This morning I came on and found that someone had liked 47 of my posts! It made me have to wander back with them in my archives because I thought if they are going to take the time to read and then “LIKE” something then I should take the time to at least click on each “LIKE” and re-read the things they clicked.

Blogging is a funny thing. It is like leaving your journal open for anyone to read. There was a day when I had a little diary with a lock on it. I carefully hid the key and wrote my tiny daily paragraph of all the most important events in m life… “Went to school today, came home, and maybe just maybe the boy I liked “looked at me!” Ahhh so much has changed… One BIG thing is… I could NEVER fit all of my “important”  daily thoughts in a little 5 year diary thats provides you with five little lines to chronicle your life!

When my grandma died, I wasn’t there. My mom flew to Washington and my Aunt and cousin went through all the things they wanted. I was in a different mind set then. I didn’t want to come across as greedy. I was so sad. It seemed inappropriate to “want” something of hers after she was gone and yet… she always would tell me “I want you to have my china Diane” I was just about ten when she started telling me that. I was just a naive little kid back then and even remeber thinking “Why would I want your China?” But when my mom asked me if there was anything special I wanted her to bring back… I did say “Well she always wanted me to have her china.”

Today I love it. It is actually pretty nice I think… as china and antiques go… it is Franconia from Germany. And now I realize it was probably very special to her because it was so nice and she wanted me to have it. She was my age now when I remember us talking about it… Which I thought was NOT old enough to be talking about her not being here and leaving me things. And I was right. She lived a long life. I was born on her birthday and was the first grandchild. We always had a specal bond. So besides the china… which was the one thing I knew that she wanted me to have, I asked for my grandma’s diary.

It was one of those five year kind. The thing that is so  unique, is…she started it the day after Christmas her sixteenth year and it ended when she was 21. She talked about her school events, and young girl crushes, dated a little  and then finally,  met my grandpa, fell in love, got married and had my mom all within those five years! It was as if I got to see a little glimpse of my grandma’s life all inside that little leather bound, worn book. It is an amazing treasure to me. I can almost imagine her in her bedroom, after a date writing in it.

Today as I re-read my journals, I wish I had saved one of those childhood ones with the locks on it. But I do have one that I started when I was sixteen. Filled with silly poems and pictures and such innocence. It snaps me back to a time where I had not yet experienced life. I only wrote about, dreaming of what lay ahead and then it also is filled with pages of new love and the passion that comes with it and then heartbreak and sorrowful poems of young heartbreak. It is kind of funny now. I still remember the reasons behind some of those poems that I wrote.

Today, I click on some of my old posts. The ones before I knew you guys… the ones no one “LIKED” because they didn’t know they were there. Or I hadn’t really invited anyone to share yet… I followed a friend’s blog, they followed mine… I was more vague back then. People didn’t really know what I was writing about. Now it is kind of like a puzzle.. I still have not provided all the pieces and yet you can begin to see the picture I have painted and yet you are still following me!

It makes me realize that we all have a story and our stories help each other live our lives, somehow making us feel not so alone in what we are going through, just by knowing someone else out there may understand just a little. I still have some posts in the proverbial little locked diary inside my imagination but waking up to find someone took the time to read 47 of my posts sometime in the night is the best compliment I could have as a “wanna be writer” and it inspires me to keep writing. Hoping that something I might have to say can touch someone enough to keep reading….

I know I have a lot to learn… a lot to tweak and edit and going back and reading some of my older things has made me realize that this blog has done just what I set out for it to do… helped me grow… and stretch my writing abilities to a place where I might not have to beg my family or friends to listen to something I wrote… but people actually go and click on me and search me out and sit there and read my “stuff” all by themselves! Like Sally Field said… “You “LIKE” me you really like me!” And for that … I say thank you!

69 thoughts on “Clicking “LIKE”

  1. 60 comments. OK, half of them are probably your responses back.

    The bit about the china was rather heart warming. And your grandmother’s diary! What a find.

    I thought of you while watching one of those home shopping channels on TV. You do realize that some people use blogs to sell things, right? I don’t know if occasionally trying to hawk something would hurt the integrity of your blog, but you could start a separate one with a more commercial bent. Just a random thought, I suck at doing stuff like that.

