We have had a box of flooring ready to be added to, for over two years. It seems as if there is always a bill to pay or something else that trumps over me getting my new carpet or wood floor. And so I have strategically laid scatter rugs to cover up all the horrid spots on our rug. Yesterday, my husband and I were moving our living room furniture around in preparation for company we were expecting. My husband told me that they wouldn’t notice. But I argued that their house was so beautiful and I was embarrassed. So we fevericiously went about our day of cleaning, focusing around those darn spots. And God forbid, finding spots on the scatter rugs!

We were actually having a good time laughing and joking as we positioned things just so. I had gone grocery shopping and was confident about the meal I had planned to serve. It was just those darn spots. My husband kept saying that they wouldn’t notice. It was our turn for our small group to come to our house for Bible Study and I was really stressing over it when my husband suggested, maybe we will get new carpet when we finally don’t care about the spots. You see, we had almost gotten new carpet several times but like I said something always got in the way of our plans.  It was the little thorn in my side.

That is when I began to really think about it. Our life has always been a little bit more of a struggle financially than I would have liked. We both were raised without really having to worry about money. And yet, in our adult lives it has always been an issue. Sometimes less than others but never really getting comfortable. And something dawned on me. I never really just let go and gave it all to God. I have always been leaning on my own values rather than HIS. I dont’ think I have ever let HIM really  carry anything if I am being honest here. And so I am leaning back and letting it all go. Everything. Financially, and every other aspect of my life.  I think that I have finally realized that I have to let go.  And…when it comes right down to it. It doesn’t really matter if spots are showing or I have a beautiful floor. For if  HE is there, my eyes won’t be on the floor.

10 thoughts on “Scatter Rugs

  1. “fevericiously” I’m not going to touch that one.

    I don’t know why but I’m thinking of something Freud once said. I’ll paraphrase because I don’t remember the exact wording. ‘It is not the goal to cure our complexes but rather to learn to accept and live with them because they guide our decisions and actions.’

    What really struck me about trying to hide the spots on the carpet was that was the last thing that should have been on your mind, given you were going to do Bible study. It’s all about selflessly helping the poor and loving others and instead you are worried about your selfish pride instead.

    If only something would have happened in the story to trigger that realization it would have been so much more satisfying, like something in the actual study that brought that realization to you. Still a good read.

  2. I learned to let go when every effort that I made came to nothing. Sometimes we are given the lesson of massive effort that is pointless. Its the only way people like me learn. Sort of like a great big divine spank. Great post.

    1. Wow Mike, I haven’t seen this for a long time. If you wanted to make me cry it worked. But THANK YOU!!!!!! A million thank yous for posting this as a reminder to me and my stupid little life and the things I think are important. I sooo get why you posted this and I am honored because it meant that you actually read my whole blog and GOT it as well but said it so much better in what I was trying to say. You actually clicked the switch to on… I was almost there… almost… but this really nailed it! Thank you!

  3. Excellent post! At least I’m not the only one constantly scrubbing up messes! I loved what you said in the very last part…if He is there, your eyes won’t be on the messes..so true..if our eyes are on Jesus..we won’t care about those things.. It’s all about to be destroyed anyway here soon when Jesus comes back…so don’t worry about it! It’s all going to look like poopy!

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