I must look behind me

so that I can see

where I have been~

to lie on the ground

of my life

and trace with my fingers

each footprint

leaving  the old~

to walk on new paths

and go places

I never dreamt that I would ever could go!

9 thoughts on “Tracing footprints

  1. I only look back when it helps me look forward….I remember everything I was and see everything a can be but yet I am. Happy and alive….I live in happiness. Love is all I have and all I want; fulfilled by every feeling because it reminds me, I was born. Looking back I see everyone that has my back and those same people keep me looking forward!!!!

    1. I did! Thank you! I used to always try to have the right cadence and rhyme everything… I have a kind of whimsical card line so I was in a little rut… but you guys have been so encouraging it has made me stretch a bit!
      Thank you… you inspire me to try more!

  2. There is something so thought provoking, true, and deep, about simple “footprints in the sand”, and the fact they wash away.

    I enjoyed your words. 🙂

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