I think I really am going to take a break for a while from the power posting. I kind of feel that all of the dialoging we had in regards to my last post made me really take a look at my own motives for being here. Though I feel that I have grown so much and made  many good friends, I have spent more time trying to keep up with the comments and the new posts from other posters than working on my book. I have to admit to some of you who have been encouraging me to get to work… I haven’t.  As simple as that. I work on it for about an hour a day editing but not really inspired to write more. And yet, I could write on my blog all day long. So it made me wonder if….Maybe I need to focus just on my book for a while.

I am not saying that if I get inspired by a poem or some enlightened thought, I won’t come on here to share it, but I think that I lost something along the way… wanting to be LIKED and grow my stats. THAT is not what I am about. That is not why I write. And I refuse to get caught up in the gimmick… as one of “friends” I have made here pointed out… that a lot of people “click” your post to just generate traffic to their own. She mentioned that if you go to the time on your email you can see. I was disappointed to find that a lot at least in some of the people who “liked” me all at once. I refuse to get sucked into that. I love the comments and at least know that those people did take the time to read what I wrote but even so… I don’t want to care that much. I just want to write for me and for the other people that might be touched… A way to get my feet wet, get feedback, make genuine friends and connect. NOT beat yesterday’s stats. (Which yesterday I broke all records for some reason~ maybe cuz this subject  hits a nerve with all of us)  Soooo I am taking a little break from what I call Power Blogging…    And GONE Writing!

28 thoughts on “Gone Writing…

  1. Power blogging? I wonder where I fit in the blogging spectrum? Power commenter? Power blogger by day, pianist in the afternoon, critic at large by night.

    More to the point of your leaving to work on your book, my original intent was to publicly work on ideas for my own weird novel directly on my blog and it just didn’t happen. I don’t know if my grand notion will ever come to fruition, but in the mean time I’m having fun with all this so I don’t care. It is important to me to be doing as I am right now and it feels, as you sometimes say, just right.

    One step closer to the book!

    1. I understand. I start out here sometimes even before I reply to my friends who I have known all my life. Thinking I am saving it best for last and never get to it. I have to admit I like this attention and over my writing is … well, you know. Obviously. You know.
      Did I tell you my granddaughter started writing a chapter book? She spent the weekend with me when Jim was out of town a few weeks ago. I was honkering down to a nice weekend off, alone inside my cozy writing room just writing when I got a call; “Gramma you want some company?” So I had an empty book that I gave her and she wrote about 8 chapters! And then of course had to read each one to me.
      Geee the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree… hey? 😉

  2. Wow! Again, I know EXACTLY what you mean. Even today I said to myself that I am only allowed to check my stats 5 times. I lost the plot a little and there is no rhyme nor reason to when they go up or down it seems. I was disappointed when I thought that people liked or followed just to get themselves noticed, but all we can do is being authentic to ourselves. Write for ourselves, only follow others we are interested in (I read everything from the 12 or so I follow currently). I am also trying to learn more about it all but really the point is that I have grown through blogging so I hug that to myself and realise the stats are just a number. That’s all.

    I love comments though – they are authentic. I also love the small handful (6 including you) of authentic bloggers whom I completely ‘get’ and I treasure you all. My friends and family do not understand my obsession with writing. I am 46. Should have started years ago as I kept doing stuff here and there and 2 writing courses. But now my time has come, I am older and wiser and more accepting of what I come out with. I can even take criticism without batting an eyelid (unheard of in my past life). Surely that is the most valuable gift of all of this.

    1. I feel that way too! If we are being honest here….I have to tell you, that I was in a competition with myself, trying to break my own record of viewers. But like you, I don’t “LIKE” something unless I have truly read it and connected with that person and so I will never be one of those people with 90 likes and don’t really want to be if someone is just clicking on me because they have their own generating traffic agendas. The people who I have connected with already, have been worth this realization and I now just write for me… well, now I am supposed to be editing my “book” (can I call it that if it’s not finished yet?) or manuscriptand am having a blast tearing it apart and then putting it back together again and hearing what the handful have to say about it. Even one person’s comment means a lot because I got at least one person to sit down and read a lot of words that I wrote!!!! lol. I am so glad I have met you. I look forward to our friendship!

  3. I sooo understand this! Went through something similar and had to stop writing in my blog every day so I could work on my book…and now, as you know, my book is done and up on Amazon! And I’m actually starting work on a second one… So I know this will happen for you, too!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to stop by…. I have been really getting a lot of work done. Someday I would love to pick your brain… or maybe you could write a book about how to get published on Amazon and we will buy it!!! 😉

  4. You have a God-given vision, and I know you’ll get closer to reaching your book writing goals with every step! You’ll be missed, but I hope you will stop by when you make your visits from time to time. Our exchanges and your posts have blessed me and I’m excited for you at the thought of an opportunity to bless so many others with your gift!!
    Write, write, write, and God bless!


