I am taking a chance by sharing this… but I’ve always believed that all stories worth  telling need to be written~ And hopefully,  you won’t judge me too much….


When I started writing my book almost a decade ago, it had been inside of me for over thirty five years. Without ever really realizing it, I think it started out as a kind of therapy of my own.  It is about a young girl,  who finds herself  twisted inside a very emotionally abusive relationship and the woman she becomes because of her past. It is a work of fiction with a bit of my own reality woven throughout the story. My premise for the book was to shout out a message to vunlerable young girls about not losing themselves in the process of finding their dreams.

I think that I did a good job in teaching my daughter that lesson without the help of my finished book. She was the recipient of all the material I would eventually write down, the template I would use as my guide.  My goal in teaching my daughter to not lose herself was first on my bucket list. And I believe I did a good job. She is now educated in what she is passionate about, with a degree, and continuing her education, she owns her own business and is working towards her acting aspirations. And she is in love with a wonderful man who I believe she will marry someday, but never once did she stop living who she was to love him.

If my story can help other young girls not make the same mistakes that  I did then I have to tell it.  You see, when I was going through my version of hell back then, there was nothing out there telling me that other boyfriends were also hitting and controling  their girlfriends. Not that, THAT would have made it okay but I think I would have had a softer place to fall. I did not feel that it was the kind of thing you share with your family or close friends and so I was alone in my agony. Today there are  Oprah-like shows that “teach” you and inform you and pretty much kick your butt into being proactive about living a positive life. At least you  have the information now.

My daughter took a long time in choosing who she would hand her heart over to and I believe that because of my warnings, she really bypassed some of the standard faux pas many young girls have to experience. She doesn’t have to drag that extra baggage of relationships gone wrong, into her life that I have in all the decades that followed, as I blundered my way through several broken hearts since.

Today, I now  find myself in a twenty year marriage and  though everything is not perfect, I think in all of my lessons learned, I finally know that I have made the best choice for me and I am married to a pretty wonderful guy who I may not have fully appreciated,  if I had not experienced the second chapter of my life in the way I have….

Back when we were kids… my first love and I would break up and make up over and over again, a few phone calls back and forth, and we would get back together. We didn’t have emails or cell phones or texting and so breaking up back then was still hard but it must be hell for young people now, with all of the social medias of “friending and unfriending” and labeling ; “In A Relationship” or not.  I can’t even imagine! When it ended  for us the last time, it was horrible and  it was over. After several chance meetings of driving to where he knew I would be and hashing things out over and over again, He finally accepted that I was done and moved on.  He had a whole host of family issues that were far removed from anything I had ever experienced. I wish I had understood it all better back then. He really was a good guy, damaged by his own childhood and the abuse he experienced but it was too much for a young girl to take on, let alone comprehend so it ended badly  but not without first dragging me through the emotional mud that seemed to stay caked all over me for many years to follow.

Fast forward a few decades later, due to today’s technology… he found me again. In-between our broken lives lived, and asked for my forgiveness. I was so caught off guard, we began dialoging, he, looking for forgivness, and I perhaps closure…  My husband hesitantly gave me his blessings (the amazing man he is)  thinking maybe if I could say goodbye the right way, it would help me move on. I even shared some of our messages with my daughter because “he” had kind of been the guy in the lesson I had taught her. Kind of the template of who not to fall in love with. But she knows me oh too well, and became concerned at best  saying… “Mom, it doesn’t sound like he is looking for closure!” If  only I had listened.

I stopped writing my story. It seemed offensive or at the very least, cruel as I got to know the man who once was the boy I loved with all of my heart and perhaps, never really stopped. The flood of memories we shared was like a healing wave that washed over my heart. We became friends,  good friends. We connected.  The forgiveness I felt, was like taking a deep breath and finally being  able to actually feel  the oxygen run through me, as it took on a life all of it’s own. I even started writing my story again. But something didn’t feel right. For one thing, it didn’t stay so innocent for very long…my daughter knew something was up… my smart little chickadee… but like in Bridges of Madison County… it started out that way, so very innocently, I promise.

Fast forward almost two years later…. Marriage counseling and struggling to let go. (which is really hard with all of this dang technology always at our fingertips)

I make no excuses. I won’t even give the stupid ole’ devil credit in this one, which is very tempting to do… I know it was a series of dumb choices that I made all by myself. Though it started out innocently enough,  we even attributed our re-connection to God as a miracle of HIS doing.  And maybe, HE did  open up a window for forgiveness and closure but we took more and opened the door to other things not meant to be… As I look back, I see that I do that a lot…take God’s blessings for me and become greedy.   A good lesson for me today, as I reflect.

I know now, that my lesson is a warning to all women out there like me.  I was bored and curious and still terribly, terribly damaged by the past.  I know now more than ever, that hind sight is 20/20  and I realize that my message is not just for the young girls, but for all of us, young and old or  (at least …older… smile.) It is for the ones stuck front and center, smack  in the middle of  their own midlife crisies, the ones dealing with empty nests,  and grieving their youth, and the ones who never really believed in themselves, the ones who need to find a soft place to land and then stand up and take control of their own life and live it! The ones who look at their reflection in the mirror and see a stranger and want to scream out “NOW WHAT?!” But only a whisper comes out. It is to remind you that we all have second chapters, at twenty or at fifty. But it is in our choices and how we handle them that truly tells our story.

