Click on and then listen to the above words

and that…….

is where I am today. On my knees. Literally. In the course of my life I have discovered that there really is power when I am on my knees, on my face, in my most rawest form. I feel the heart of Mary at the foot of the cross, I feel like Eve when she realized she was naked in Eden, I feel the prayers of those crying out to the Lord in desperation and I feel me….

Really listen to the words this time. I mean really close your eyes and soak Him in and maybe, get down on your knees and see what I mean….

On my knees I find God in His purest form. Funny though, I can find Him in my car two inches away from another bumper that He helped me AVOID or in the waiting room of a hospital waiting for a loved one,  He was there during a test at school, and after my heart was broken as a young girl and during my divorce or even in a silly moment of praying for a dumb parking place. HE is where ever I want Him to be. But when I am on my knees I feel that I am where He wants me.  Maybe because He knows that I will  find Him  in the deepest part of my soul and I wonder why I don’t come here more often, just to praise Him. Why is it always when I need Him?


Today I make a deal with me to go to my knees more often. It feels good. I love our time together. I have been so caught up in me that I have forgotten what coming home feels like. The prodigal daughter, it really does feel like a party as he welcomes me into his presence and I can rest in Him and know that He IS in control.



11 thoughts on “When I’m On My Knees

  1. I was really taken by the presentation of that video. For the most part the words fit the music beautifully and it was rare that words seemed to be shoved in to fit the music and it all clashed. A very nice piece and I also liked the way the words were put forward instead of putting the singer and a video out front as if the song were really about her. Very impactful.

    I am always struck by the selfish nature of what many consider prayer. It is always I want this or I need that. So seldom it seems to be please help someone else or please tell me Your will so that I can better do Your work. That is what I was taught in parochial school anyway.

    The singer/songwriter notion is a relatively recent phenomenon and I am somewhat at odds with what I think about it all. On the one hand some people are better at writing and others are better at performing. On the other hand if the performer is also the writer then they can build in their own strengths and limitations, like keeping the melody within their own vocal range and otherwise being comfortable with what is to be performed.

    That little song of ours, I don’t have a sense that I wrote it. Imposing my will on what I thought would be good didn’t work, but surrendering to it and letting it tell me what to do instead was magical and what might have taken me months do by force of will instead flowed out in a couple days. Imperfect . . . vessel . . . that I am, limited the quality and the performance aspect is coming along; in that, I am finally listening to what I tell my students to do when stumbling on difficult little passages. It is all so very interesting.

  2. In moments such as this, all we can and should do is surrender and He will fill our hearts and lift us up from our knees.. Beautiful post and I thank you for this early morning gift!!

  3. The song was beautiful and so true. The power of Prayer and feeling close to Him is so peaceful and good for the soul. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. The painting is beautiful and I am wondering who the artist is. Also, I agree that we all need to remember to listen to the words of the prayers more when we are saying them. There is so much more wisdom in them than we really absorb from our repetition sometimes!

    1. I can tell you! I have it hanging in my livingroom! My friend who owned a Bible Book Store gave it to me at my 40th birthday party. She made this amazing speech about how she was going to miss me and our praying friendship (I planned to move away, shortly after my birthday) and then presented me with this wonderful print and played the song as she gave it to me. I can’t think of one without the other. I love the words… I could listen to it all day long and oh yeah, the artist is: C. Michael Dudash and the company is Master Piece Selection!
      YOU are so right… I love it! I never really thought of it that way!
      Thank you for reading!

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