Soooo, ever since I started this blog I have subscribed to magazines like; The Writer and Poets and Writers and really tried to educate myself, buying books on my Kindle about marketing and how to get an agent,  how to self publish and promote your own work. I have considered signing up for a few classes about publishing. But to be honest, I really am confused about it all. Though, I have discovered one thing about social media and  the likes of blogging. You MUST network. I have to admit that I have been competing with myself in a way. By looking at my stats almost as much as I step on my scale!

Stats are a funny thing. They are a tool to show you the kind of traffic you are generating or not. It is a mystery to me how some have a huge following and some don’t. It is as simple as that, or is it? At first, I started my blog as a place to just keep record of my own writing for me. And then slowly I began posting a poem or something that I would write on my facebook page and a few friends began to follow me, and I would discover their blogs and we would kind of have a little cyber coffee clutch, checking in with each other as we would get notified that one of us had a new post. Gradually, I noticed that people that I did not know began to follow me and it kind of felt good. That strangers were finding my writing worth their time. Slowly, I began to check out who was following me and wahlah… that is what networking is all about! And yet, for me it happened through the back door. I had never really started out wanting to have my private journal made public. But the comments I received inspired me and so I began to explore the art of blogging! And I liked it! The response I recieved was a bit addicting.

Like I said earlier, I was not expecting to share my blog. In fact, there are many personal things in it that I would not really ever have considered sharing with people I  know. I kind of started out thinking that people were only viewing what I was posting on my facebook and then I realized anyone had access to anything I was storing on my blog. As I became more comfortable with the sharing part of things, I became fascinated by the volume of followers my posts were generating. In turn, I began following and I have to admit all this networking has become time consuming but I genuinely enjoyed reading each blog. It was as if I had joined a writer’s group that met daily at the local coffee spot, on line!

My daughter is on Etsy. (An on line shop for artists) She has over one hundred  followers and is in many of what Etsy calls Treasuries.   Her work is unique and wonderful and yet she works hard at updating daily and networking with other artists. I have my own illustrated and written card line on Etsy but I don’t “work it” like she does with her shop. I get a sale every month or so where she gets several. I used to sell a thousand dollars in cards at a show when I would do art shows so I know if I invested the same time there as I do here on my blog, I could actually make some good money. And yet writing is my passion and so I stay here on my blog and working on my book that I am now editing.

I guess my point is… I went on a little vacation this week. The first few days of not responding or networking on my blog here….or posting anything new still generated several likes and comments. But it is funny. I am not sure if it is how the blog is set up, or what, but I do have over 100 posts and yet it seems as if it is just all my recent posts that people tend to read and so my stats went way down. Thus, discovering that even though someone may really enjoy your writing, a blog is kind of like a daily column in a newspaper. You may read Dear Abbey that day but you don’t bother going back into her archives and reading some answer she gave a year ago even though something in those archives may very well pertain to your current life now.

I have received a few AWARDS from readers recently and had always kind of coveted them wondering what they were about and while I was touched by the words I received when they came to me. That would have been enough. The comments were my reward. But I felt obliged to follow through and go through the process of doing what I was supposed to do. It was so time consuming. But I GET it now, those awards are a networking tool. Though…. a very time consuming one! Maybe agents are’nt such a lost commodity. Maybe we DO need them. I have gone the route of self publishing a children’s book and it is costly and though I have done well in a small arena, I have an inkling that a publisher could have done a far better job of marketing it.

With Kindle and e-books and everything going technical and digital it is hard not to be tempted to rely on ourselves to develop our own film, buy our gifts on line, forego libraries and even publish our own books on line or through the vanity press type places… everything is on line now even college classes! I have a friend that makes more money than her husband who is a school administrator, by staying home in her PJs and working from her lap top! She has been promoted over and over to do what she does on her computer at home.

This week I have realized that unless I post something daily, my stats go down and my followers are not as loyal even though I have over one hundred posts to keep them entertained, they need attention back. They need me to be present. Just like a Best Seller author. One book lasts for a season. They better be writing another while they are going on those book signing events! And an agent is a little like the stats here… reminding you that you are only as good as your next post!

38 thoughts on “Agents, Publishers and little old me~

  1. I had to laugh when you said you started this blog just for yourself as if no one would ever see it. My thought was that I started taking showers with the bathroom window wide open just to clean myself and after a while I noticed people started watching me. Actually people would comment — to the authorities, I think. Still I think the nakedness is a good analogy here.

    You are making tags as well as following and commenting on other people’s blogs, I hope. Be searchable. One day I got five page hits from Nicaragua of all places. I have noticed certain topics properly tagged get more views from search engines than others.

    Well, I’m a week before your last entry on your last 50 articles list. This is really killing my networking and discovering other writers. I gotta stop doing this. Last time I do this from bottom to top.

