I stood by the stream

and picked up a stone

and  threw it

the water rippled

I watched as the rings appeared

casting out

from the thrown stone

I smiled

funny how such small things

can do that,

make you smile

that is….

I looked for another ~

all that  I could find

was a clump of dirt

I threw it

to my delight

it also cast rings around

where it landed~

The stone shone beneath the ripples

at the bottom of the stream

while the dirt only melted within

the effect; one in the same

but one begins

where the other one ends


Diane Reed

10 thoughts on “Ripples

  1. I honestly like this. There was a guy in a poetry class I took, he always painted scenes with lovely words and never used a metaphor that I could divine. It was almost as if he was saying, “You don’t always have to make a ‘point’, sometimes life is just beautiful.” I think I was the only one who loved the stuff he presented to the class. It was so very Zen.

    These words take me to a happy place, I can see the image. Whether there is a metaphor or not this is consistent throughout and that is very hard for most anyone to do.

    The ending, very appropriately enough, “. . . one begins where the other ends” speaks to me of a circle of life. And there are rings, like generations. The baton, to stray from the metaphor, is passed at the end. The stones that you can see once they reach the bottom could be viewed as grave markers (also stone cold dead), the clump of dirt could be like someone cremated or more importantly simply forgotten, no one cared.

    It doesn’t feel like you intended all this but that impression and the perfection of the total image makes it all the more astounding. I think of the Beatles and, I think, John Lennon in an interview saying that they didn’t intend to put many of the things into the songs that people read into them. I don’t think he said anything about whether he could see any of the hidden meanings looking back at certain lyrics.

    Sometimes we write about a scene without trying to put anything special there and someone will come along and piece something together that really is there. I enjoyed this one, both for the simple placid scene, and for what I read into it.

    Do I pass? 😉

    1. Yes. You pass. 🙂
      Just got home and am pulling up your songs. (I can’t wait to just be alone with them.)
      So wanted to go to the lake with your melodies and just write but didn’t get off work till after dark. Am trying now but it is a weird process… I need one little idea and the inspiration sparks and I can write it in an hour… or… it takes a few days. I will work on it until I get something worth sharing! 😉

  2. LOL Lyn… you are deep! This really happened yesterday… I was filling tubs at the spa where I work… I decided to take a walk while they were filling. There is a love little brook nearby… I started throwing stones to hear the kerplopp and see the ripples… I really did run out of stones and so I picked up dirt clumps and those worked too~ And yet, they didn’t last… I couldn’t resist a good metaphor! Though you are always a few feet over my head in intelect and over all knowledge… I think we GET each other in the most important place…. our hearts!
    Have a blessed day! Off to work I go!

  3. Beautiful! Is this about life…how we come from our mother, and then we go forth in life and give life..and we take that piece of life given us with us…and all of those pieces keep being passed on to the next generation…thus, our loved ones forever living on, in a sense, inside of us and inside of our children, and their children..?

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