Her room sat  like a capsule of honor

waiting for her return

like echoes I  would hear  conversations we once shared

when  I would wake her up in the morning…

I miss those mornings sometimes…

 there was a time…

I once mourned as each child

was plucked from my nest

I waned to scream…. “But wait I am not done YET!!!”

And then I stood proudly as I watched them fly

So high, so strong,

I couldn’t help but take a little credit as I looked on….

And now I am okay. Really I am.

I even enjoy only having to get me ready and out the door again these days.

No diaper bags, or back packs to remember or in my case, forget….

And yet it sometimes stings just a little to know

that those chapters have been written

I don’t have to wonder who my children will be as I did once as a young girl..patting my belly and whispering in wonder… “Who are you in there, who will you be?”

I know them now and I am proud of the children I have had as I watch them soar to heights far above my imagination.

I wander around the walls of my life and look out the windows of my memory

and if I let myself… I can wander even farther back, back,

and reflect on the regrets of things I never accomplished or wish I had done  and that is when I see….

That these really and truly are the good old days, the days I have the freedom and the time to write my book

and live in the chapters yet to be written…

The days when my babies still can return for visits….

And so can other people! Cuzzzz we have a guest room now! GRIN~ (Of course my little chickadee has first dibs!)

Yes, these are the days  where I finally learn that….

                                                                                                                                                      The best is yet to be….

14 thoughts on “The Good Old Days

  1. I always get the distinct impression that your daughter comes first. I don’t have any children so I don’t know if I had both a son and a daughter if I would relate to one better than the other. It just bugged me so I said it and now I’m moving forward into the more recent past.

    1. Before I had my daughter I wondered if I could love another baby as much as I loved my son. I almost felt bad bringing another one into our family. I learned that I could love another one just as much. I love my son more than life it’s self. I would do anything for him. I want the best for him. As with my daughter. I don’t feel I need to defend or explain my relationship I have with my daughter but I will share just a bit. My son is who he is and loves in his own way. He gets frustrated with me a lot and is not afraid to show it. I am not sure… maybe as we both grow up… we will have a better relationhip but our relationship is work. I have just gotten to be a grandma to my ten year old more now because we are working on things… I don’t feel like sharing a lot here but lets just say my daughter and I have a much easier relationship. She appreciates me and wants to be with me. The love is the same. It is just different. And yes, not having children, it might be hard for you to understand. But you can’t just put something out there and move on. Sorry. I told you comments about my kids are just like that…

      1. I expected you to respond to this, I didn’t intend to mean that I said something and then was going to run away from it. I was curious and you told me plenty, exactly as much as I wanted and needed to know. I thank you for that.

    1. Thank you! Trying to get more positive… I have a lot of sweet supporters blasting me for my one foot in the grave attitude! lol. They inspired this perspective!!!

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