I wake up with a prayer

in my heart everyday now

since we heard the news

tests and more tests

and the tension

in the corner of our little world is thick.

As life goes on as usual

I remember…

When  my dad died….

I saw the men

laughing and joking

My heart lifted… perhaps he was okay

surely those EMTs would not be so lighthearted

if they had just lost someone!

And yet maybe they have learned to be that way

because he was gone.

My heart went cold that day

My walls went up

to protect me from love and hurt and pain

Until my little tiny son asked me…

“Mommy, when are you going to stop crying all day?”

I knew right then, I needed to snap out of it.

And so I did

And yet, today I need someone

to make me snap out of it

so that I can live again

I pray constantly that it will all be okay

I don’t believe that God

has anything to do with illness and death

HE is a God of life and miracles

And yet maybe HE uses times like these

The down on your knees pleading times

to remind us that we need HIM

more than just  times like now

to fall on our knees daily

even when times are good

so that when He finds us

In times like these….

It won’t be any different for Him

to find us on our knees.

27 thoughts on “Times Like These

  1. At the end of the fifth book of the Bible is “The Song of Moses.” It is one frightening section where God pledges to slaughter the Jews almost to a man every time they stray and that He will side with their enemies until they return to Him and then he will love them again . . . lather, rinse, repeat.

    I will not pursue the analogy, it is not my place. Reading your prose/poem made me think of that. I mean nothing by it.

  2. I send lots of love to you and your father-in-law, and I hope everything turns out okay. Lots of healing hugs too.

  3. Death is something that is out of our control….We cry because we think of the past with them and the future without them, but we need to live for them. The believe in something above us is what gives us the faith to continue to rise. I am not a hands and knee kind of guy; I show my thanks by lifting others when they need assistance to stand. God knows I am appreciative by continuing to carry the strength I am given and sharing it with others. I only see forwarded because behind me can’t be traced; only remembered!!!!

    1. I need to be inspired by forward thinking strong people! I will follow close behind!
      That is why I like this blog… it is like a measuring tape of where we have come and to unknown heights of where we are headed.

      1. Inspiration is all around us; it rediates through our sense. We can touch, smell, hear, see and tasted it. Life is a collection that we have to piece together. Every piece found motivates us to find the next. “Nouns continue to fuel our verbs into perfectly placed home that house our infinite potential” !!!!

  4. Rats… Girl, do I “know” what you’re going through. I know that’s an awful thing to say to someone at a time like this…but I lost 9 members of my family in a two year time span.

    Losing a parent is hard. I will pray for peace, restoration, and Divine healing for your father-in-law. God has already gone before him… He is with him now.

    As far as those EMT’s laughing when your dad had passed…All I can say is what assholes? I don’t care how desensitized you are or how long you’ve been on the job. They should have shown some respect. My mother was a retired Ft. Worth Police officer. I know that she knew how to “conduct” herself when others were suffering. Those EMT’s were jackasses. Pardon my French. You know that I’m the cursing Christian sometimes… lol

    Love you,

  5. May you find peace in the days ahead…so beautifully written in a time of loss and sorrow BUT what a message…

    In times like these….
    It won’t be any different for Him
    to find us on our knees.

  6. So very tough to lose a father and your poem touched my heart when I read it. I will keep your father-in-law in my prayers.

  7. Sorry to hear about your dad and the loss you felt. You remind us how precious life really is. Also, that we shouldn’t just be on our knees when times are rough but when life is going good too. Guess it’s about living in a place of thanksgiving. Very nice, Diane.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes… every day is a challenge to remember to be grateful when things are going well and not so well…when you feel like the only place to be is on your knees which should be a constant…even when things are going well! Thank you for your words!

  8. Wow, this touched me so much this morning. My daddy was 48 when he passed away from non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, and I can’t believe it’s been nearly 3 years. Just last night I pulled out a picture of him as a child and was missing him terribly. But he was ready to leave and be with the Lord. (I wrote a little about this in My Heavenly Father’s Day) I KNOW that if he had fought he’d still be here because as you said “HE is a God of life and miracles”. He is a healing God and ALL good things come from Him!! Do your best not to be anxious as your family waits. (Philippians 4:4-7) Trust in the Lord and rely in His faithfulness! I have all of you in my prayers!!

    1. I am so blessed to share a part of the story of your Daddy! I was touched that you had his picture out and were touched by this! Isn’t God the best? He keeps connecting us all as we need the times of connection. I love who He has placed in my path in way of this family of His who share the same passion. Thank you for your prayers! I will keep you all posted!

  9. Beautiful written …. about lost and grief … and love. Not a believer as such – but I find amazing and I’m so happy that others can get their strength and power through their believes. Just like you describe here – wonderful to read.

      1. Thank you ever so much .. for your kind words. I’m talent in some areas … and totally stupid when it comes to others. Just like the rest of you. *laughter

  10. Thank you! That means a lot coming from you! My sweet prayer warrior. They found a golf sized tumor on my Father in law’s bladder… Haven’t had to deal with parent stuff since my dad died. I appreciate your prayers! Will know more in two weeks after his surgery to remove it.
    Off to work… having to keep moving…

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