Wake up

Look in the mirror

nothings going to stop me

i won’t hesitate

gotta get out of here…

 Cant wait any longer

each day i feel

im getting a little stronger

the melody’s following me

as i shut the door

a new jump in my step

smiling at the strangers

not caring if they don”t smile back at me

this time

this day

im not gonna let the world

take it from me

this day is mine

and i’m not giving it back!

12 thoughts on “About Time….

  1. Finally, an attitude that focuses on the present. I do prefer that picture second from the bottom in this article, that happy nut is how I want to picture you.

  2. I like your rambling … great motivation – I go for my coffee, juice and my special sandwich, that is my kick … don’t need an alarm for my everyday anymore, love it .. and I look in the mirror when I brush my teeth.

    1. viv… I wish that I could look at my face when I brush my teeth…lol… I used to. It’s bad enough~ I need a magnifying mirror. I too don’t need an alarm clock… I never actually stopped to realize I don’t ever need an alarm clock. I used to… SEEEE why my blog is filled with mid life stuff?!!!

      1. Wow … so sorry to read that you have problems with your sight. My best friend she has gone blind under only 8 months this year. Terrible – amazing that you can write and give us fantastic posts like you. How bad is it ????

    1. Funny, I love the term Carpe Diem… I have a journal that says that! Today I am far from siezing the day! lol… gonna get to it right now! Thanks for the reminder! Capre Diem right back to ya!

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