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Today, I was going to work on my book. But I had this stupid issue of traffic school looming over my head. I scraped together the money to pay for my dumb ticket and the added cost of having the “prvilege” of going to traffic school and I just wanted to get it over with. And so I got up early to honker down and choose a Traffic School to get it off of my To Do List (of all those things you know you have to do but just don’t wanna!!!!) So I went on line to find one. The first one that I chose seemed easy enough to pull up and PAY…(I mean, of course the PAYING part worked really well!) but as soon as I tried to push PLAY, I had all kinds of problems and after waiting twice on HOLD,

frustrated blonde 2

I just nicely asked for my money back and they are supposedly refunding it and I moved on to the next school. And found a great little one that had great reviews and was animated and seemed user friendly… or at least friendlier! It was easy and cheap enough with no hidden costs. I could stay in my sweats all day and they will electronically send my certificate to my courthouse.

And though it took up most of my day,  I do have to say that I gained a lot of respect for what I learned, cartoons and all. I have been known to pass a few cars on my way to and from the Lake where I live. It may have well been worth the $3o0+ I had to pay for learning a good lesson. So I must admit that I was passing one of those hair brained Sunday afternoon puttzzzers, on a Friday morning… late again to work because of the lalagaggers on what the locals in my area call “hell hill” perhaps dubbed by drivers not too far off from the description of lil’ ole’ me!  As I passed Mr. Slow Puss I saw out of the corner of my eye behind some bushes, the fender of a well hidden Highway Patrol car.

ticket signs

As I cried out in a moment of panic, pleading, using the name of Jesus mingled  with a few words in my head that should not be in the same place as my Lord… I slowed down to those ever so familiar red and blue lights that we all dread to see behind us.


Well, you know how you feel as if you have been given a second chance? For some reason, I didn’t argue or even get mad when that Lalagagger passed us on the side of the road giving my friendly Highway Patrolman a thumbs up as he passed. I didn’t even care, I knew that I deserved it. When he told me I was going 86 in a 55, I tried to tell him, it was hard to pass someone who was going between 30 and 50  all the way down the hill only to have him speed up when I tried to pass.  He took pity on me because he said that he could tell that I was “a nice lady” ouch!!!!  Smile… And told me that I had almost beat the record but he would clock me at 65  by then, I knew he was not going to let me go.


I do have to say that I knew I had been driving pretty crazy lately. Always late, always in a rush… and why? Today,  I sat back and took a personal inventory of my driving attitude and realized that I was out of control. It was almost as if I were getting a second chance. Recently, I have taken my time getting to wherever I am going, and I realized a few weeks ago, after getting the ticket that I usually get there within 2 or 3 minutes of the time I might have shaved off by driving crazy. I had pictured myself going over a cliff at times in my head.  I think that God allowed that ticket and I think that I deserved it. But let me tell you… this lesson did not come CHEAP!!! But it was worth it if instead of saving a few minutes, it saved my life.

And I must say that after about 7 hours, I was ready to see the rainbows and butterflies in my head when I heard:

Congratulations Diane YOU PASSED!!!! Yaaay!!! Applause!!!

rainbowsEven though in the course of taking this class I watched the day pass by my window as  an empty Budget Rental Truck drove by  and then back out  the other way filled to the brim. I mean, don’t tell me that in the time that it took me to do my little traffic school class that someone else had loaded up everything they owned and I was just finishing up! But I’m done and it is finally crossed off of my list

It is funny how a silly little thing like Traffic School, even with some comic value, can slow us down and humble us with their cute little statistics and make us a little more aware of the lessons we need to learn. And for me, it wasn’t just about driving. Today I found a blessing in what started out to be a big interruption in whatever day I was going to have to sit for seven or so hours and take this class. (They have it designed so that you can leave off, and come back and I did a few times during the day but I decided to finish it all in one day) But just maybe it was more than just a lesson in driving, maybe it was  a second chance that made me look at things a little differently.  I guess we all need to be more aware of those second chances. You know?

14 thoughts on “Second Chances

  1. Wow – $300 at Christmastime. Ugh.
    Very humble admissions though. I’m afraid the rebel in me would have reared. But what you say about “driving pretty crazy lately” – there was a time when my son was infant & I just couldn’t take my eyes off him in the back seat of the car. I was talking, laughing, singing with him. I had a near-miss and it was like a flash of “GET DOWN TO EARTH”. I improved my attention, focus from that second. It was scary.

