On this Thanksgiving week, I wanted to give you all a little food for thought. I promise it is worth the read… If you are wondering what you have to be thankful for this year… take the time to read the whole thing, you will realize you have plenty!

I decided I would walk back to my Hotel that day, even though I had spent all day and most of my money shopping and my shoulders were aching from the weight of the bags. Flagging down a tuk-tuk would made the trip quick and easy and with the unbearable heat rising up from the sidewalk and bouncing off the city walls and radiating down from above it is a wonder I chose to walk that day but at the time I decided that I would like to wander through the alley ways and stalls and nod my head in greeting to the people of Sukhumvit Road and thats all it was at the time. But it is only in retrospect that we see the significance of seemingly small decisions such as these. We don’t realise how our preferences, no matter how small, act as the fingers and the palms and…

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  1. Wow…now that one really got to me… I know you said you only re-blogged it, but that makes it touch so many others… It was totally wonderful…

    1. I was going to read it at Thanksgiving but didn’t know how to condense it without ruining it… and thought with the 20 I knew would collectively be there, re-thought it…. even though I did have a captured audience… 😀

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