It all started with a phone call. We were young little skinny things. I was 26 and she was 35. We both had boys. And went to the same church. We happened to be cutting up fruit in a mutual friend’s kitchen who was hosting a friend of ours surprise birthday party who we both knew. We had individually offered to come early to help out.

We chatted shyly, not really knowing each other too well, asking all the “get to know you” basic questions back and forth. When the phone rang, she was closest to it, so she answered it.

I didn’t mean to eaves drop but I couldn’t help but overhear her side of the conversation. When she hung up, I was dumbfounded. “Was that your husband?” I inquired. She smiled and nodded. “Did he just call you to apologiiiiize?” I marveled.

“Yeah, she answered looking kind of embarrassed. “My husband would NEVER do that!” I said.  (And he wouldn’t have. Apologizing was not something he did easily. Let alone call me to do it!!! At that very minute, I wanted a husband like that!) It was a funny thing that caused us to really start talking.  Somehow it broke the ice. We started chattering and laughing and found out that we had a lot in common. And that is how our 29 year friendship began.

I have since had a daughter and changed husbands who by the way is the kind that apologizes and has called me many times to do it over the years. Our friendship has taken us on a path filled with many twists and turns caused by life, but the journey we have gone on together is one that I would never trade in a million years.

We have had a billion shopping trips, and learned to stretch many a dollar!

and have had some of the greatest “foodie” moments together ever!

We have gone through births and deaths,  and have become mamas and grandmas all  through the years we have shared.

We have been there for each other in the happy

and sad times and have prayed and cried together a thousand times over the years.She was in my wedding and did all the flowers, lugging them an hour away and not missing a beat, attending the rehearsal dinner and standing up for me. She has been a wonderful Auntie and Best Friend and I can’t imagine having gone through any of my life without her Having her share the journey has made my life better and I don’t doubt just how different it would have been without her.

Recently my daughter who is 24, and I were talking about friendships and she was kind of reflective and envying my relationship with Jody. And I told her that I hadn’t even met Jody for two more years when I was her age….and she thought about it. And I have no doubt that she will have a Jody in her life too! They just come along when you least expect them to, and you pretty much know it the moment you meet them.

 I have some amazing friends. I have been very blessed in my life.  But Jody really knows me and doesn’t judge me even when I am pretty stupid or grouchy. She knows all of my secrets and still loves me.  I love her like a sister.


I look back and remember that first talk in that kitchen long ago and realize that it was not by chance that we were there that afternoon almost 30 years ago, it was a Divine Appointment. And oh yeah,  that guy who called her? I love him too! A lot!

Just a few weeks ago…          “Auntie” Jody with me and my baby ~ who wasn’t even born when we met…

17 thoughts on “Jody

    1. You already show the perfect qualities! I am glad that you were the one to give me my first award! You will always be special to me. Thank you for taking the time!

  1. Oh girl! Everyone needs a Jodi! You are so blessed to have each other! Thank you for sharing your heart warming story! Hope this makes the cut in your book! Have a super day..

  2. Hey Di, I just got off the phone with you and read the blog. Thank you for loving me and being there for me for all these years!! You are the most loyal friend any one could ever have and my life has been blessed by just knowing you. I cherish all the great memories and know that we have more to make. Love you soo much!!

    1. No one has been more blessed than me. Thank God that I had the gift of helps that day! We know that is YOUR gift! Not mine! lol.
      But seriously, I truly feel God knew I needed you and we did not meet by accident. It was in fact, a Divine Appointment. I am sure glad I kept!
      No words could ever really do our friendship justice but I had to try! I love you too buddy.

  3. A best friend is so wonderful..I’ve moved around so much due to the military it’s hard to remain friends but I do have one special friend and I love her like the sister I never had. thank you for sharing your bestie with us all 🙂

  4. Very Lucky indeed to have such a lasting friendship and bond. Most of are lucky if we have a friend for a few years till either they move on or we move on and even luckier still that you stick together in both the good times and the bad. Most, I would venture to say, people that we call friends bail when the stuff hits the fan. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Thank you. If I could ever get my head out of the water tunnel that I’m in and clear enough to sit down long enough to work on the piece I so desperately want to get out. I could go back to working on my Poetry. I hope some of the content doesn’t offend you.

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