      1. The obvious question back is, “What do you have to sell?”

        You used to have a shop, you could do some of that. A book of poems? I don’t know. If you don’t just already know then it is probably a bad idea.

          1. High up in the right hand margin of your blog you should have a link to that etsy site. Like a link to “My Store” or something like that. People come and go here, advertise it without shoving it in people’s faces. Couldn’t hurt.

  2. Hi D,
    Like you, I wondered about “likes” for a while, wondering if it was just a reactive action as they looked at the pictures, or if they really took the time to read, and if they read it, why not comment? For me “like” isn’t really a feedback on what I wrote. I look for what people feel – was it good? – was it bad? And any suggestions to make it better. I’m not so good that, with a little help, I couldn’t be better. At the risk of your ire, I will say that I really LIKE your blog.

    1. Sometimes I will read and click like and then come back and read when I have more time and get something completely different out of something and then comment. You never risk anything regarding me! You have won me over! Smile!

      1. Really, Di, for me, likes are ok, what is more important to me though is that someone takes the time to comment. That’s the real gift.
        Happy Monday,

  3. this blog has done just what I set out for it to do… helped me grow… and stretch my writing abilities to a place where I might not have to beg my family or friends to listen to something I wrote…

    Hey Dianne – I could also have written this!! I have so many old posts from 8 weeks ago that I liked but no one else ever saw as I didn’t tag or tell anyone for 5 weeks. The initial posts are long, boring mind blurt and though my writing has changed, I still like what i wrote then. It changed me, doing something creative each day before work. I got started being a ‘writer’ and it was the best thing ever. We started – we did it and I don’t see why you would have to beg anyone to read your writing. We just needed to find the right audience and it generally isn’t among our friends and relatives, I have found. I love your writing. 🙂

    1. I know, it is frustrating. When I told people that I was taking a posting break, to finish my book, I had people sweetly tell me that they look forward to my blogs each day with their coffee. What a great compliment!!! I loved it and appreciate those comments but I wanted to say… well, I do have over 100 posts in my archives that could keep you and your coffee busy for a long time. But how presumptious of me to think that they had time to take a stroll back. I guess it is like Dear Abby or Ann Landers, you may look forward to a daily column but not everyone is going to go back into old issues that they missed to read them.
      But I do “GET” what you mean!

      1. It’s like old blogs are yesterday’s news and yet for me they are still pertinent. But I am all the better and have grown for having written them so I will hang onto that. There is always more inside us writers busting to come out. I read somewhere – maybe Seth Godin – that our ideas shouldn’t be too precious. By the way, with your editing taking so long, don’t you love the quote “I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter”. – Blaise Pascal . PS I wrote about you on my blog today!

        1. There is a book I have somewhere in my library that my friend sent me years ago… The title is something like “Dancing in Fuzzy Red Slippers” It is a collection of the author’s stories similar to “ours” that somebody (not self published) found interesting enough to publish! Who knows… maybe we will find a publisher that deems our ramblings worthy!

          1. I would love a collection of your favourite posts in a book. There is something about holding a book that I love. My shoulders wouldn’t hurt sitting at the computer too. Maybe I should print out a few of your posts and staple them together in the meanwhile! Or of your book chapters!!! This weekend I promise I will read the chapters and comment on them.

  4. Sometimes I think it’s a little scary to just lay your journal open for everyone to see. But it’s also nice, nice to see that other people like and think about the same things.

    1. I soooo agree Missy!!!! You nailed it! It IS so nice to see that others like and think about the same things! I think that is why I find it so comorting here with all of you!

  5. Hi

    Well I hope you are enjoying your breather and writing your book!! And I also hope that you are blogging, if not from time to time, then some of the time.

    I guess, like anything else, blogging is a process and we will learn alot through it. Some of the things we learn will be about the process of blogging itself and some of the things we learn will be about ourselves.

