Seems like only  yesterday I held you in my arms

Oh how you swept me away with all your baby charms.

The days just flew by quickly, soon you began to talk

and then a little later, you began to walk….

“Mommy will you cross me? I want to go and play.”

Oh those words ring sweetly, now seem like yesterday.

The years have swiftly passed,

don’t know where they’ve all gone,

And when you cross the street now,

 you don’t need to call your mom.

It has happened right in front of me, before my very eyes…

packed away, your faded jeans, one of every size…

Teddy bears and old match box cars,

all packed with loving care,

baseball cards and folded notes of secrets that you shared.

I sit amongst the boxes recalling our memories all alone

and realize that baby, once in my arms,

 is now fully grown~

And silently I wonder through a mixture of joy and tears…

Did I truly show how much I loved you

through  those tender years?

Sometimes it’s hard when you’re the mom

to make your child understand

just how VERY  proud she is when he becomes a man!

(My son and his beautiful family)


Diane Reed

copywrite 1997

26 thoughts on “Seems Like Only Yesterday…

  1. Oh my goodness, how sweet was that?! Love your poem! You are so talented and express your thoughts so well. It almost made me cry. I actually still hold my son’s hand when we cross the street. God forbid any car tries to swipe us or him, I’d be in jail. I’m a bit overprotective, I suppose. I’m enjoying every second of his young years and he’s so loved by me. He’s spoiled by my love every single day. 🙂 Thanks for leading me here to read your poem!

  2. Oh my goodness…this really touched me because my son moved out yesterday. He settled on his new home yesterday. He only lives 20 minutes away, but I feel just as you do in this poem. He is 24 and it does seem like he was just 4 yesterday. Thank you so much for sharing this : )

    1. I am so glad you liked it! My daughter is 24 and moved out 5 years ago to go to school and that one was extra hard. But I promise it gets better and you find yourself in new places writing new chapters in your life! Eventually you appreciate having new time for new dreams but always holding the memories close.
      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  3. It’s true that time flies way too quickly! And children grow up so so fast! I’ve always been the eldest among my cousins, brother and sister, but they are growing up already…
    And it’s beautiful.

    1. Thank you for letting me know! This poem is from my card line that I have on Etsy but it was fun to go through the pics and post it here. Thanks for always reading!

  4. Can I just say awwwwww! How blessed he is to have always had a dynamic woman like you in his life. 🙂

  5. Diane, this is so tender! I can’t imagine how bitter/sweet it must be to look back on these memories. Time really does fly. I am in thick of parenting so it still feels like molasses. A slow drip. But I realize that I won’t always have a tiny hand to hold. What a beautiful Ode to your son!

    1. I wrote this when my son opted to stay with his dad (my first husband in the first pic) his senior year in High School, when my husband and I moved about 4 hours away. It was one of the hardest thing I ever had to do.
      I am still not convinced it was the best decision I ever made but my ex has since died and I am glad that they had those few years together.
      My daughter and I are best friends… my son and I are a lot alike! He has since moved here, and my daughter opted to go back there for school. So now my son is in town and my daughter is now 4 hours away… Go figure. Sometimes I think he doesn’t realize that he is the one who made me a mom… it all goes by so fast… take it from a mom who knows, cherish even the hard days and use every opportunity to make the sons into the husbands you would want for your daughters and the daughters into the wives you would want for your sons…

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