    1. ahhhh thanks so much. I really am getting a lot more done. Mostly editing… Reminding myself of the things I have learned and my friends have reminded me here… Show… don’t tell… Going back and cleaning up the chapters I have already written and praying for guidance as to what He would have the ending be. I also have my favorites here that I am missing and your are one of them!!!!

  5. I have enjoyed your posts and am grateful when you visited my blog and read and commented. I will miss you to. I took a sabbatical from blogging all summer, from May to September. It was the best thing I ever did for my writing. I plan to take that sabbatical again this year. I devoted a lot of the time to writing, reading some great books and researching for blogs when I returned. I took the sabbatical and asked God to refresh me. And he did. It was wonderful. Good luck on your book and enjoy your break from “power blogging.” God bless.

  6. Gosh what will I do without my morning post? I come here first… lol but I do understand it can consume you if you let it… but I do have to tell you, you are gonna be missed.. Got to get that book done girl! Just know even if your not posting much you’ll still be in my thoughts and prayers… I’ll still come everyday just in case! Be blessed my friend….

  7. This is a good lesson to learn. I’ve also been where you are now. People have all sorts of reasons to visit you, and you can’t know for sure what they are. And you can’t make assumptions about anyone on these blogs. Sometimes the emails back up on the server, and then they all come in at once, so it looks like someone hasn’t read your stuff. But that’s not the point. Why people are there shouldn’t concern you. You shouldn’t be writing for stats, as you say. Just pure artistry, and to channel the gifts that God gave you. Come back when you’ve got it all sorted in your head. I’ll look forward to your comeback!!!

  8. Good for you. You need to do what is best, and if writing your blog is taking to much time from your book, then we will miss you, but we understand. Good luck with the book and we’ll be waiting for you when you come back!! 🙂

  9. Oh You are my Sister indeed! I go on blog ‘fasts’ regularly for exactly the same reasons, the pull of post writing is such an easy distraction from the daunting task of novelling, Exactly! Also much to do with the encouragement of stats and a quick fix! I made a promise to myself back when I first began blogging that I would never click “like’ unless I actually read the post because I would be gutted by false recognition and therefore refuse to treat someone how I wouldn’t like. I thought at the time ”I am already kidding myself with my writing, I don’t need others to do it too”. I first experienced what you have mentioned here early in my blog walk, I was online and saw that beautiful little notification box light up with a star! I opened it straight away to see 3 likes. On my email they were all in the same minute and as I am ‘long-winded’ like you, lol, I knew there was no way they could have read them. I was hurt. So I decided to never go to the page of a ‘new’ blogger who I knew didn’t read anything, and I rarely go simply from a ‘like’, I usually only return the favour from a comment…..and it is why I always comment when reaching out to other bloggers.
    I can’t imagine missing out on really connecting with you all because I was more concerned with my own stats than the basic common courtesy of ethical interaction. What a waste of so much talent and open hearts!!
    So while you get working on your novel, don’t be too put off by those with ulterior motives… Be assured it is their loss! 😉 Blessings to you!

    1. Seeee…. you KNOW that I am working on my book cuzzzz it took this time to sneak in through the backdoor to read this!!! But thank you for your sweet post! I agree whole heartedly with you!
      Stats don’t even compare to the few special people that I have connected with!!!! I think that we really need each other. At least when someone takes the words right out of my heart and puts them down on paper so that I can read them and say YES!!!! Someone else really GETS what I feel… it is better than any high I have found! Besides God and love and well, you know…. smile….

  10. I wish you good luck with your writting and your book, you will be missed – and looking forward to have you back … when ever you have the
    yen. Be good to yourself.

  11. You’re doing the right thing Diane. If you really feel called to publish this book than you have to get rid of the distractions. Blogging can be very time consuming. It truly has been a pleasure connecting with you during that last couple of months. I wish you nothing but continued success! I know this won’t be goodbye forever. To echo what little miss wordy said, “let us know when the book is complete.” We are all rooting for you! Till next time . . .

  12. While I will miss your posts, I can’t help but smile at the fact that you will be pursuing your lifelong dream. Proud of you for committing to your passion and walking away from what has become a distraction for you. Write that book, and be sure and let me know when it is complete so i can run out and get it!! I am really glad we crossed paths if only a short time. Good luck! Happy writing! God bless!

    1. Ahhh Little Missy… I will miss you too! I’ll be back from time to time but I have to force myself to not even go on line.. just stay in my own little wordperfect corner of the computer! 😉 God bless you too sweetie!

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