    Blogging was an unknown quantity to me. I didn’t know what to expect and can identify alot with what you say, especially the bits about stat obsession and the gathering of “likes”. Quantity rather than quality still does it for me I’m afraid, though I am beginning to understand some of it “doesn’t really count”.

    Maybe it just reinforced what is a personality trait that even at my advanced age I still struggle with, this need to be “liked”, and find other approval.

    The “like” button is seriously not something that should have been available at the end of every post for someone like me. That said, I shall continue to blog though perhaps not quite so diligently. Hope to keep in touch.


    1. Corrine, Thank you for taking the time to read!!! I appreciate everyone here so much! It is funny… we are a breed all of our own… Sometimes I tell people they should write this or that… and it always strikes me odd… that not everyone HAS TO write…. But here… we understand each other. So though we may get caught up in the LIKE stats from time to time.. in the end, it is quality not quantity in the people we touch and the people who touch us. I would rather have two or three friends that I really connect with… rather than a whole roomful that will forget my name when they walk out the door.

  6. First thing first….sally fields is one of my crushes!!!! She is a little older now but I still love her. Second, congrats, that is a blessing to see that someone can “like” your post 47 times. Now, that is a fan. Your an easy going individual so of course we keep coming back for more. I bet 50% of your reads wish they can open up the way you do, 25 % is captured by your charm, and the last 25% are both wishing and captured. I bet 100% of your reads will agree that you are charming.

    I never had a dairy because I always said what was on my mind. I have been blunt most of my life. I do however have stacks and stacks of poems I wrote. You seem to have gotten the best thing your grandmother could leave behind, her thought she rarely shared with anyone. Now, you have that pieces of her; seems like you always come out of things blessed. Thanks again for bring me into your life….its always a pleasure!!!!

    1. Now why do you have to come on just as I am closing up shop for a while and say all that nice stuff? lol. If you read my latest you will see that the 47 likes ended up not being 47 reads and it made me realize that it really disappointed me. I mean who was I kidding that someone would spend THAT much time reading 47!!! lol… I mean I really am laughing out loud… and you know me by now… I am long winded… 47 posts would take ages to get through!!! haha.
      But I will say one thing… just before I shut the door… The Lord used someone like you to remind me that there are actual READERS out there and I thank you!!! I will be back… maybe just not as often and as invested in caring about the stat end of things…. Thanks Brash… you really are the best!

      1. Disappointment is a sign that you still believe….keep being disappointed because it is worth the one time someone actually comes through. I am not a reader but I enjoy your company and thoughts….I love long winded people that have something to say because trust me I would let you know if you are babbling. If you must leave to work do what you must, but if blogging brings you joy you should make time for it. I get on daily and dedication like an hour or two a day. Its worth meeting people that may change our lives. We meet a lot disappointment, but it worth meet those few that make you smile when you haven’t all day, or those that need your words to encourage them because they haven’t smiled all day, or just build a lifetime bond with a stranger that becomes family with keep comment. This isn’t a waste of time, because when its used right its time well spent. Hope you enjoy every minute of life!!!!

  7. I really enjoyed this post, I also agree with the encouragement I get from a ‘like’. And I go back and read what they liked. I also check my stats and look at all the places in the world who have visited my blog. It encourages me so much. I was ‘called’ to be a writer and am yet to see the fulfillment of this promise, but this helps me see it unfolding. I like how you explain it as a open journal, that makes sense to me and the anxiety I get each time I hit that impending ‘publish’ button. Blessings to you! 🙂

    1. Water Bearer,
      I loved: I was called to be a writer!!! I think you are fooling yourself… you have fullfilled it.. you are fullfilling it… in steps… in the journey. And I am blessed to watch the process. If you can move me in a comment here… I have no doubt you will feel your success… because I SEE it in your words!

      1. Thanks you so much for those wonderful words, I am so grateful for your encouragement. 🙂 I agree I am seeing it fulfilled each time I write something, Only The promise I am yet to see fulfilled was, when I was called I was shown if I write the novel He asked me, then it would become a movie and change the perspective of many for Him. Which is huge and daunting to say the least. For years I didn’t want to even try. I was scared and didn’t trust myself..(Still don’t completely) But I do trust my Lord and I made Him the promise, so when I finish my end I know He will fulfill it. I just have to keep stepping into my calling every chance I get. So glad to ‘meet’ you! Blessings…..