    1. Okay so the little laugh out loud lol abbreviation really came to life here. I couldn’t help myself when you used the shower analogy. You know me and my love for a good metaphor but I had to stifle a laugh in fear that my Jim would want to know what I was laughing at. The metaphor of you in the shower with the neighbors watching and the police in pursuit was just a little too much to behold! 😀
      But pishwah me if you will… I really did start out in the very beginning worried about my computer crashing and since we are not great at backing up things and I got freaked by a virus story…. I really truly thought I was going to just back up my chapters here. But then I saw Julia Julia (That Julia Child movie) and have to admit, was intrigued a bit. The part where she starts talking about how many followers she was generating was before I knew about followers but now I GET IT and I am addicted. But it didn’t start out that way!!!!! And you can believe me or not!

    1. I am going backwards in my archives and found some of the post I missed replying to! Thanks for checking out my blog! Hope you are still posting! Gonna have to check you out again!

    1. Your writing is great! You will grow! It is a matter of riding the wave and getting to know the contributors. Everyone is great! They all love to support each other… As you comment on their stuff… they come check yours out! It’s called networking. It’s a funny thing… like everything, it takes a little more effort. But it’s worth it in the end. Welcome!!!

        1. That’s so funny! You are right! But there are some sites that are ruthless, a lot of bullies hiding behind their keyboards slinging insults. So far WordPress has been an array of support! And a safe place to wade out further and further into the creative writing waters!

  2. Welcome to the blogging life….I don’t understand blogging that much but I blog to help other through my words and read blogs that will touch me as well. You have expressed everything I have thought at on time or another. I have over 200 blogs but I get likes on my recent ones(which I am also guilty of)….I tend to just read a lot of post on the reader so I don’t always comb through peoples pages but when I see an author I can relate too I follow all their post. I don’t just like their post, I always leave a comment because I want to explain why I like them (or dont). I already enjoy your openness and that is important to me. I am at the point in my life where I rather love one person then like twenty….liking is for the moment but love is forever. I will be following you, reading, and commenting; I like your style….waiting to see it I will fall in love with it!!!!

    1. Amazingly,
      I already know I am following you as well! I love your style.. your writing… and your words are my magnet… Funny, how we flock to those we connect to. Everything you said about not just “liking” is just the way I feel! I love when it happens like that! Thank you!!!!!

      1. You are masterful with your words as well….I see you have the gift of placing them in the right place at the right time, just in time to touch someone from a distance. I will definitely visit you daily because I love connecting with any heart beat that is open to be heard. Let the journey begin….

        1. “Masterful”??? I love it. Placing words in the right place….? look who is talking! Every word you write is MASTERFUL!!!! But what an amazing compliment! If I had read your reply to someone else… I would have coveted it!
          It is all mine!!! 🙂
          And I thank you! My eye are filled with tears as I reply! Being able to do that with words is a gift!
          Yes! Let the Journey begin!

  3. It is a mystery to me as well why some blogs are widely popular and others don’t get the light of day. Blogging and Music are the same in that way. I have done over 250 posts and have not hit the 100 person a day mark, I am sad to say. I think your heart is in the right place, write for you! Bump all the rest, if I/you are meant to “make it” we will;) In the meantime have fun!

    1. Mike~ I sooo agree! Writing for me is what it started out to be… or having a place to store it all. But then something happened… I started meeting REAL people with hearts and stories and souls… and it changed me. From a tad bit selfish to actually caring about the lifes I seemed to connect to and looking forward to reading more. There is just something about hanging out where people share your passion… like surfers on a beach or soccer players on a field or artists at an art show or actors on a stage… we writers understand the need to write. We crawl inside each other’s hearts and feel the words and it is beautiful! Publish them… and I wouldn’t complain… 😉 but in the meantime… I found a great place to commune with the cream of the crop!

  4. Awww D we would never leave ya! You got us hooked girl! hows the book coming along…. 🙂 I came to your blog everyday looking for a new post.. so there! 😛 LOL Keep up the awesome work and HURRY UP! LOL

    1. drell, I’ve been out of town for a while so I have to admit… I kept up with you guys a little on my phone but it’s not the same as sitting down and writing at my desk. I found out that my father in law has a tumor the size of a golf ball in his bladder so it is weird how different crisis either make me want to write or kind of squelch it for a while. I know as my faith kicks back into gear, I will get inspired but I;m a bit scared and depressed. I hate this age… when our parents health kind of starts to be an issue… argh… Don’t know why I told you this here … but you have kind of been my soft place to fall lately. All prayers appreciated. He goes in Mon for labs and the following for surgery.

