I am in a place in my life right now where I am just plain stuck. I have written about mid life crisis and empty nests until I am blue in the face! I know that I have to get over it. But it is kind of overwhelming when you think back at all the plans you had, all the dreams and the mystery of not knowing what your life held felt kind of like magic. Wondering who you would fall in love with, even how a kiss would feel, never experiencing making love or getting married, giving birth or moving into your own home and where it would be…  It was as if you had this empty book handed to you by God and you could write anything you wanted in it. It was a feeling of possibilities, of dreams come true. And now I sit with many volumes of filled pages. Feeling as if I have experienced it all.

It is overwhelming to think about it. The emtpy books that God has handed to the doctors with great cures and authors with life changing ideas and Oprahs and Presidents of this world who all had that same empty book opportunity and filled it with wonderful accomplishments. It makes me thumb through my own pages and sigh and wonder what I have accomplished. Why my books aren’t filled like that. Or even why I still have not written the book I have been finishing and wanted to write for over two years now.

I am in quite a selfish place right now. Stuff that I have been going through the last few years has sent me in a tail spin that has been hard to recover from.  If you put too much on my plate, I want to run. I don’t make the effort to be a great friend. I don’t normally volunteer or contribute a whole lot in my life right now. But at a weak moment I was asked to be a Team Kid leader. It is a little like a weekly Vacation Bible School. In the beginning the groups weren’t assigned. We all kind of just fell into place and in turn became a TEAM. Hence; the name, Team Kid. But we actually have become a little family.

Slowly we felt our way through the last several weeks, getting to know each other. I have the 4th and 5th graders. I really love that age. I remember that when I was around that age, I had mentors in my life that I remember to this day. Mrs. Anderson taught me about Jesus in such a way that made me listen. She kind of raised up my spiritual awareness a little higher, from being stuck comfortably in my childlike faith and challenged me tolook at it all in a more mature way and encouraged me to apply the stories we learned to my own life. With Mrs. Anderson she stretched us. She pricked our hearts. It wasn’t all about the  paper we got at the end with the cartoon version of the memory verse for the week.  It was different with her. And when I look back, I think that she was about my age now when she taught my 4th grade Sunday School Class. Now that I think think about it… When I said yes I would be a leader, I guess maybe  I wanted to give a little back and perhaps  try to be a Mrs. Anderson to my little team.

The other day, I was so tired, as other leaders were falling out of their commitments I have to admit I was a little  envious. But then one mom after another came up to tell me things that their kids had been saying about me and it surprised me. Maybe I could make a differnce. These little kids were at such a great age. Teetering on innocence still goofy kids and yet so moldable and wise with thoughts and ideas and profound thoughts all of their own. I realized what an awesome responsibility it was. To be able to be a smidigen of a Mrs. Anderson in their lives.

Last  night was Team Kid again. My coworker was late so I had to work past my time. I was running late getting to the church and already tired from an over 8 hour shift and not really looking forward to a late night. When I saw my (little family) kids. They had already gotten my Team Kid bucket and placed it on “our” team’s pew and saved me a seat. One little boy came running up to me and sighed a big sigh and said “Oh Good Coach Diane, you are HERE!”

Okay so how Good is God? I am thinking that I am doing something for these kids…  How silly. They are doing something a thousand times fold more for me! Making me feel that I am important.  And God used them as HIS little messengers to tell me so.

If you are feeling a little blue… doing something for someone else will change that in an instant!

What I have learned in all this? It really is not all about me and I still have pages to fill in that book I was handed years ago. I may not ever be Oprah or maybe not even Mrs. Anderson but I can be someone’s Coach Diane.

15 thoughts on “Mrs. Anderson

  1. Yes.

    Mrs. Anderson never found the cure to polio, never discovered electricity, never came up with the iPhone. Mrs. Anderson affected individuals like yourself and made a difference. We have an opportunity every day to make a difference in someone’s life even if we just stay home with our spouse (as I’ve been doing during single-digit temperatures).

    Sometimes I think there is hope for you; in fact, I’m proud of you.

  2. Sorry to keep commenting when I know you should be writing. Don’t feel you have to reply, honestly. But I am reading a book by Barbara Sher called ‘It’s only too late if you don’t start now’ which tells you that the empty nest time is the PERFECT time to get started. We are free of a little responsibility, wiser, still healthy hopefully and still have 30 or 40 years to go. So many people didn’t blossom until this age and I intend to be one of them. I feel I already am blossoming actually and hopefully you can see that you are too. Look at your faithful blog followers!! To ‘know you’ is to like you Diane. Emma xx

    1. Oh Emma!
      What an amazing and inspiraitonal message to wake up to! Thank you! Are you kidding? I love your messages! I always have time to reply to someone who takes the time to read what I write! Funny, there was someone at my work who I found a little annoying and she has been reading my blog now and it is kind of sad to say that I didn’t take the time to really appreciate her until she took the time to read my stuff. She is one of my biggest cheerleaders now and also a good little critiquer. Which I appreciate.
      I am going to go look up that book right now!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  3. Diane, You have many pages to fill and God isn’t done with you yet! Be blessed today my bff. Love you, Jody

  4. I think you’re doing a great job blogging and coaching. And besides, God will bring you the page to fill in when the time is right and when He needs to use you. Right now, He’s using you to write and inspire people with your words. If you feel you should be doing more, then you’re second-guessing God’s will for you, So be at peace and do what you need to in this moment. Thank you for being here. We know your worth.

  5. Don’t have a clue who Mrs. Anderson is … but I know a very nice coach Diane.
    She just provided me with a great post. In my book is it more important to be a little boy’s coach than be on TV.

  6. Maybe I a overly hormonal this morning, but this just made me cry.. not in a bad way, but in a I remember having role models in my life like that. I do know just how much they meant to me.. How with just a simple hug, or an encouraging word from them could change my whole outlook on the day.. Thanks for sending me down memory lane this morning Diane! Have a blessed day..

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