I love a good metaphor and so when I learned about paradigms I  really tried to remember some of the lessons, so that I wouldn’t jump to conclusions and would make slow down and try to look at the whole picture before I’d jump to conclusions. Which in the past, I’ve had a tendency to do.

Sometimes…..I feel like an old junk yard dog, chained up and forgotten, protecting a bunch of old junk inside of me. Barking just to be mean, or at least to try to sound mean. Daring anyone to get too close. But my fear is wrapped up in the chain being removed and not having any idea what to do with the freedom I might find.

Never allowing anyone to really get close enough. The trick is how loud and long the barking can go on. It is as if I am watching me from afar wanting to scream “Just shut up already!” Am I barking just to hear myself? I wonder. My water dish is dry and I am trapped in my own world that I have created, dragging that damn chain around and barking and barking and barking long enough I am driving myself crazy. Until a kind man appears with a clean bowl of water.

I am so thirsty and I want to drink and yet I can’t reach it because of that darn chain. He walks closer and I bark. He doesn’t flinch, but gently removes the chain so that I can drink.

The chains are gone and I am free and yet I must remember the changing is something going on inside of me daily. I can choose to wear the chains or become new by drinking from the Spring!

7 thoughts on “Those Chains That Bind

  1. This is so very rich in meaning and I must go on a tangent or two.

    Firstly, you choose a metaphor and stick to it. Sure you step out of character not always just being the dog chained, but still you only use the one single metaphor of the chained dog and the empty bowl. That is tremendously hard to do and I give you my very highest praise for this. I consciously strive and frequently fail to do this.

    Applause. Thunderous applause.

    Something has always struck me as odd. I can walk into someone’s house and pet their dog or their cat and it is an innocent non-sexual thing. It is a tender kindness to the animal and I enjoy doing it and they enjoy receiving it. There are extreme hang-ups in what I am about to say. (Note to self: write a blog article about THIS.) Why is it not OK for me to non-sexually pet the person I am visiting? WHY! I like the person I am visiting, I am more fond of them than their pet, people like to be touched, but I am not free to touch them beyond a simple handshake or a polite hug being conscious to lean forward and not meet hips. Why can I not stroke my friends head, massage their neck or back, or otherwise physically express my friendly fondness? I know this is weird but I think about this crap. Whether someone I might be attracted to or not, male or female, why is it not OK to pet the other person in a non-sexual way? (Volumes could be written about petting a friend in a more sexual way but I am NOT going there.) Food for thought. People are weird, but people are still animals that like to be touched. This dynamic so needs to be discussed and explored.

    “My water dish is dry and I am trapped in my own world that I have created, dragging that damn chain around and barking and barking and barking until a kind man appears with a clean bowl of water.”

    Diane, my magnificent writer (from time to time), you have dropped your clothes and stood before us naked. Why is it necessary for a man to satisfy your needs? Why is it necessary for God to fulfill you? Throw off your chains, fill the bowl full of water and sate yourself. When you are depending on something or something else to make you whole then you will always be empty, always be thirsty, always be incomplete. We all cycle through various feelings throughout each day, but in the grand overall scheme you are responsible for how you feel and see life. It is time to make yourself whole and and believe in yourself.

    (Added to my “Blog Idea” file. Once again I have taken advantage of someone for my own selfish purposes!)

    1. Wow. You have said a lot here. You are right. Since you are taking the backdoor to get there.. You wouldn’t know yet, but I kind of wrote about that very thing in my last blog. About my new year’s resolution for this year and how I am not going to look outside of myself for answers I already pretty much know without asking a whole slew of opinions.
      Thank you for your amazing compliments! When you give me feedback like this… it makes me feel like my professor has gotten in front of the class and read my paper to everyone!!! Hmmm… Guess I will always need some form of that opinion stuff huh?
      Thanks for making me read this again! Seeee… you think this one was good… and even at this point in September, I wasn’t getting followed a lot cuz I only got a few views here… It took about another month before I started getting any major feedback. I wonder how you and I got connected? Did I find you or you find me? Maybe it was a serendipidy… a wonderful but unexpected surprise!…. It was… but I just remembered what connected us….hopefully your wife is okay with this??? You do tend to get invested! Smile. I would love to read her blog if it is for the viewing public? Thanks to you guys… My husband at least got signed up! (He is the Steelers dude) 😉
      As for the petting… I get that too! I work at a spa so I have certain friends who walk behind the front desk and gift us with their expertise when we look in pain. (I have gotten that look down pat! Whos says my daughter is the only actress in the family! lol. Just kidding!) One of the perks that no other job probably could ever get away with. I mean if you are an Administrator Assistant and your boss walks around and gives you a quick shoulder massage… regardless of gender…I think I might have just made your point. Smile. You are right. We don’t live in a touchy feelly kind of world without a lot of suspicion… good idea for a post! Your file is getting fatter! Anyway, thanks again for your time! In a way… you are petting me big time by doing this tour of my posts! You know that right? 😉

      1. Yes, we are here now because your comments to FG struck a chord with me. My wife is keeping an eye on me and that football might be pulled away at any time. I will give you a brief message if that happens. There is a difference. With Dawn, FG, I genuinely take on that attitude of “oh you poor dear” and I get all tender and gentle and caring and my tone of writing reflects this. With you I go to a different place where I see you as an equal where I might care and be frank, but I don’t see myself so blantantly seeming to be get “intimate.”

        Still, I always care and that cannot be helped. As a friend and equal I will sometimes be armchair therapist and like we are in a writer’s seminar commenting on each other’s work in various ways and at various levels. I am happy because I put everything I have into everything I do, including being lazy.

        1. Now I think that was a compliment. In fact, I am sure it was. LOL…
          That comment on being an equal.
          Cathy might have an opinion about your theory of petting. lol. But I totally understand her take on things. Writing back and forth takes up time that is partially hers… though it is good to have friendships apart from each other… she should clearly be your first priority.
          It’s not her fault that my husband has not come on line to write since he signed up about how long has it been? Geeesh… how long did we go to counseling and paid a pretty penny to learn about long languages?!!!!

      2. On my Lovely Blog Award post I list both of my wife Cathy’s blogs. Hers are much more infrequent and rarely read. A couple likes and comments will help keep that football on the tee, I suspect.

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