  8. I actually can’t believe you didn’t save those old diaries, but as someone that did I would have to say they were pretty darn boring and nonsensical; horribly written, and hard to get through. I have had many diaries and journals over the years, the most profound thing I learned in looking back at them in my teens was my five yea,r day to day journal wherein I wrote things like, my best friend is Jessica, and I crossed the street by myself today, and many many days of I didn’t do anything today, and some blank pages, until I came across the last page I wrote in… the last page that mattered for that book and it read, Today My Grandpa Died. It shook me to my core, because then and even now nearly twenty years later I miss him like he was here yesterday, like I just woke up to the horrible news. With that experience I learned that a journal should be made up of the moments that move us, not the mundane day to day. Our diaries or journals are an escape from the present, to the past, why should we relive the days when we didn’t do anything? I told someone that theory once (he is an aspiring writer as I expect most of us the blog are) and he had a fit, believing that the day to day is what should be experienced… I guess that’s the thing about journaling we can write about anything we want.

    Thanks for this blog… it made me remember why I journal in the first place 🙂

    1. Sonya, you are welcome! Thank you for reading! I love that you have diaries that told you that you crossed the street! You might not treasure them but your kids will someday. Funny… we all want to peek into someone’s past and find out where they came from … I wasn’t prepared for your ending. It made me cry. A good writer you are!

      1. I get the sense that a huge part of the reason we study history, has less to do with learning from our mistakes than peeking into lives we no longer understand or relate to. I cannot imagine what opportunities my children will have versus those that I had. “This my child is a telephone, it used to be plugged into the wall and there was no way of knowing who was calling!” Part of me wants to keep them in a bubble, so that one day they can experience all the cool new gadgets for exactly how awesome and magical they are, not for the “normal” or expected.

  9. I have also noticed that people click “LIKE” from Readers and never open the post to read. Wonder if why?? Because when I get 5 LIKES but only 3 has hit the post. Do we do by courtesy??? Why fake an interest??? Then there more people reading posts, but don’t click ….
    My grandma had a very pretty cookie box .. and I always said – grandma when you die can I have the box, she lived until she was 93 and I don’t have clue where that pretty box went.

    1. I think that those that hit like often want traffic on their own sites… however I have hit like on people’s blog posts without clicking on the blog because the entire post is in the window (those are usually photo posts). Maybe we should just write for us, and when those people that are really moved by what we say come along it will be that much sweeter.

      1. Sonya, I agree. sometimes it is hard to navigate on this site and I have done the same. Or I try to get on someone’s page and can’t. I agree also about just deciding to write just for us and if someone else likes it then all the better but to now be writing for any other reason but for the sake of getting the words out and for just the sake of writing it for ourselves! I think when we master that without any other motives, we will be a success.

        1. A few years ago I took a creative writing class that stressed writing for oneself, to make oneself happy because it is unlikely to be successful in a sea of people working toward the same goal, so honestly we should be happy that anyone anywhere wants to read and respects what we have chosen to share.

          1. Thank you for sharing!!! I think that is right… we have to write for ourselves first. I had a novel inside of me twenty years ago but so many things had to fall in place… not sharing it…doesn’t make me happy…. I need to write it for me… I need to share it for me too… Does that make any sense at all??

            1. Of course it does, you are a writer! It’s like a cake artist that only makes cakes for themselves, it might be fun at first but then they want feedback, they want to share their gift, and often sharing with family members can feel a bit like they had to say it was good (you know?). Nope it makes a lot of sense. Have you tried to get it published? I cannot imagine sitting on a story for 20 years, it must be one hell of a story by now 🙂 Congratulations on bringing it this far!!!!! I am excited to see what the future holds for you and your “baby” (story).

      2. How do you like something without going to the post? Ik now you can reply in your email program by clicking above the blue line…but I haven’t seen anywhere you can like in the email when u get the notification.

