The first time I got married, we bought our rings at Gemco. I still remember, they were just little bands of gold. Mine fit perfectly inside of his. Our Pastor made up a quick little off the cuff sermon about them when they were placed in his hand. Something about, how the circle was unbroken and how the man protects his wife. Well, that didn’t work out too well now did it? The circle was eventually broken and as for protecting… well my heart was shattered into a million pieces and so I think not.

I remember once after we had separated, I had taken mine off. It had been almost as painful as removing my actual finger. Over the years, after we were more financially stable,  he added to that little band of gold and had given me a beautiful diamond engagement ring  for Christmas one year. Several years later, the diamond fell out and I had been devastated  and stopped wearing it until we could replace the diamond. We never did. But I always wore that little band of gold. Always, till I didn’t.  I remember noticing that he still had his on long after we had separated and it kind of tugged at my heart in such a way, I still can feel it today. There is just something about a man wearing your ring after you have taken his off that gets to you.

I have since remarried and  was given a new beautiful diamond ring that I’ve worn since. It has weathered many years. Last year, the band broke, it had just worn down and split right in the middle. It kept pinching my finger and so I finally took it off. My husband (the giver of that ring) and I were going through some rough times and so it was kind of apropos. I placed it in my jewelry box and I remember feeling sad but kind of free. Though when I saw my husband wearing his ring, I felt that same pain that touched the core of my heart again. And yet, I reasoned that my ring was broken and so it remained in my jewelry box.

A ring has a lot of symbolism for many of us. We all probably could share a story or two about a ring  in each of our lives. I won’t go into exactly what was going on in my life, but I went ringless for almost an entire year. All I will say is that it was timely and pretty sympbolic. But every time I would see my husband’s ring on his hand, something struck me. Perhaps it was his loyalty and steadfastness, because no matter what happened, he kept that ring on.

Christmas was on a Sunday this last year. My husband had to work. We had done presents earlier because we knew we had to go to church and he would have to leave early from there to go to work.  I was not expecting it when he squeezed my leg to say goodbye and pressed a little velvet box in my hand. I looked down as he walked out of the church. I opened the box and there was my shiny diamond ring with a brand new band. I sat there holding it. Feeling as if I did not deserve the ring nor the husband.

It wasn’t as romantic as it could have been. He hadn’t stayed to slip it on my finger or even to see if I would do it myself. I felt kind of empty sitting there looking at it as he walked out the door. There I sat in church with my sweet daughter who had come for Christmas, sitting beside me. She knowingly watched me. she had known, been in on the “surprise” she knew too much as it was. I put on the ring and smiled at her. She smiled back. The singing stopped and we sat down to listen to the sermon. So much was going on in my head,  I don’t think I heard any of it that day.

Today I look at that ring. Several months have passed. Several emotions and conversations later and it still remains on that finger since I slipped it back on, in church that day. Yesterday, I was noticing that in all the rings I have ever worn, this one just seems to fit perfectly. Maybe it is the great job the jeweler did in fixing it, but just maybe it is the ONE that is supposed to be on my finger. The one that The best “REPAIRER” of  all rings and hearts and all good things is still working on.

10 thoughts on “The Ring

  1. Lovely story. I think your husband did it exactly right.

    My wife had been married several times before me. I had never been married before. I’ve always taken the stance and verbally stated that we begin here and now, what is past is past and if she ever wanted to tell me about anything about a previous marriage she can tell me anytime, but I won’t ask. It’s never come up.

    Neither of us as children or adults had ever pinky sworn on anything. She had had rings. Months before we went to get married I had us pinky swear to always stay together. It was stupid but also very solemn. That’s just me. It was special because it was unique. None of her other marriages lasted nearly this long so I guess it worked.

    1. Jim,
      Every “reply” of yours lately is a blog!!! Such good writing! I am not sure if it is because you are writing to me and so I am personally intersted or if it’s not just the writing is so great but this one should be called “pinky swear” it really touched me!

  2. Oh my stars. I have a ring on my left, ring finger that I treasure beyond anything you could possibly imagine. It was my grandmother’s wedding ring. Before she died, she told me, with a glowing smile on her face, that she wanted me to have it. It symbolizes 54 years of marriage. Those years weren’t easy for my grandmother. My grandfather, the absolute love of my life, died a precious, Godly man. He hadn’t always been that way. She was a “true” Proverbs 31 woman and the light Christ radiated right out of her. Her steadfast walk with Christ is what saved my grandfather and transformed his heart.

    I, on the other hand have never had a wedding ring. I will be 40 in January and I have never been married. Truth be told, I just feel plan rejected and unchosen…maybe even “broken”. Please pray that I will find the true love that my soul has always longed for. I just don’t think that God made us to be alone and isolated.

    I love you, darling. You are precious to me in more ways than you know.

    All my love,

    1. Ava… starting to pray right now for you! It will happen. My cousin waited till she was in her forties for the right guy and they have been married for 8 years now! It will happen! I am already excited because I know that I will get to be there when you tell me that my prayers have been answered! 😉
      Love you back!

  3. Love this… I remember the day My hubs ring broke.. it about killed me.. it has still never been replaced.. sign this just reminds me maybe a nice Christmas present coming his way.. thanks great post.

  4. Who knew that a ring could have so many lives? But it does. And like you have beautifully written, each ring also has a story. I am coming up on my 18th wedding anniversary and your post is a gentle reminder of exactly what this unending circle is supposed to represent. Such a light piece of jewelry, and yet, it really does carry a heavy meaning.

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