Maybe I am just shell shocked from the recent election, when every ten minutes I was getting smooozzshed by one political party or another with promises and phone calls,  commercials,  bumper stickers and billboards coveting my vote. And now once again we all are left in the dust. I feel that this blog is a lot like an ongoing election. You can’t avoid the politics. Not even here. Our little corner of the world that we have found, makes the world go away for a just a little while. Our stage where we get to perform, even if to an audience of one or a thousand. We are doing what we love best, writing. Isn’t that enough? Why are those votes so important to us? Perhaps because we learned it really early in our young lives. If we cry, we get attention. If we cry hard enough, we get picked up and even fed. Think about it. We have been searching for that kind of high ever since.

Writing is my way. And if you have a blog here, I know it is yours too. But writing comes with it’s biggest joys and most frustrating draw backs.

A few weeks ago, I went on a hiatus of sorts after realizing that I was writing on this blog for all the wrong reasons. And that was for YOUR feedback. I would post something and then wait for the response.  I mean, we have all loved the proverbial red A+ and maybe even a little smiling face that we used to get after turning in an especially well thought out little story. Whatever it was, and whenever it was, as early as second grade? We experienced that first high and we were hooked. After that, we waited for the next and the next. Finally when our teacher even commented to our mom during a parent conference that maybe we had something special” we lived for the next sign of recognition of specialness.  And as we grew older, when our instructor or professor chose to read our essay as a special example to the class THAT felt even better than the A because we were actually hearing our own words being read aloud with all the same enthusiasm we felt when we wrote them. It was that connection. Our crying was heard and once again we were being fed. Thus… here in my blog, I have felt that. It is nice to be recognized, to feel “gotten” by someone else who understands why I am writing at two in the morning again.

No high could match that. Unless we went on to find it in some other way, I actually did in a  small way. I wrote for our local magazine for a few years…. I was  even given my own column for a while, until I needed to go out and get a “real job” I mean the way I wrote,  .15 cents a word could add up, but that was when I was working for myself, doing art shows as well but both weren’t paying the bills nor providing benefits, and so I had to move on and get the job I have now.  But it was good while it lasted. I would be in town and a random stranger would tell me how they enjoyed my column and once again that  A+, middle of the night feeding high took me to new levels. But then like I said, I had to give that up for a real job,  And for a while, something squashed my creative side by having to succumb to a nine to five. But slowly through the course of less hours and a few other things that inspired me recently, I have found myself NEEDING to write again. As if a part of my heart has re-awakened.

So I stumbled onto this blog here. And as we talked about it before in a recent post entitled :”CLICKING LIKE” I discovered by your responses, that a lot of you felt the exact same way. We got sucked in BIG time to the high of our very own STATS. Arrrrrgggh! And so I went on a little reprieve becuase I was writing posts like this. I would wait for a LIKE and then another and another. (Greedy gal that I am!) And they would come… sometimes right away. Before I was even done re-reading my own first paragraph again, making sure that all my editing was done correctly, I had gotten four clicks. I smiled and then thought…..”HEY wait a minute!” Hmmm what is going on here? How could they be reading everything I wrote so fast???!

So you seee… I fell for the LIKES of those who “CLICK” just to generate traffic to their own blog. They are hoping that there are those like me who actually will appreciate each and every one who takes the time to visit my site and (hopefully) actually read what I wrote, not just click on like for the sake of clicking, thank you very much! Does anyone get what I mean??? I know those of you who I feel that I have connected with do and I guess I am wasting my time writing about this again because the few who do GET what I am saying will probably only be the same ones reading “this” post too. And I love you for it! But I would love to somehow get those darn LIKE clickers (now have I discovered a new slang word here? lol.) And pleeease understand that if you are actually down to this * point in my ranting, you are not who I am talking about! I am talking about to the faithful LIKE CLICKERS that would never be caught getting this far into anyone’s blog. The ones who flat out, don’t read any of it.

Though I am not without fault, I know it is hard to keep up with some of the posts… I have never really cared for TWITTERING, I mean do you really care that I just had a yogurt or if I am on the 101 on my way to work?? As is here, I have found that some of the bloggers (me included at times) write several posts a day. It is kind of comical. We have this random thought we feel is kind of brilliant and so we share… like what I am doing here… so I am not laughing at you!!! I do it too. It is funny how we think that everyone else is so interested in our thought of the minute and yet I know that I didn’t start out coveting your responses or LIKES for that matter, I had come here to write, to stretch my wings, to oil my “writer’s block” to get unstuck and also have a place to store my own journal so that someday, I could come back and look at where I was today tomorrow. How much I have learned and grown someday. But I got caught up in the whole STATs thing and I am sorry I did that to myself. And have to wonder. Is this just a social network of writers? I mean is it more like I will scratch your back if you scratch mine? Or do we really truly genuinely look forwrard to someone’s posts? I know I do. I know I wouldn’t have “followed” you if I hadn’t. And I know I have liked a writer’s posts so much I have sought them out to see if there is a new one that I may have missed. And I can promise if I click LIKE I actually have read it!