      1. Oh girl I am so very sorry.. I want you to know you guys will be in my heart and prayers.. I agree and it seems to me it is not only our parents, but also friends, people we went to school with.. it really makes you stop and think just how brief our time here on earth really is. Please keep us posted on your father-in-laws condition.. I also want you to know I will be here if you need a place to cry, vent, or just a hug.. Do you EVER check you FB? I sent a friend request some time ago..
        Prayers and love coming your way…

  5. This post is fabulous. The one thing I value most in blogs is honesty and I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. I’ve recently been thinking about writing a book as well, so let’s “network” and share info? I am clueless when it comes to the publishing world! Best and blessings,

  6. Oh darling, I just love you. And I’ve been feeling the exact same way as well.

    I have been in the throws of a major depression. I’m fighting my way out of it, but it’s kept me from writing, which as you well know, is something I truly love.

    I just want to say that you are so precious to me. Not only do you write wonderful posts, you really seem to cherish all of us as a community. Anytime I write “something” you are ALWAYS there…encouraging me and cheering me on.

    I think you’re darling and I am honored to call you my friend.

    I pray that your writing takes you wherever God wills you to be. I know He wouldn’t have given you this wonderful “gift” if he didn’t intend for you to use it. And I know He does.

    I can’t wait to be at your first book signing!!!

    All my love,

    1. My sweet Ava~ You are such an amazing inspiration. I am so sorry about your depression and I understand it more than you know!~
      I am the one honored to call you friend!!!! Your post made me cry. It is funny how important my connections here have become to me.
      You have touched my heart. Your words are like annointed saave healing wounds only you can understand!
      Some people are just destined to be friends…like family… chosen by God!
      Love you my little Ava… my fighter and survivor!

      1. Yep, you and Arlene (armouredup) are definitely “my sistas from another mista”.

        And thank you SO much for nominating me for the award. I’ve got to get my post up and nominate some other people.

        I can’t wait until you get your book finished. If you should need any help with editing and revision, just say the word.

        I have two friends that are published…but I think my sister may know more published authors. We need to find you a connection!

        I hope you have the best day ever. I just love you beyond words!!

        God’s very best,

  7. I had a 2 weeks break from blogging – and it felt great if I should be truly honest and it feels even greater to be back now after this little – time out. What I notice was that even if I didn’t post anything I had the same amount of hits on my blog as when I do post sometime. About 100 per day. Not bad consider nothing new to read.

    You are very good with how to use the word – I’m just an happy amateur – that plot along and just write what comes into me head, and sometimes I have recipes on pork lion instead of pork loin. How cares. Welcome back !!!!! Have missed you the last couple of days.

    1. And we missed you!!! I notice when my favorites don’t post for a while and I noticed you~ But I GET how sometimes you just need a break. I never want to become a poster that posts just to keep up with a sort of self appointed quota! I love it when I make someone think or say something that helps touch someone. It is amazingly addicting! But sometimes… post after post… by the same poster can cause skimming! I am long winded at times (who are we kidding? MOST of the time :D)
      I think that there is an art in saying more with less words! A talent I have yet to master! I guess what I am saying is… I don’t want people to feel the need to skim~ I want them to read every word! I know that is asking a lot but someday I hope to be a writer like that!
      Glad you are back viveka!!!!

      1. I think there is followers that don’t even read – they just click like for they want to be supportive. Can see that even if they have clicked like – they haven’t read, because their country don’t show on the map.
        That’s the way things are – I do skimming at times too – I must admit – when the post doesn’t appeal to me and it carries on and on .. without getting anywhere.
        I’m sure my readers do the same with mine and I don’t mind – we can’t cater for everyone.

        I think you should go for your dreams .. and write – there is many forums that you can get published through. Have a girlfriend that started to write erotic novel online and she makes a good living of it now. Even been on TV. She started with publishing online.
        So just go for it – don’t be afraid – we can’t please everyone.

        It’s great to be back.


  8. I totally can relate – I wasn’t expecting blogging to bring so much to me, my very first posts weren’t really for getting an audience or anything like that. It was just my love for writing that triggered my eagerness to blog 🙂

    1. I KNOOOW!!! Too funny how this place has opened up a whole new world! And yet… what a great place to store a piece of our hearts! To look back and see how we’ve grown… answered prayers and new friends made… not to mention networking with people who can help soothe a rejection letter or give networking advice about our writing!

  9. Choosing one occupation over another even though you make less money is actually kind of a blessing, isn’t it? I mean, you realize how passionate you are about it … 😉

  10. I’ve taken writing classes, done workshops, had writing partners and consider doing it again from time to time. Yet, I really have to say that telling true stories and getting laughs from friends and strangers alike might be one of the best feelings in the world. Much better than a “workshop” I had to pay for. Stats, shmats 🙂

    1. Yep! You are so right! I have found this passion that makes me get up four hours before work to do it! Smile… I know what you mean about true stories… even a sermon can perk me up when they start relating what they are preaching about to a story in their own life! 🙂

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