I find myself searching

even though I look the other way,

I  try to stop the madness…

but can’t seem to stay away.

I’m still learning how not to look

in the places you would hide

in the corner of my heart

where all my tears reside.

Lost within the pages of

a story left untold

with a never ending message

that has grown very old,

like a bruise upon my heart

I cannot feel the pain,

and so I let you touch it

till it hurts me once again.


Diane Reed

6 thoughts on “Again

  1. When love departs the heart beats on with a single drum, lost and heartbroken it yearns the warmth of before and yet the realisation of a love lost helps to ease the wanting, until one day everything is alright again.

  2. This is one of your best pieces, and I generally don’t like people’s attempts at this style of poem. Nicely rendered. I do find that when I do this I like to separate stanzas with a single hyphen on a single line. The spacing we have no control over. Again, well done!

  3. Diane,

    I was so moved by this poem that I actually took out a pen and a piece of paper so I could write it down myself. It made my eyes fill up with tears. This is exactly how I feel in my relationship…(if I can even call it that). I think I may post this on my own blog. It really touched me. Thanks for the gift…


    1. Ava,
      Thank you! That means a lot! Someday I will probably share mmore with you…. I have always believer that….tears are always the highest form of a compliment anyone ever can receive.
      Thank you!
      By the way… right back at ya… with my tears and your words! Always beautiful!

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