Sooo what has prompted me to write this latest rant? Well, I have been posting my book and it is so hard to know who is reading, who is liking and I got absolutely hardly any feedback. Is it that bad??? I have to wonder….lol. I mean even the ones who commented on almost every post I have written…. NOTHING! Well, my friends… are always my best supporters, those of you who I have totally had a kindred moment with (you know who you are) I appreciate!!  But I have to wonder, maybe I am just asking too much to expect people to read eight pages of a chapter at a time. That is rather presumptious of me I know, but what was I was to think? You had puffed me up by LIKING me all those other times! I mean like lifting the proverbial crying baby out of her crib, you fed me… I expected more! Now my stats are sooo low but I expected that. Sadly. I did. I am not out there hanging my flag in the wind OPEN for business like I used to be so my once sky high views have dwindled and so my friends… if you are new here BEWARE…. Really think about the reasons why you blog before you invest so much time. If it is for you then that is wonderful. If it is for other reasons, that may be good too. The connection I have made with a handful of writers here is worth more than the thousand of LIKE clickers I may never know.

And who am I fooling thinking that writers and agents are actually wandering around wordpress looking for raw, new talent…

Getting published is not magic. It takes long hard work. The good old fashioned kind. Technology is awesome. Being able to send a manuscript with a click and publishing a book with another click may be the way of today but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to jump through the same hoops to get there. I GET it now.

Maybeeeeee I would just like to go back to the way things were. Where ignorance was bliss. Where I lived in a world of people LIKING what I wrote. What do I care if they read it or not? Nah. Ya know I do. I want to know if you reeeeeally like ME or you just want my vote.

But the final point (I promise) that I am trying to make i;s that I really am over it… the STATS thing… I probably will always want that primal pat on the back. But I know I dont’ truly need it anymore. Because if I think something is good than it is good. I don’t need  the click or the vote or to check out my stats ever again because I have finally found out how to climb out of the proverbial crib myself!

31 thoughts on “Still On the Darn Subject Of THOSE “LIKE” CLICKERS!!!!

  1. So easy to write when you know what you want to say, isn’t it? That “Like” button takes me back to my FaceBook days. Everyone posting and reposting each other’s memes (pictures with captions) and then clicking like on someone reposting what you posted which you reposted from someone outside your regular group. I got all caught up in that and one day it finally dawned on me that it was that environment that got me all caught up in it. I honestly couldn’t help it.

    If I don’t have something to say I will click “Like” if I enjoyed an article, but I am seldom caught without something to say. I more value comments than “Like”s. I don’t seem to have the problem of people clicking that certain button without viewing my content. It is a dark place when you spend all day pouring your heart and soul into something and then getting no reaction of any kind. It’s depressing.

    You can click “Like” without even coming to the blog-site if you are an e-mail subscriber. I’m wondering if those who don’t read but do click “Like” are trying to drive traffic to their own website. I have clicked on Likers who liked something I liked because I thought I might like what they are doing. Not likely as it turns out, but sometimes.

    Lately I’ve been trying to develop some presentation skills and to tweak my blog settings. I just checked a box for showing videos in high quality format. Who knew that was something you could select? Now I just have to figure out how to make high quality videos! Once I get that I will start in on piano lessons from the very beginning. That music theory nonsense is too meaningless without showing how to poke at something so that it makes a sound. That will, I hope, bring things to life. I only hope the video quality as presented by WordPress-VideoPress will allow that to be a reality. Time will tell.

    Now I have to scroll around and find that “Like” button because I really did like this post!

    1. Jim,
      You always make me smile. I love to settle back and read what you write about what I have written. What is it that makes me care about your opinion so much? It is because you are not just a LIKER!!! And that my friend is the best of the best in any friendship. HONESTY…. that is a song isn’t it? 😉

        1. I know, he sings it so great. He was my favorite as a kid. I know this song well. Since as far back as I can remember, honesty has always been one of the things I value most. I memorized the lyrics a long time ago. THAT is why I asked you my little rhetoric question…
          But I am glad you pulled this up ~ Cuzzzz the words fit our friendship so well!
          By the way trust and respect are all anyone can hope for. Thank you.

