9 thoughts on “As I Breathe

      1. There is a great scene in Last of the Mohicans, when the group that escaped for the fort and are now being relentlessly pursued, find refuge in a hollow rock dugout behind a waterfall. It is a desperate moment when Hawkeye says to Cora : “No, you submit, do you hear? You be strong, you survive… You stay alive, no matter what occurs! I will find you. No matter how long it takes, no matter how far, I will find you.” And leaps through the falls into the tumbling waters below. It is much like our birth as Frost calls it the obscuration upon the earth … We fall into love, we fall into life … We may search for lifetimes for those we have lost. As I breathe – that first breath defines our life I like “as I breathe” I just like Falling too (maybe because of its mystery …?)

        1. I love it!!!! And I am humbled that you went to so much trouble connecting with my words! THAT is a huge compliment! Thank you. I wish I could have you in a little link called titles and I could just submit to you and you could title it. I learned once that the most important things for a writer to remember is: The title because it is like a book cover, it will either draw you in or not. And the other is the ending of anything because it is the last thing that your readers will remember that is supposed to bring the message full circle. Sometimes they both just come to me and others times I just put it aside until I am inspired. I think I’ll be okay when it comes to editing what I submit if they are like you!

          1. Agreed, the title and the ending, the draw and the release, the in-breathing and the out-breathing – pralaya and manvantara … I once got a fortune cookie that said there are 4 principles to good writing, simplicity, brevity, humanity and clarity – words to live by for sure … I did write a blog about ‘the falls:

            I like the way way you write, you are aligning yourself well …

            1. Well for a fortune cookie… brevity might be easy… but that is the one thing I need a LOT of work on!!! To say a lot in less words! I love people who can do that!!!
              Thank you!!!!>>>>>> :)I like the way way you write, you are aligning yourself well

  1. Beautiful! “Just Breathe” was my mantra as I went thru a divorce several years ago. Best advice my sister ever gave me.

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