness into their sermon and it is surprising. Don’t people realize how transparent they are when they are sharing their own good deeds?

After the earthquake, I was given a column in our local magazine called Acts of Kindness. I had started writing about the kindnesses people did for us after we lost our store and vehicles and it kind of snowballed into a regular column.  I was given an article a month for almost a year and filled it with my own words of gratitude for different people in my life. Later,  I offered to tell other people’s stories and not one person submitted anything. It was weird. I knew people read my column because I always got lots of good feedback but  it was funny, I thought if someone was given the chance to thank someone else publically, this was their opportunity. And even though I could probably write forever thanking people in my own life, the column ran it’s course and I just began doing random assignments until I had to get a “real” job. But it was fun while it lasted. To be able to thank wonderful people for doing wonderful things for you, and get paid for it while doing it, was pretty cool!

There is a new little blirb in a woman’s magazine that has the same idea and publishes submitted stories of acts of kindnesses weekly. I love the ones where people share what other people did for them but it is hard for me to read the ones where they are telling what they did for someone else. I want to say, “really?” It includes their name and town and state and it just doesn’t sit well with me.

I wish I could be more like people who donate without telling anyone or work in a soup kitchen weekly or volunteer at a shelter and you would never know it unless it came up by accident. My dad is that kind of man. He has bailed me out of more than a few financial crisis and loaned me more than a few loans that he has forgiven. He goes and mows another churches’ lawn on a pretty steep hill and doesn’t even go to that church. His tithing does not just stop when they pass the offering plate. He quietly keeps on giving everyday of his life. Whether it is to mentor my son or to love my daughter or to lend a helping hand at whatever he can. A widow who needs yard work or chairs that need to be set up. He quietly does it without wanting anyone to know.

He paid for our dog’s vet bill when we were struggling and gave us Buddy back for a few more years. And you know what? I KNOW he has done many more things that I don’t even know about because he truly lives the words of not caring about getting the credit.  Yep. When I grow up, I want to be just like him. My dad.

5 thoughts on “You can accomplish ANYTHING if you don’t care who gets the credit!

  1. Boy are you not going to like my next two articles on selling homes. I’m gonna toot my own horn some.

    I wonder if people who don’t talk about their own charitable acts might mind if someone else drew attention to them. I wonder if people who do talk about the good work they do would stop if criticized for their vanity.

    Playing devil’s advocate in the paragraph above.

    I do think you can tell how you helped someone else out in such a way that it can teach others how and even why. I also know that if I had no evidence of anyone reading my own blog I would have stopped by now. People are social although some more than others.

  2. I agree.. it seems as if good men of strong character are falling to the wayside..It was not until after my father passed away I found out he was cooking grits in a homeless food kitchen the day before he died.. I never knew he volunteered there.. Yes, when I grow up I want to be like my Dad too. 🙂

    1. Ahhh Lynne! Exactly the kind of thing I am talking about! I love it and it makes me cry! How do you become someone like that?! I already know myself, I would probably have to tell all the grit stories here! Why isn’t it enough to just know God knows? All the women in my family were fit to be tied learning that my 75 year old father was riding a tractor sideways on the side of a hill of a church he didn’t even belong to!!!! He got annoyed when we found out. lol
      But my question is… what is wrong with the women in our family when we couldn’t just accept his reply… that God is the only one who needs to know.
      ???? Ahhh!!!

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