I find it all so funny. It was as if we all had been on vacation and then come back to a world of baglessness! Some stores were creative and offered paper bags for 10 cents each or even gave you 5 cents back for each bag you brought in yourself. Though I did find all of this annoying at first, I can’t help but find the whole situation down right funny.  The thing that I find most  humorous is how the stores have dealt with explaining this  new change to their customers and even more, how the customers react.

You seeee… California has gone bagless (refer to the link I included here) there has been a ban on plastic shopping bags!) So unless places want to GIVE us a free paper bag… we shoppers are all outta luck… It could be worse…. bags could be like gas during an election year! You go to bed and they are 10 cents and you wake up and they are $4.79 + tax!!!  (smirk….and another blog!) But reeeeally, you probably won’t find this as funny until you are made to succumb to the bag ban!!! (If only I had JAWS background music for my background tune right here!)

If we all could get outside of ourselves and find the humor in it, we might even consider popping some popcorn, taking a seat and sitting back and enjoying the show. I particurlarly like to watch how the poor clerks handle their explanation as the clueless shopper stands dumbfounded as they pile the merchandise atop the turnstiles that used to hold the bags. Or offers the once free bags for 10 cents each. I have never seen such irate reactions over ten cents! People have been known to truck all the way back through the parking lot, almost half a mile away, to get the bags they forgot in their cars.  I watch as they seriously are quite angry. As if someone had insulted their mother or something. I want to stop them and make them laugh at themselves and ask them … Come on dude… REALLY? Get a  grip it’s just ten cents!

I wonder if there is a little chip missing in me somewhere, enjoying this new recreation of mine. Just standing back and observing the traffic jam in the communication department where this all began.   The other day, I watched when a guy checking out someone who obviously did not know about the new bag rules watched cluelessly. It was also obvious that this fellow did not understand why his merchandise was being piled and not bagged. And it became apparent that the checker was  not going to explain. Almost like a toddler that closes his eyes and believes you can’t see him if he can’t see you. They don’t acknowledge that the customer is growing more and more irate… I wanted to explain to the poor guy… but it wasn’t might place… I had brought “MY” bag…. smirk…smirk… thinking okay let’s see how he handles this.. I probably could have stepped in but that “chip” won out.

However, some stores are all over it. They have cute bags for the same ten cents that places like Walmart are trying to charge for their same old bags. These stores with the cute bags have realized that people don’t want to feel ripped off, even if it is just ten cents. They also have scripted their checkers with explanations as to what is going on. And are coaching them to ask  if the customers have their own bags before creating that pile of merchandise that has grown so familiar.

I have made the best of it and  become chums with the other shoppers as we chat about bringing our bags, forgetting our bags or how ridiculous we think it all is. But it is funny, people seem more friendly. At least to each other. I have actually enjoyed finding cool looking designer bags. The best ones are 99 cents at TJ Maxx! But really I have noticed that we customers, actually have eye contact and smile at one another a little more now.  Where once we walked by obliviously, with tunnel vision not noticing one another, now we seem to be more friendly. Nodding knowingly as we eye each other’s bags as we walk in the door together… ahhh that  thread that bonds us all when we have something as simple as bags in common.


12 thoughts on “It’s JUST Ten Cents…Come on, REALLY?

  1. Nice writeup. We don’t have the bag thing here, you can still get paper or plastic free of charge. We use the little plastic bags in the little office garbage cans throughout the house. If we didn’t get them free we’d have to buy them and that solves nothing ecologically which is what I think this is all about (and it is a tax).

    I like when I buy one thing like a bag of potato chips and the cashier asks me if I want paper or plastic and I roll my eyes and say, “It’s already in a bag.” We do have our own “permanent” shopping bags, even two that are insulated to keep things hot or cold but we frequently forget them and the little plastic bags pile up. We do need to make a better effort to bring our own bags in, at least until the cheap plastic ones run low.

  2. Love the line “almost like a toddler that closes his eyes and believes you can’t see him if he can’t see you.” So true so true. Then the inevitable ensues, a great big giant melt down!

    1. I was wondering if it was just in California or if other people could relate… I should have explained better what is going on in case people don’t read the link Included. But it DOES catch ya off guard if you are unexpecting it!!! HOW funny if you are a tourist! Or just visiting… I never thought ot that!!! Thanks for the comment!!! Have a great weekend!

  3. Haa haa we have a store here called Aldi’s and not only do you have to bring your on bags.. you have to rent the shopping carts and are required to bag your on stuff. They sit on these little stools and just scan an drop it! They even have a place set aside for bagging! I am thinking man get paid to sit on my butt and scan items.. I need a job there! But as someone who does have to bag everyone’s “stuff” I have to tell you I HATE these bags.. We are not equipped to handle them and it really slows down the whole checkout process… You wanna see cashiers run for the hills let someone we know who uses these bags and it’s on like Donkey Kong! Thanks for the great blog girl! An early morning blessing!

    1. First, I want to say… that for every hour I am on my blog… I have to work 3 on my book… so I am working and you will be the first opinion I am going to ask for when I am done! If that’s okaywith you… I mean I can ask… you don’t have to read it. lol…
      But now that I have confessed…. and you see I am still addicted to at least reblogging and coming here for responses…
      I love your reply!!!
      Too funny… I was thinking that this new ban on bags could actually make the big stores money! They are now charging for something they once gave away for free and using less of what they do have to buy because of people bringing in their own! But you are too funny… you are right pretty soon everything is going to be jetson style…we will have automated voices saying :thank you for shopping here as you come and go… as you said… we already bag and check out ourselves in some stores anyway… we have machines that give us price checks, and if someone has heisted something, the whole store knows about it by the alarms that go off as they are walking out. lol. it’s crazy!
      I think that I already told YOU about the One Magic Christmas Movie didn’t I? It is such a good message for people who are dealing with the public daily. 😉

  4. LOL Before I read the post, I thought that was some type of freaky underwear or something! I thought it was a NO Underwear symbol! But come to think of it, if they were…how on earth would that work?????

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