        1. Not sure…what the question is… I guess the thing is like Sonya mentioned… we should be writing for ourselves and as for me, I also write for The Lord but have to admit…sometimes, not all of them are centered around God…. I wish they were… But I know I fall way short!

          I guess the point is; That we shouldn’t care how many likes we get. Even though that was the subject of this blog I wrote here… I think that the message in the end should be what Sonya said… write for ourselves and if someone learns something or is touched along the way THAT is our reward… not what our stats are in the course of a day. I know I get caught up in that and I am going to try not to. Because it is taking away from what really matters and why I write which didn’t start out to be to get a certain quota in.
          I have had to stop following some people because I am bombarded daily by one post after another after another… and I have to admit, that I do like, like, like them dutifully which really, now that I think about it, is not very honest even if I do plan to go back and read everything when I have time. I am glad we all are having this discussion. It is sort of freeing and revealing at the same time. The truth will set us free! 😉

          1. By the way… the 47 LIKES I got last night.. could very well have been someone LIKE CLICKING me without reading. Ahhhhhh (I just checked the times Lyn and it was!!! the times were like drive by clicks…well, all righty then~) that blew my whole reason for this blog right out of the water…lol… But really…I still am glad this blog is creating this dialog!

            1. First off lame, what a jerk! MAYBE that person read them all and went back through? UGH that is so lame I am sorry. Whatever keep it, 47 likes is 47 likes and it got a lot of people over to your blog anyway.

              In regards to your post above (this is hard to do, I am about three days behind so my responses are all over the place).

              I feel conflicted with the like like like, because someone has taken the time to share what they feel and we have taken the time to check it out. So liking a post to me means that you acknowledge what they were attempting to do (and you should be proud of every like and every view you get… writing for you doesn’t mean you should discount the attention you get; I just feel like we shouldn’t expect it, then in turn it will feel that much better when someone does say hey you have awesome ideas or what have you!), even if you don’t actually “like” or agree with it. Obviously taking the time to write on someone’s blog is far more personal and less about “traffic.” So the like button is a double edged sword, do you reserve it only for posts you really like, or give it to those posts you only sort of like and/or like just the writer or the concept?!

              1. Sonya, you are sweet! LOL. I think I may have actually misjudged or spoke too soon… Later the same person came back and liked about seven more… all my earlier posts… way back from months ago, this time the times on each “LIKE” seemed to be spread out soooo… who knows… whatever… it got my butt in gear I have 21 chapters so far… and ready to share chapter two for feedback… 😀

                1. 21 chapters?! Awesome. I really do think that person came through read your stuff and logged off before pressing like. I have done that and then I have to go back and find it. That is a whole lot of like from one person 😉 way to go!!!

          2. Amen coastalmom. We shouldn’t get caught up in that stuff. I was trying to say that when people do that, I’m not upset that much because they’re probably just trying to be supportive of my efforts; thus, I should appreciate it regardless. I wasn’t implying about being caught up in stats..sorry if I came across that way. Wasn’t what I meant. I was also asking how you can like something from your email without going to it. I know you can comment from your email, but I have never seen an option to like. Curious. God bless you!

            1. No worries Lyn! I think I have been guilty of the LIKING things when I get overwhelmed and you are right it is like a love pat of support by going back and clicking. And i usually do read everything if it’s like one a day but if I get too many from the same person… i get overwhelmed and may very well be guilty of the clicking to show support thing… but mostly I pretty much go back…
              As for the email thing… I am still not following about LIKING on an email? I have never seen an option to LIKE anything from an email either?? Are you referring to something I said? If so… I most likely meant something else. lol.

                1. I went back to look and I think she meant that you can like something on a blog (not on email…)but once you have clicked on the blog from email and then there is a link that does not open that may be attached… but you still have the option to click LIKE ,,,, Maybe? Not sure if that is what she meant but I think that could be?

                  1. Pretty much but that is located more in the notification page. One can click like on a post without opening it. I don’t really know why that is an option because it basically means people aren’t reading those posts,but if they don’t open up your page then it won’t mark up your stats so it’s pretty easy to tell if someone just ran through and liked posts without opening them.