    Well, at least that’s over for you 🙂


  2. Thank you for sharing your story in such a way that brought on the smiles and giggles along with the oh, dear, I really don’t need this! A few months back my husband got two tickets in one day within two hours of each other. He has not received a traffic ticket since his teenager days when the road was the place to play. One was driving without a seat belt – $15 and the other yielding at a 4-way stop – $340 but reduced too $150. There is, of course, more to the story but will not inundate you here but just remember afterward we did laugh! He, too, took the test online and passed! YEA!

  3. It is Sunday morning, and I have literally not slept since Thursday night; I suffer terribly from insomnia. I was reminded of something from my past while reading this… something about life continuing to turn even as we move slowly through other activities, disconnected… something all “Seasons in the Sun”…

    But, I digress… my mind is somewhat disjointed at the moment. Thank you for sharing.


    1. As always your words are like art! Thank you for reading!
      Hey… sidenote here… have you heard of 5-HTP?
      It is an OTC that helps me sleep and think better! Without the “drugged” feeling! You might google it…;)

      1. No…. I haven’t …. And, oddly enough, I was headed to WalMart shortly .. I HAVE to find something to sleep. I know this isn’t healthy. I am exhausted. I only sleep about four hours a night, and even those hours are broken and fitful. However, at least one day each week I do not sleep at all.. but, this is the third night this week, and the second in a row.

        I will look it up… thanks. And, sorry for the ramble.


    2. It is amazing. Has helped a lot of people I know. My marriage counselor who wanted me to admit to the label of “depressed” recommended it… (I still have trouble admitting it… because I think organic, is one thing but if crap happens, you get depressed for a reason right? Nothing organic about that… Anywaaaay…)knowing I wouldn’t take anything actually prescribed.. I went that route after the earthquake and not going there again… anyway, I think it is something you would not find at Walmart… more like a healthfood store… or on line… for half the price! Anyway… from only sleeping 2 hours at the most.. I have a good six at a TIME under my belt since I have been taking it.. I take two before bed. But I KNOW how agonizing NO sleep can be… Just getting a few more hours in can make a person 3 dimensional!!!!! 😉 smile… gonna get you there yet!!!! 😀

  4. A great post !! I assume Traffic School is for learners or naughty girls, Diane. 😉 Am I unfollowed, I deserve it 😉 Ralph x

    1. YOU are not unfollowed… YOU my friend, are a find… Not talking about my friends… here… I knew I should have not said that… I don’t want any of you to think I was talking about you!!! I was talking about a few newbies that I LIKED what they wrote and seemed to be getting a slew of ramdom posts every hour or so! I think our blogs are OUR blogs so we have every right to post as much as we want… the problem is, I don’t see our blogs as a place like twitter…we don’t need to post every random thought we have… I mean we CAN by all means… but I think we will lose readers if we do… and if we are just writing for ourselves that is fine. Like yesterday, I missed you guys so I just posted what I did all day… not that interesting… not even that entertaining but that’s all I had… and my point was I could have just let it be… skipped a day… and it would have been okay.
      Love ya Ralp! I’ll never stop following! 😉

      1. Sometimes it’s easy to forget when writing a post that there is a world of bloggers from all sorts of cultures reading and experiencing something that they may never see in their lives. So your experiences, no matter how small, are wonderful to read by another person in a far off land, even from Spain 😉

  5. Knock on wood..I have never had a ticket or a wreck (I hope I don’t jinx myself) I was totally clueless you could do traffic school online.. I need to catch up to the times I think!!
    glad that’s behind you and now just ease up a bit on that gas pedal.. Geez, 86? You could compete at Daytona raceway 🙂

    1. Yeah…hey, I came clean… don’t make me feel any worse! The ticket was enough! LOL… Nah, they always say they clock you higher than you are going but I was in the high seventies! And not proud of it! 😉 But the guy did really speed up when he saw me trying to pass in a place that was legal to pass by the way… but my whole point was that in my head, I had all these excuses daily… that was just an example… and I can blame the ones who really do cause us all a 15 minute delay to getting where we are headed… (I am definitely not the only one who pass these drivers who never pull over in the turn out lanes provided when they are going 40 to the posted 55) but I do see the error of my ways….
      Hence my new attitude posted in public so that I will never go back to thinking I am a race car driver! 😀

  6. I think I just posted more of a tweet than a post. Sometimes I have had to unfollow people who seemed to blog a post an hour… so many random thoughts I couldn’t keep up! LOL. I think I just needed a place to land for a minute after a day so cosumed with seven hours of learning how to be a better driver! lol.

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