me for The One Lovely Blog Award and I am so grateful. To know I have touched anyone enough to honor me with such a special award!

I am not very techie when it comes to this but I had to try~  because I love her blog. She calls herself “flat girl” because she feels one dimensional. She shares so candidly her struggles that I have grown to follow her blog. She inspires me by her strength daily and I love her purely genuine apporach to life. Her posts give me strength and I look forward to them daily.

I am supposed to share seven things about myself….

1. I am writing a book that started out being for young girls….  just beginning to figure out who they are… it is a message about not letting go of your dreams or losing yourself on the journey to becoming who you are supposed to be. It is about abuse. Both physical and emotional. It introduces you to a young girl named Keri without a lot of self esteem … who did lose her self, for a while. The story threads right through into this woman’s adult life and to a dramatic place she felt stuck in~ because of her past as a young girl, and how she deals with it all. I am just a few chapters short of finishing it and I created this blog to kind of stretch my writing muscles to even see if anyone would be interested in my writing.

2. I have been so pleasantly surprised by the writing friends I have made here. AND I am so inspired by you all!

3. I have a bucket list and …my biggest wish on it is; that  someday The Lord will meet me and say “Well done good and faithful servant.” But I feel like a failure most of the time and that I have a long way to go before that ever happens!

4. I have a two kids… a son that is 32 and a daughter who is 24. My daughter is an actress in LA and the whole reason that I started my first blog about empty nests….    because she was moving. We actually had this great idea of writing a book in way of letters. The book was called Scared of Daddy Long Legs and it was supposed to symbolize how we pass things good things and bad things down to our kids. Hence; my fear of daddy long legs (we are both terrified) her love to write, her love to bake… (Not sure where she got her acting and singing talents cuzzz I know I don’t do those!!! Which is the reason she is in LA)  she is following in my footsteps as an artist… we both have etsy sites… mine is….: and hers is: I used to do about 9 art shows a year. I have since passed the baton to my creative little chickadee and she is doing her own art shows! Even better than the ones I dragged her to!

5. My daughter is my best friend and I love her to the moon and back! And yet I love my son too,  more than I think he realizes and I am proud of him and I love the girl he is bringing into our family and that they are making me a grandma for the second time!

6. I am going to write a book and another and another

7. I have a cardline with 200 + poems that I wrote and illustrated and  used to sell at my artshows (a sample of some are on my etsy site above)

I have been touched by the following bloggers and would like to nominate them for the above award.

Click on this link to recieve instructions about your award:

x lyn.leahz@mail.comhttp

Sooooo, that was not an easy task. Each of you were chosen for touching my life with your words. I am not sure how to link you guys and I love the award idea but I am not sure we all have time to do this too many times. LOL.

This was a labor of love so I do appreciate the one who took the time to name  me! I have NO idea what I am doing or how to link you all to the award, or even if you will see this. I guess if you see your name here and would like to participate in receiving this award… follow flat girls lead… cuzz I know I didn’t do it right!

God bless!!!!

14 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award for YOU!

  1. I’ve been traveling the last week or so and out of touch. Just catching up here, and first of all want to congratulate you on this award. I am so glad you found me on here and reached out. I’ve enjoyed your blog and your comments. Thank you for nominating the newbie among so many experienced bloggers out here. I really appreciate it!

  2. Your nomination means everything. This is my second and I am so excited. And like you, I’m not quite technologically saavy enough to get the links to work the way they’re supposed to. But hey, I’m going to figure it out.

    What’s important here is that we are a community of people who genuinely love, encourage, and inspire oneanother. This community is just the body of Christ, if you ask me. And like I tell Arlene all the time, we may have geographical distance between us right now, but we get to spend an eternity together in Heaven. Isn’t that exciting?

    Love you, beautiful lady!


    1. Ava, you are so right! Heaven is going to be an awesome neighborhood of friends! Don’t stress over the follow thru on the nomination…the main thing is … it was heartfelt and the point is that you know my heart! That’s all that matters… It took me half the night to do the cut and paste poor job that I did… I was glad to do it in honor of the one who sent it to me and I was so touched! But to be honest, I’d rather be writing and replying like this…
      I think those awards were created by people who had an amazing idea about how to network but like I mentioned before… my daughter spends more time promoting her Etsy shop than I do. I used to and generated a little more interest but this is where I belong now… after years of art shows… I always wanted to write. I got to in way of the verses in my cards but I mean really writing… so just know that you are loved and don’t feel that you have to do all that chain letter stuff that follows through! I feel that what you said in this reply meant much more to me than any award I could ever get… it is the one at a time connections that matter most! Love ya back! Have a beautiful day!!!!

    1. I recognized everyone who I recognized because I truly hand picked you all! That is why it took so long… but read what I wrote to Ava. Please just know my heart… don’t feel obligated to go through the job I just did! lol.

    1. There are so many who have touched me… I love everyone’s writings… but the ones who have reached back to me as we have gone on this writing thing together and the ones who I connect with… were easy to choose! I do have to say though… if you have followed the rules on the receiving the award… it would not be something I could do everyday even though I love receiving them and knowing a little better that I have touched someone… because I am not technically sauvey… that took me all night to gift back! lol. That was a one timer but it was fun and so very touching to read about me in someone else’s words
      I think I maybe… I was supposed to do that with all 15 I awarded but even though I love you all… I’m going out of town for the weekend to do a retail run, shopping for the spa and get to see my baby and also Jody… who I wrote about a few blogs earlier~ have a great weekend! 😉

    1. Hey Drell,
      I kept looking to see where you were in the line up and when I was editing you and lyn were on the same line and I pushed enter to put you on the next line down and then save… but when I counted the list… it only said 14 so I counted again and saw your name was missing!
      Of course you were on the list…
      Not that it is such a good thing cuzzz the follow through is like homework … ;)though I am sure you have received your share!
      When I started blogging… I didn’t network or even know what I was doing… I just wrote.
      But as I wandered around and began reading other blogs out there.. I loved finding great writers that had the same passion I did and connected so well with… and one of the biggest ones was you!!!! How could you not be on that list????!
      You are probably saying thanks a lot about now…
      But even if you don’t do the award instructions…lol… know you won the… MY HEART AWARD

      1. What? LOL Sorry I am reading threw a hazy fog this morning.. was up most of the night with a slumber party.. I just wanted you to know how very proud I am of you.. I think you are awesome… 🙂

  3. Thank you for your nomination! I have already received this one, so I receive the love and appreciation with which it is sent. You deserve this award as so many of us love to follow your thoughts. That says a lot in itself.

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