    2. Viv, I agree! I don’t really look at anything more than the LIKES or the replies but I find it doesn’t add up at times. So you may be right about your theory. I try to only actually “follow” just a few who I really “connect” with and then try to really read. I do have to admit that at times I am running out the door but I try to get back and I always try to mention that I am “rereading” Some of those I don’t always get to till the end of the week but I do try to go back.
      It’s easy when you only follow enough that your time will allow..
      My other grandma sent me my dad’s baby picture and a string of pearls he had bought her in Japan when he was overseas and sent them randomly and then died of an anurisym the next week… I haven’t thought of that for a long time….life is interesting. It just makes you want to live it fully. Anyway, I am glad WE are following each other! 😉

  10. What a nice walk down memory lane! You have treasured gifts from your grandmother but the journal is something really special…a personal insight into a loving heart! I remember the autograph books more than the diaries. Unfortunately, I was not much into writing as a child. Look back now digging into the cobwebs of my mind trying to remember…if only I had put some of the special moments into writing.

  11. I have that happen all of the time. What’s funny, is when you get the email notificaitons you can see the times on it. I’ve had people like 20 or more things in one minute. There’s no way the read all of that. I’d be afraid to like stuff without at least skimming it first…I could be liking something pretty crazy and far out for all I know if I did that! LOL!

    1. Lyn,
      I know. I have noticed that too. I think I would rather have two or three likes of people who really LIKE it and comment and I know they have read it or it touched them. And I agree. Liking something without reading it and then having your face on the likes of something crazy… just because they liked you is not honest. I will skim something and go back and read it again. But I guess the thing you have to be concerned with~ is when you see a hundred views and no likes.

      1. True. I do feel, though, that some people are skimming..maybe real fast, and they’re hitting the like to show their support for you..and they must have a lot of trust to do it and not really read it’s okay and all. I’m happy for their support! It’s just irritating when I get someone who likes 20-30 things in less than two minutes… it makes me feel like they’re just trying to advertise themeslves or something. It’s all good though! God bless you coastal ma ma! LOL!

    1. Jalal, well said. Gotta admit… I do smile when I see someone took the time to read and actually LIKE something Lil ole me wrote!!! I mean I know I am wordy and people’s time is valuable and the fact that they read it all the way through and comment on what it was about make me SMILE reeeal big 😀

  12. WOW what a wonderful gift you received in your grandmothers Journals! Those are worth more then any amount of money.. One day you too will pass these sort of treasures on to your love ones who will glimpse into your past and say “OMGosh grams was awesome I never knew!” Thanks for sharing your life! Sometimes I think they need a LOVE button! Be blessed…

  13. “Hoping that something I might have to say can touch someone enough to keep reading….” I love this line. So many of us have written for so long all ALONE. Thank goodness for this wonderful blogging community. Makes me wish I would have joined sooner — but better late than never. Thank YOU for sharing your beautiful perspectives. xo

  14. It’s great to look back at the archives from time to time… I do it sometimes too. And hey, I also kept these locked diaries when I was small! Still keep one but with a password (on Microsoft Word lol). It makes me feel… something warm inside… when I read what I wrote in the past… It’s interesting!
    Great post 🙂

    1. lol. loved your comment about the metaphor between locked little diary and password! You nailed it! My point exactly… all of us can learn something when we wander back through the archives of what we wrote… almost like seeing all the answered prayers along the way!

  15. Wow! Someone liked you 47 times, that’s sure is A LOT of likes! But what’s not to like? You have a gift of drawing people in and making them feel at ease. Almost as if we’re just sitting in your living room having good conversation. 🙂

    1. LOL! I KNOOOW, I had a lot of emails this morn… and I am thinking huh? And it was kind of nice to see that it looked as if someone just spent their whole entire night going backwards in my archives. Nice compliment… Blew me away!
      And then there are ones like you who make my day everyday!

  16. I enjoy reading you in the mornilng, when I first wake up. I just discovered that because I just woke up opened my cmputer and clicked. A caring, sharing, feel good feeling is always nice to wake up to. Thanks again for a beautiful piece 🙂

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