It’s been thirty years

And it’s been twenty days

And the feelings are somehow the same

It’s as if you weren’t here

And as if you won’t leave

Makes me wonder if you ever came

My mind is still whirling

And my heart has gone blank

The memories have all been erased

Like the scent of the past

The fragrance can’t last

YOU are just my yesterday….

The pain is so deep,

I can’t hardly sleep

Though,  I know, that I’ve finally learned….

I won’t do it again…

Look back where I’ve been…

for with fire, you always get burned.

Diane Reed 2012

7 thoughts on “Fire

  1. I love these beautiful words of pain and heartbreak. Time does not heal all wounds it only gives us a chance to learn how to live with the painful memories. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

    1. Mark,
      Thank you for your insight. By the way, responses like this… are the cherries on top that we all look for whenever we post things from our hearts!
      You made my day!

  2. Pain is not always a fun subject to discuss, and yet, it plays such a huge part in the fabric of our lives. It would behoove us not to examine our pain, confront it, and then release it for good. This was very moving, Diane!

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