If I could do it all again

would I make the same mistakes?

Would I bypass all the times

when I knew  my heart would break?

Would I still fall in love

with the father of my kids?

Would I do the dumb things

I remember that I did?

If I could go back,

and undo everything I’ve done…

Would I trade it all

to once again be young?

It is a tempting question,

to consider what I’d do,

to be able to wipe the slate clean,

To undo the things I wish I didn’t do…

And yet, I have to wonder

what the trade off would have to be

if I undid my life…

And could re-invent the one called “me

Even with all I now know…

and the lessons I have learned~

The “Do Over” I could have,

and the places I’d return,

I would still have to choose

all I know of in this life

If it meant being someone else’s mother

and someone else’s wife!

For all the ones that I have loved…

makes it worth it in the end~

To live the life with the ones I’ve loved


I’d do it all again.

Hopefully with lessons learned

to make some slight revisions~

To gift me with the wisdom of today

In tomorrow’s new decisions.

Diane Reed

61 thoughts on “Do Overs

  1. Wow, that was so beautiful. I had to stop between each line and wonder if I would do it all again.

    For me, as you are learning, from reading my story.. it depends on the day, and which “pole” I am on that day. It’s challenging for certain. I love the people who have come and gone from my life, but the scars they have left are deep… If I were unscarred…

    So hard to answer with tears in my eyes.


    1. And that my dear, your thoughtful reply was beautiful as well.
      Sometimes we need to go back and realize that we needed the past to make us ready for the joy to come. And I know yours is coming! 😉

    1. Ah Chuck,
      Thanks so much! You know me… I don’t ever “LIKE” something just for the click so ya know you are something special! I only click the best of the best! Thanks for following!!! 😉

  2. Hi Diane. Thank you for visiting my blog and your likes and comments. I can help you to get rid of “A great WordPress.com site” at the top of your page. Go to Dashboard/Settings/General/Tagline and type in what you like and don’t forget to Save Changes at the bottom of the page. Ralph x

    1. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t even realize that I could do that! NOW I wish I could take a class from you! I am sure there is a lot more that I never realized I could change on my page!!! Again, a thousand thank yous!!!

        1. I know you got me wandering around my site… but I think I may go back to the old background but until you, I didn’t even realize I had control over my tagline!!!! I guess the operative word here is : Duhhhhh! lol.

            1. LOL. Wish I had thought of that! I used to say it so much… I was a bad example to my daughter who got in trouble for saying it in 4th grade! Come on, duhhhh? seriously? I guess if she had said it to her teacher…. I’d get it… but she said it to another kid. After that I have been careful who I say it to, and it is usually only to describe me! 😉

  3. I love the way you lay out the words with pictures interspersed…. I must say, I love your questions and answers because they sound exactly like something I’d say… LOL. (Only I’m sure I’ve done it a few more times than normal people…LOL)
    Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog and leaving such wonderfully kind comments! 😀

    1. I came upon your blog by accident and I am absolutely hooked! YOU are amazing! A profound writer and thought provoker! And politically, I am ashamed to say… you educate me… I wish I had half the knowledge you seem to have. You make me want to learn at this old age rather than relying on what others say about things!!!
      My bff of over 50 years is a cancer survivor and I have watched her fight… she is a survivor of over 15 years from stage 3 breast cancer and I think half of it was just getting angry at her no hope doctor who now uses her as a testimonial to give others hope… so my prayers are with you on this journey… but what really got me was your poetry! YOU are a package my dear! And I am pleased to have discovered you! Thank you for checking my blog out. I love your pics! I love your sayings! We should live next door! lol.

  4. Beautiful, Dianne. I can certainly relate, but as I get older (and wiser?) I learn that I am exactly who I am because of all I’ve been, and who I am ain’t so bad.
    (Found your poem via a re-blog by Sharla.)

    1. I agree! That was my point exactly! Wouldn’t it be nice to go through all we have, knowing what we do now… with they… yes… wisdom (smile) that we now have because of the experiences and really appreciate who we are today? Like standing on a mountain top after the climb… It is hard to look down as we are climbing, but the view is crystal clear from the top. Ya know? I think we could actually define that as wisdom!
      Thanks for reading! I appreciate everyone’s time cuzzzz I know I can be wordy!

          1. You write well, and I believe we should write what we want to say, not what we think others want to hear. I don’t write to make money (a darn good thing) or to please others; I write because I love to write. I’ve learned over the years, that I am my biggest fan, and if I like it, that’s good enough. If someone else likes it, it’s just icing on the cake.

            1. What an amazingly wise thing you just said, put so perfectly! I am positive that was a run on sentence. Smile.
              I agree with you whole heartedly. And I had to smile when you said it was a darn good thing. I only wish I could write for a living in the perfect world inside of my head!
              And writing for me… I agree! THAT is what it’s all about!
              My daughter is a brilliant writer! I am totally re-writing Chapter six of my book over again, thanks to her.. and rightly so… I could take half of it out. But it took reading it out loud to her and getting an honest opinion by someone who loves me. And I totally agree when it comes to that but she also told me that I should have ended this poem at: Yes~ I’d do it all again.
              And I have gotten more comments on the sentences after that, so in this case, I wrote it for me… because (for me) that was what the whole poem was about. And again, I am pretty darn wordy… lol… but the icing on the cake is definitely when someone else likes it!!! And meeting people like you that share the same passions. It is the icing and the cherry on top! (Remind me to thank Sharla!) 🙂

  5. I like that – wisdom in revisions. Because I would not “do it all again”. I would prevent my son from what happened to him. I was too dumb, and without confidence to stand up for us both.

    This is beautifully worded. Cheers.

    1. But…. I read your about page and you have an amazing story…with many pages still to fill… a great life to give your son, an opportunity to break the cycle! I believe you will do great things! I am honored that you found this blog. Thanks for visiting!

  6. Wow that is so beautiful as well as thought provoking! Absolutely love it Diane! Great sentiments, words, pictures. I love that you really put your love in to bring it to us in the best possible way. It takes work and I appreciate the time you spent.

    1. Thank you Ann… it does make a good poem for anyone. I would love to hear yours as you ponder! Smile.
      Mine was good as far as blessing wise… a few eggshells got cracked in the course of stepping through the day… smile.. but it was good.
      Thank you for asking! How about yours?

                1. Well I am quite odd. lol… Recooping from 20 over for Thanksgiving… took a nap yesterday after it finally caught up with me and here I am with my times all messed up… though… I actually do get up early anyway… not THIS early though!
                  Wow India!!! What time is it there?

                    1. coastalmom
                      Nov 26, 2012 @ 11:00:27 [Edit]

                      Ahhh I wish I could say so… In college, I took Economics 101 and barely passed with a C!!! My dad was a genius and skipped two grades in math but failed Economics and it was a big joke with us. I had a 3.8 and it nearly ruined my gpa but at least I passed! I am always impressed with people who know economics! So you are IN! LOL. my email is crafterdi@aol.com

                1. I just responded to this one… thinking it was you and left a message to you!!! lol. When I scrolled up, I totally realized that it was not your blog! I guess Ralph is right… my tag line should be Duhhhhh ;D

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