  2. This is a subject close to my heart Diane. LIKES!! It’s quite a complicated process in both clicking like and receiving a like. Most of your commenteers and yourself have covered the points that I wanted to say. Sometimes I find the comments more enjoyable than the posts in both writing and reading them, such as here between yourself and Lyn thinking about writing some nonsense in the middle of a post. I cannot prove to you that I have read a post. I can prove to you that I read a sentence. 3 paragraphs up from the bottom, typo, ” Or do we really truly genuinely look forwrard to someone’s posts?” but I would not normally comment on things like that. What do I do when someone blitzes me with 10 likes. Usually I try to respond in kind but some blogs are so unoriginal or copies that I have to walk away. I may put a like on the About only. But there is good stuff out there and I enjoy pressing that LIKE because it is original or posted in such a way to be of interest to me. I do not like long, long, long posts as I have the attention span of a goldfish or bluefish. Or posts with 100 links in the script I find very distracting and I never follow a link. So shall I LIKE this post. A resounding yes !! Ralph x

    1. Well with all that said. I am honored that we found each other! You have been a Serendipity in my course of writing! And it reiterates a point that has kind of been made, in-between all the random LIKES, if we can find the ones here that really are genuine, it is worth sifting through the ones who don’t even stop to get to really know what you are about… Such is life… we really need to all slow down and connect! Glad WE have. 😉

      1. What a really lovely reply Diane. I very rarely receive such kind remarks. I am also honoured and pleased to have met you and have enjoyed our limited conversations. I hope that we have many more in the future and are able to weed out the fly-by-night likers. Ralph x

  3. Wow you read and stated my mind Diane. Thanks for saving me the trouble. My stats are suddenly falling rapidly and I realise it’s a lesson. I don’t check them ten times a day any more though I do look for likes a little too often. Hopefully that will go too. It’s curiosity I guess. I reread what I wrote to see if I agree that this or that post doesn’t rate. Silly because I am always happy for having written. And yes the true connections are the best reward. I mentioned you and Yaz, above in my post today for people I am so glad to have found. It is worth everything else! Sorry I haven’t yet read your book chapters. I am just thinking I need a chunk of time. When and where are we going on that retreat? And how on earth did I get unconnected from your blog?? AAARGH!! WordPress!! Glad I came to find you by looking for ‘old stuff’. I am here for all the right reasons.

    1. I really think that it is people like you… the handful that connect with me, and I with them that are why I am here…not just about me and having a place to store my words, but the ones who bother with me… who take a chunk of their time to read my stuff. I mean, who am I fooling? Time is time. It is valuable and the ones who have found my pretty long posts worth a read will always win my heart over… but in the same token, the ones who do… usually are the ones like you who ….are … lets see if I can say this right… the ones who GET each other. I am so glad I bother here cuzzzz it has brought wonderful friends in my life like YOU!

  4. I clicked ”like” out of sincerity, because you continue to inspire me! This post was pulled right out of the hearts of many bloggers, including my own. I began this journey focusing on being used however the Lord saw fit, and not focusing on the response was one of the first pieces of advice I received. For the most part I stayed true to that, BUT their are certain ” brilliant” posts that receive little to no response and care me to scratch my head. Or I feel extremely grateful for the consistency I do receive, but have a brief moment pondering how I can attract more. Ahhh…around and around we go. 🙂 Within the last couple months I did a Monday Motivation on being great in the eyes of God. This is where you and I will always remain regardless of our readers, and nothing matters more!!


    1. I knew when I wandered onto your blog that I was going to LIKE you right away and had to follow! Thank you. You inspire me far over and above what you might only imagine! YOU hit the nail on the head here of what I was trying to say… though I did smile when I read your comment about the brilliant posts! How many can relate to that? I had convinced myself that my “book” was my most vulnerable work and was so excited when people asked for more… I guess in the scheme of things, I covet honesty. And so clicking LIKE for me is saying you actually read what I took time to wrirte… like I mentioned before…somewhere here… clicking without reading (to me) is like laughing at the joke before the punch line has been told.
      I love my supporters who click “LIKE” and by no means am I not grateful for them all… my disappointment is with the ones who have followed me to generate their own following. Not to say that we aren’t all networking in a way but we all have different reasons for following. Mine has always been that I have been touched by what I have read and I love hanging out so to speak with others who have the same passions… God and writing for me, and maybe touching an unexpected soul or two
      But YOUR LIKES are cherished!!!

    1. I love that you meant it!!!! And I love my LIKE clickers… don’t get me wrong. It’s just a little glitch in the system that has bugged a few and I am calling out all LCTDRPs : Like Clickers That Don’t Read Posts! lol… no but really, the majority that click Like really have read it and I really do appreciate the clicks!

