Running through the fields,

not noticing the thorns~

jumping in muddy puddles,

after the mid day storms~

running through the sprinklers,

not flinching at the cold~

Ahhh just the wish to be young again

is what makes me feel so old!


Diane Reed ’12

16 thoughts on “Wish To Be Young Again

  1. I love this! Those pictures made me feel young again, it’s funny, I always think of “young” as being like 15-25 but now I realize that I’m forgetting about those early blissful years. At the same time, the problems I had then and were huger in some ways than the ones now, depending on how I look at them. Life was so much less in my control at that time.
    I wish you the best with your father in law, I really like what AmazinglyBrash was saying earlier.
    It’s sort of crazy how even if we know that life will get “harder” in some ways, our current problems and predicaments can feel so huge at any age. It’s a good reminder to be here now, and to try our best to at least love the people close to us. I hope you have a good night and that you guys have all the support and nourishment that you need!

    1. Jennifer,
      Thank you! I guess my message would be… that “these” are always the good old days…. we never like the way we look… we don’t like where we live or are always striving for more… and yet as I look back… those early days when we didn’t have a lot… when I felt too skinny… and wanted to grow up so fast and felt so frustrated with everything about life… who woulda thought that those were the good old days? And these will be our good old days someday! Thank you for your time and sweet words! They mean a lot!

  2. We only wish to be young because we have the wisdom of being older. The growth of life has matured me into a wiser being; the aches of age can’t be replaced by the experience of living. I Love being older because the struggles are mine and responsibility is an reward. What I love the most is I have the ability to fall in love; and enjoy the best of both worlds because she would nurture my childish wants and needs!!!!

    1. Well, my dear Brashyyy~
      I always smile at your replies… you knock me upside the head with a little postivity that I am not feeling right now. My father in law WAS diagnosed with cancer after all… I mean a golf sized tumor on his bladder… who were we fooling? Not cancer? Anywaaaay~ I know you are right. I know I need to have faith. And I do. But I sometimes just miss that old down home clueless bliss of not knowing about the bad stuff… not having to pay bills or even notice when I have stepped on a stone and the only worries you had were explaining why you have mud all over your bare feet and the bottom of your new little sundress!

      1. Sorry your family has to deal with Cancer but this is the time “faith” is truly tested. The time when things are out of our hands and in God’s. People always talk about how much faith they have but when put to the test they fail miserable. He needs y’all to be supportive and most of all to keep him in good spirits. I smile might not heal him but it would have him find joy within his pain. Talk to him and ask him what he wants, don’t assume. Love comes strong with listening than acting. Don’t treat him like he is a charity case, people need to know they still have some control over their lives. Keep in mind it is happen to him more than it is happen to y’all. Assure him that he doesn’t have to be strong for y’all because it’s y’all time to be strong for him. You can be strength and I will be one of the people in your life being strong for you!!!!

        I understand why you would want to escape back into childhood but the first time someone tells you what you can’t do you will be wishing your an adult again. Why can’t you still go play in the mud and get your feet dirty. You don’t have to lose that part of childhood; You choose to closed that chapter. I am still a clown, I play, hug people for no reason, stay up all night watching movies while drinking hot chocolate or eating ice and apple pie, I ride bikes, go swimming, play in the snow, run in the sprinklers, and talk to my friends all night. The only thing that changed is I learned how to perfect doing them at the perfect times, and that’s the adult in me!!!!

          1. You’re welcome….It warms my heart to use my strength to grant others strength. Don’t forget to always search for you smile!!!! Tell your Hubby to cry its important!!!!

  3. Wonderful written, I don’t want to be too young again, but I would love to have my 30th year old body back, be 40 and have my 64 years of life experiences. Will that make any sense. Beautiful photos again.

    1. Viv~ me too!~ Even forty but I hear ya thirty would be great! Why don’t we ever appreciate the side of the fence we are on when we are on it? Smile… sigh~

        1. Viv~ I’m still in denial~ lol. I just lost fifty! So I know I can do it! Stuff happened and I am back to needing to lose again… but it can be done. But why oh why do I always get motivated right before Thanksgiving?! Pumpkin Pie.. turkey and stuffing? Ya know? And then Christmas cookies!!! I think I must hate myself. smile.

          1. We don’t have Thanksgiving … I think it’s the whole thing about getting family and friends around you.
            I’m not a fan of Christmas .. but I love the Christmas Card thing. You don’t hate yourself .. you enjoy yourself.

  4. Beautiful! Your words speak for themselves. We all long to have those uninhibited moments of youth back. If we only knew all the work that lay before us when we were kids, we wouldn’t have been in such a darn hurry to grow up.

    1. You are sooo right my friend!
      When I was a young mom, I was in SEARS with a sweet younger friend and her screaming baby… she was always funny and that is why I loved her. As people started turning their heads in judgement, she just walked away from the stroller, screaming baby and all, and said rather loudly “CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!” It kind of broke the tension and everyone around her couldn’t help but laugh. As she picked up her baby and a man walked by and said to the baby: “Hey kid, why are ya crying? You don’t even have bills yet!”
      Now that is so true. Each place in life we are, we don’t appreciate it. I love the positive replies here… makes me want to write one about old age… Might take me a little longer… lol.
      Thanks for your sweet support! As always~

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