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References to real people, events, establishments or places are intended to only provide a sense of authenticity                                                               and are used fictitiously.

 “Your life is like an empty book, with pages still unwritten, each day you fill another page.”

 May this story encourage every young girl who still has an unwritten book, pages yet to fill and a life yet to be lived, and may it inspire  women who think that their pages have already been filled, their books written, and their lives  lived. May they realize that there are always new chapters or even sequels just waiting to be written and life still waiting to be lived…

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 It was 1973, the summer of her sixteenth year, when secrets were still kept in little locked journals and the words that filled the pages were just fantasies of what she hoped for. Images of a house with a family, behind a little white picket fence danced through Keri’s head as she wrote, pouring out her dreams in way of poetry.

She was sure that she wanted to be a writer and would stay up late into the wee hours of the night slowly filling each page with raw and corny poetry, waiting for her innocent prayers to be answered, for her Prince Charming to come and, whisk her away into the life she was so sure that she was meant to have.

That old book had since, been packed away for dozens of years, still holding all of those dreams. Keri had since grown up and so much of life had happened in-between.

 Years later, while going through storage boxes in her attic, the book was discovered again by Keri, the girl, who was not so young anymore, nor hopeful or optimistic. Now much wiser and a little more tired and worn out, she held the book close and slowly opened it, breathing in hints of yesterday, flipping through the pages now yellowed with age. The memories flooded her heart and seemed to blindside her with a force she had not been prepared for.

And then the story….      Her memories inside the book….








19 thoughts on “Would ANYONE read this?

  1. Is Fabio and some model on the cover?

    I read mostly science fiction and a smattering of various other things. If I like the author or the topic I give it a whirl. Considering the author I would likely give it a spin, so yes.

  2. I would definitely read it. I love stories of self-discovery and healing. Good luck with it! (And do let us know when it’s finished. 🙂 )

    1. Ahhh I love you! Thank you! This is my baby! It’s like I want everybody to love it but I know I need to know how to raise it and need feedback as I go along towards the final chapters… not sure how to end it…

      1. Do it for you, because it’s your “baby”. Put all your best into in and offer it proudly when it’s completed. If it’s your passion, the rest will follow. 🙂

        1. You are right. It started out just for me and no one else and then I remember feeling I had no where to go… and no to talk to or understand and then I would read a poem or see a movie or read a book that SOMEONE had writtien… so I knew someone was out there, somewhere who understood… and somehow it made it easier to live through… my book gives a message of how to not live through it.. to get out… hopefully ~
          Thank you for your support! Thank you sooo much!

  3. I have about 200 pages written… It is a story about a young girl rising out of an abusive relationship that damaged her far more than even she understood, her life after that and the choices she made.It is about understanding better, why people do the things they do, because of where they came from. It is about forgiving and the mistakes you can make even in forgiveness… it is about how people grow up but they never really “change” that much. And finally, it is about letting go or not.

    1. Beloved,

      It sound like you’re writing my life story! Just LAST night I was going through some old photo albums and journals. I know how Keri feels! I KNOW what’s going through her mind. I can’t wait for you book. I mean, I will be so proud of you when you finish it…and I know how important it is to you.

      But don’t you for a MINUTE think that your ministry will take flight once that book is published. Your ministry is in full flight now through this blog. If you only knew…

      I just think you have a beautiful soul. I can “feel” the love that you have for others. It’s so real…

      All my love,

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