  5. Loved this post,Diane! You covered pretty much everything most bloggers experience. The highs and lows of writing, of being “liked.” For me personally, the numbers were only appealing in the beginning. A sort of high so to speak. I have since regrouped the vision for my blog, and it truly is about building a community. A place where REAL women can connect. As for your eight page chapters, I’m sorry I haven’t been reading them. Between my three year old and seven year old, I barely have time to keep up with their laundry. But please know, I am thinking of you and your journey often. 🙂

    1. Ahhh thank you for taking the time to read this one! I do think that this forum is not the right place for an excerpt of my book… even though I got some great responses on the first chapter! I don’t think they thought that this was going to be required reading. LOL. But I know that my first chapter is pretty much the same as my twentieth so I guess I should be glad that everyone bothered to read the first… though I was hoping that I was pulling them in to want more… Oh well, as long as it is for a reason like yours and people are just busy then I guess I am okay with it. 😉

      1. Have you considered giving one weekly update on your life? Just one post that says,”I’m still here and this is what’s going on in my life . . .” I know your entire viewership would still love to connect with you through anecdotal stories!

        1. You are so funny, I am sure they are surviving without me. I am the one that has had to come to terms with being okay without the constant feedback. I was checking my phone at work, it got crazy!! I truly belived that my blog was going to be a bridge to helping with finding out how to get published… silly me… but I am still enjoying meeting such great people with the same passions!

  6. What kills me is I’ll be in the process of publishing my post..the white column on the left telling me how it’s posting…and I’ll get a notification that someone liked it! Now how did they read it that quick while it was still posting? There are some people who do this who never even post anything on their blogs…they just go around and like. I have several people who fill up my box with like notifications in less than one minute….I’ve figured out why some people do this…the ones who are promoting something on their blog and what not… but I can’t figure it out for the rest.. What’s up with that? Huh! Mystery!

    1. I know. It’s frustrating. But that is the very point of this… somehow finding the place inside of us to not care. For each of us to just write for us. Not expecting everyone to want to read every single thing we write. (Funny, how I can get a million more likes the shorter I write, it may very well be a time thing for people as Yaz pointed out.) And yet, try as we may to understand, we LOVE the high that comes from somewhere in us, the same one that happens when a singer gets a standing ovation or an actress has her audience in tears or laughter depending on whether it is a tragedy or comedy.
      I guess it is kind of like…. someone laughing at your joke before you even got the punch line out!

      1. Yep. There’s a difference… I don’t really care! LOL!!! It’s a curiosity… but overall, I don’t care. If they want to like it without knowing what it be it. I thought at some point I should make a post..but put some really “OFF” things toward the middle to the end..things that are crazy and make no sense whatsoever…and just see how many people really like without reading.. if someone really read it, instead of liking, they’d comment, “Lyn, what the heck is this?” Then, write those people privately and tell them what I’m doing…followed up by a public post about it titled THE LAST POST WAS A JOKE! Think that would work? Just post some truly crazy and off post..but make the first couple of paragraphs normal…just to see who’s liking without reading? Hmmm..

        1. That’s GREAT! Too funny!!! You could weed out the ones you are suspicious of, that’s for sure. Kind of like there are just a few of you who I know that I know read every word and are my dedicated buds! And there are the ones like you said who are generating traffic to promote their own stuff! And as Yaz mentioned we need the balance here… That would be so funny to see how many of your regulars “liked” without commenting and asking you if there was a type-o lol. That might be “caring” too much in the name of curiosity 🙂

          1. I t hink it would be more fun t han anything. Like, say something really crazy…throw a sentence in the middle of something serious. For example… “While I was talking on the phone to a friend and I threw on my mini skirt and walked through downtown showing my stuff to see how much money I could come up with for a McDonalds cheesburger and then we went to church.” Something crazy like that ‘that’ anyone in their right mind who really read it would comment on…. he he he! 😉

              1. would work! I don’t know though.there might be some who do read that and unsubscribe before I have a chance to say it was a joke! I don’t know if that’d be good! 🙂

                1. That’s hilarious! Well, I guess if they did…they didn’t know you very well. I mean wouldn’t you at least comment before unfollowing? I would say something like Hey Lyn, seriously??? LOL.

  7. Yep, I really do like you! I don’t read everything, because sometimes I don’t have time (especially when in the middle of blogathons!) but in general I like coming here and reading your stuff. You’re too funny about all this! We need feedback, that’s for sure, but we have to get some balance. Look at the stats perhaps once a week. Then you won’t get caught up for the wrong reasons.

    1. LOL. I know! I guess I shouldn’t have put my book out there. It is more personal than just a random daily thought.. And you are right… my blogs are time consuming let alone a chapter of my book… but hopefully, like you someone will really read what I wrote and not just here… in published form! 😉
      I reeeally don’t know how my daughter does it! She is an actress in Hollywood and that place is all about rejection but I guess if we have a passiion for what we do, we gotta do it cuzzz in the end, hopefully the joy wins out over any of the pain it takes to get there! Thanks for taking the time to post! 😉 WHAT are WE doing up at this time of the night? lol.

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