I have made some terrible decisions that I regret and yet had some experiences I wouldn’t have wanted to miss. It is just an art of knowing which are which. I have been on a wild ride these last few years.  Sometimes, I have hung on for dear life and other times, I almost let go ~ and yet, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss any of it because it has made me become the person I am now;  Still A WORK IN PROGRESS and yet, someone very different.  I have forgiven and been forgiven.  I have gone back and tended to that young girl who once was me, the one I left behind so many years ago. The one who needed me to go back and love again.

And Funny, but it seems as if I have so much more material now,  I don’t even know where to start and so it sits… the four little chapters, waiting to be written. Kind of like me…God is not through with me yet. He is still writing His version of my happy ending if I would stop getting in the way.

Perhaps none of this is something that I could have possibly imagined, let alone penned at twenty.  But ahhh, wouldn’t it have been nice to have learned all those lessons back then?

So that leaves me to where I left off…  The twister….I have been about four chapters short of finishing my story.  Everyday we have a new canvas to begin painting on, a new stage to begin that new dance and a blank page to spill our heart upon….  As I finally figure out how to climb over the last of my baggage, to wrap up the last lesson learned, to let out that breath I have been holding, I look for the words and somehow… I know it will all turn out okay.

I know……….. our marriage will be my happy ending! As for my book…. hmmm… what do you guys think?

I take a deep breath and breathe as my fingers begin pushing those darn keys once again…

12 thoughts on “Finishing the Book

  1. You almost came out and plainly said what you did. It isn’t necessary, you came close enough and talked around it plenty. I was right and I already said what I read between the lines a while back.

    That you are still writing about it means that you have not fully forgiven yourself.

    I’ve done a lot of stupid and dead wrong things in my life. It was not until I reached the clarity of mind that I am not that person anymore and am never going to be that person anymore that I got past some things myself. I am here now and I am moving forward. Mistakes from my past are like orange cones on the road making sure I don’t veer where I shouldn’t go, but that is all my past mistakes are. I have learned and I am better for it. My mistakes have value in that I can tell people exactly why they shouldn’t do certain things.

    I’m wondering if you can finish your book before you forgive yourself. Personally I don’t intend to judge you. You are my friend Diane. You matter. You will get past this and you will finish that book.

    I just can’t say exactly when.

    1. Thank you. I value our friendship. I have been waiting for this reply and as always, you didn’t disappoint me.
      I will have to go back and read it again tonight. I love your metaphor about the orange cones. Yet another one to add to your fat file of blog ideas! At least you have a lot of title ideas!!! I thank you for this one my friend.
      Have a good day!

    2. I think I’m finally ready. I just found your comment again and it resonates with me now., so much more than when I wrote this. So you knew what you were talking about back then!
      Now I almost feel as if I don’t need to finish it. I think that I have finally forgiven myself. So maybe I should finish it. But I know if I do, I’m going back to the beginning and think I just may start with The Writing Room, which was one of the best compliments you gave me of all of my posts.

      1. You aren’t required to finish it. Do it for yourself or don’t do it at all. That it might serve others would be a happy byproduct. I sense that if it is not by you and for you, that it cannot then serve any larger purpose. I feel like I’m talking to myself about my own projects!

  2. Coastalmom, I am going to come back to your page and take a longer in depth read of your post. Thanks for stopping by my page. Have a look around. I look forward to hearing from you and perhaps corresponding. TST.

  3. Your story bears a remarkable similarity to my own. I recently came to realize that, I cannot travel back in time to save or even bring healing to the terribly wounded girl that I was. And trust me, I grieve for the girl I was then as if she were someone else altogether. However, by the Grace of God, I am investing in the lives of, loving, and guiding so many young women today… I cannot save myself but I can save them. In helping and bringing healing to them, I am healing myself. Saving them has saved me. So press on and finish your book. Don’t buy into the Devil’s lie that your story isn’t significant enough to tell. Your story will change many lives. You simply have to tell it… May God bless you profoundly and may the Spirit speak through you with inexplicable wisdom and authority.


    1. Oh my dear sweet Ava,
      Could you please take a minute and turn around and tell me if you see Wings back there? Your words are like gifts.
      I really did take a risk putting my story out there (here) I mean, not very many people know. It was funny, I read a blog recently that as you clicked on it, said: If you know me get out of here! lol… But I kind of “get” it. We aren’t really here Anonymously but our blogs are like letting people peek into our journals…. and yet if you read some of my other posts, I knew that eventually, I would have to thread it all together. It took 82 posts but it was like other bloggers such as you, so sweet and unjudging and open as well, that made me take the leap of faith that I wouldn’t be totally judged…
      Unfortunately, a few years ago, I would have probably have been one big fat judger of me… funny how life happens by hitting us upside the head and showing us the tree branch hanging out of our own eye hey? lol.
      Thanks for your sweet words…
      You will never know how much they meant.
      Well, maybeeee you will, someday as we follow each other.

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