‘Honored Recipient’

Excitement and Gratitude, I like Your Attitude!!

Isabelle, Thank You for sharing this award with me.

After receiving this honored award fromEmotional Mommie  I’ve been following her for a while.  Loved her                                                                    posts and we connected! I was so surprised and touched when I found out that I had been given this award!                                                                           I have been wondering abou the awards but never really knew what they were about. This one is especially                                                                    meaningful to me. I feel that each meeting we experience is a divine appointment orchestrated by God as                                                                            He allows. If we are very aware, we appreciate the ones He puts in our path. Sometimes though, we are so                                                                       caught up in our life we miss some of those appointments… I am so glad I didn’t miss this one.

If my words are a soft place to fall for anyone… I have done what I attempted. For anyone to tell me that in                                                                           an act like this.. an offering of such a special award, it is more that I can ask. My goal is to connect with everyone,                                                             one at a time. I would love to write books that people love, that draw them in and make them feel understood.                                                                        I would love my words to help people feel as if they are not alone. Whether by way of a best seller or lyrics to                                                                           a lone song, or just one note to one friend at a time.

When I was a young girl. I thought that there was NO ONE experiencing the things that I was. Or feeling the                                                                   feelings that I felt. My goal is to take that thread that binds us all together and makes us connect through my                                                                    words. Emotional Mommie has given me  the hope that just perhaps I can someday contribute to others feeling                                                                    a connection to help them believe they are survivors. Thank you Emotional Mommie!!!!

I want to take special care in handing this one out and so please be patient as I choose…

Since I am not very familiar with these awards… I think I am going to need help figuring out if there is a                                                                                 link I send to the next recipeint or I just post it on their site~

12 thoughts on “I am so excited and honored to received my very first Award!

  1. You do indeed deserve such an award. While these things are not of WordPress, they are indeed of the people who start them and the appreciation is indeed real. Not only do we stroke each other with these awards, but they do help mutually help find other blogs and tend to up the visitors and page views some which is win-win.

    You do speak from the heart and shoot from the hip and both are to be admired. Well done.

  2. Yes congrats.. well done… well deserved.. want me to go on? No really I love you girl, you are so funny and honest… You better start cleaning off your cyber shelf soon you’ll be a pro at this awards stuff… Have an awesome day.

    1. Thank you! I have a few of you I want to award it to but I am a ditz as to how to do it. I have searched how to link it back etc.. and I have come to the conclusion that I am a total ditz… Gotta go to to work but I will figure it out! You are one of em!
      Have a good day!

    1. Ahhh you are so sweet! Thank you!
      I need to go back and figure out how to give the award now! I see a few here that totally would be on my list!!!! I think I need a blog guide. lol. Why is everything so tech so hard for me? I just need to sit for a while and figure it out. I figured out this place didn’t I? lol.

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