On  my knees

in your arms


Oh why does it take


to bring me here?

If I find You

in my suffering

and feel You

in all Your promises

when the safety

is torn from my life

And the healing is

inside each tear….

Then I know I will survive!

If the rest of my life

I spend it on my knees

right here.

22 thoughts on “Right Here

  1. If your knees is were heaven is for you dwell there. My heaven is walking in a room filled with hearts beating to the same tune, finding unity in their rhythm. I will feel at home when we see eye to eye without having to blink. when tears are only connected to joy and debates only lead to progress. My heaven is cleaning up hell so we only have one place to go!!!!

    1. Hmmm interesting perspective. But not sure I feel that my knees is “just” where heaven is… it is more like the place for me where I am without distraction. Just God and me… meeting. However, I do find God in a room full of people or on a walk just He and I… I can find Him behind my keyboard meeting amazing people who I connect with through words or in a smile of a stranger as someone holds the door opened for me or I for them… or even in someone who has annoyed me daily at work or somewhere in my life…. when I SEE them through God’s eyes for just a minute… where they came from… why they are who they are and why He loves them. So you see like you… I can find HEAVEN in other places and God all over the place but the thing about me and my knees… well sometimes you just have to honor Him with your full presence… where He gets ALL the attention… no distractions… and that my friend… still is on my knees.
      Thank you for making me think about why I write.

      1. You made me think first so I thought I would return the favor….God is all around us. Taking the time to have an one on one with God is great. I guess it’s a way to give thanks to our most high. I always seen God as an extension of us, so I never would want someone on bending knee, when they can show their gratitude by walking the path of positivity. As a child of God I understand that God wants the best for us so I make sure to maintain my best daily; while challenging others to maintain theirs. We have different methods to giving thanks and building a relationship but they are getting us to the same place!!!!

        1. Point well taken! I understand what you are saying. I see Him as very positive… where others think… HE causes illness or death to teach them some lesson… I don’t think that at all… But I do think He can use the bad stuff that happens to us for good… to glorify HIM and teach us lessons but He does NOT cause them… And as I also believe that He wants us to find Him at a level where we can relate to HIM (captured amazingly in the book~ The Shack) I also think that if you believe that the Bible is the inspired WORD of God…. It says He is a jealous God and that no idols should come before HIM… My problem is that every day… I let other things get in the way!!! Sometimes in revernece (For ME) I find that face down on the ground on my knees…. sometimes in the only place I can find HIM… other times it is like in the places you mentioned… it is all relative… but on my knees sometimes makes me realize how often I am not really as you say in gratitude… But pleeease understand this is about me and my walk… not pushing my agenda on you or in anyway not appreciating yours.
          Thank you! I love this dialoging! 😉

          1. I am not a religious person at all but i have a strong faith in God. I am from the train of thought that you should push your agenda if you truly believe its the best way to live. I have my own understanding but I also know that I am a collection of peoples ideas and beliefs. I am not one of those people that believe you shouldn’t talk about faith because I believe that’s what is at the core of any relationship. For example: I will never willingly involve myself with someone that is tearing down my community; its faith that keeps us moving forward so we should talk about it. Listen, I am open to talk about anything you wish; My book is open to read so my mind should be open read any book. I will have opinions and I will be honest about those opinions and I will promise you that your honest will be welcomed here. Whether its harsh or sweet, I accept it all. Remember I said I don’t just want to like people but grow to love them; that takes hearing their darkest secrets and their undying faith. All I ask for is the same thing that God gives us “Choice”. Don’t make choice from me by holding back. So push it all my way and if I can’t take it, I will let you know but don’t be apprehensive about who you are and don’t apologize for wanting us to share the same faith. The only time you should ever apologize is when you act out of character!!!!

            1. I love your heart! Hey did you ever read The Shack? If not… it is very controversial but I loved it. Made sense to me. Lots of symbolism but the very first book that I loved was one by the Master of just that… John C. Lewis… The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe… made me want to be a reader… Took my kidst to see The Never Ending Story and I saw God all over that one… Thank you for your friendship~

              1. Funny….I write but i don’t read very much. Blogging has made me somewhat of a reader but picking up a book is hard between writing, playing basketball, playing video games, and help people get through life’s struggles. I seen the movies, it would take me forever to get through the books. thanks for the heads up, who knows you may get me to read. God knows I am going to want people to pick up my books. P.S. we have to get a lot more personal to call keep other friends but I am willing if you are….

        1. Me too… but I think we can figure out where our computer messed up! 😉
          It is the computer’s fault!!! That’s what I always say… or dumb phone… My phone has gotten used to calling it’s self dumb lol.

          1. I would like to said it is the computer but its this damn brain of mine….I will read between the lines. Sometimes I am talking and writing and write what i am saying instead of what i wanted to write. I can blame the phone because the spell check adds words on it own, so i am with you on that. I must say its has been nice running into someone like you….I bet you here that a lot because your so inviting but I want to let you know anyway. I will look forwarded to our daily discussion!!!!

  2. Wonderful .. and the choice of photos to go with .. love that your break it with photos – me not being must of poetry person .. would find it boring otherwise, but the photos make it more easy for me to read and understand. You’re so talent.

    1. Viveka, Thank you! I think sometimes I have more fun finding the pics! It makes me have more appreciation for photographers and the photos they choose to take! Like artists and their choice of what to paint… I have found it satisfies the artistic and creative side of me when I search for just the right picture!
      Thank you for noticing!

      1. Same with me .. when I have a recipe I want to post that I haven’t done .. yet – and don’t have ingredients photos .. love looking at web for pictures. Love you choice of pictures.

        The think is I have big difficulties to read any post if it’s just long long written section – need something to give a pause – in all the worlds, break it up with something fun or nice to look at.

        You are doing that excellent.

        1. Me too Viveka!!!!
          I will skim some and then know the ones that I want to go back and take the time to read. I try not to post too many in a day cuz it can get annoying for the receivers but if I am on a poem roll I might. My daughter discourages me from get my pics on line but … too late… I am so addicted to finding the perfect pic without having to take it myself. She says I could get into problems but as long as I am not charging money for them… I think it should be okay??? Hopefully????

          1. What you should do is stating on my post who the photos belongs to – like I do …. and thank them. At least you will not take the credit then. You can do that in the end of your post.
            It’s very important, because of the copyright. If you do that – the problem will be less, because really what we are doing is using other peoples pictures.
            When I’m not using my own I always do that – I also save the photo for my post – with the name of the website I found the picture on name – so when people click on the picture they will see who it belongs too.

  3. You know Diane You really have a beautiful way with words… Thanks for sharing your inner self with us… Your a blessing to all who know you and you have touched many through your words… 🙂

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