orange crate shelves

Orange crates beneath some wood

Ironing boards inside a wall,

ironing board cupboard

Dancing on that empty floor

back then we thought we had it all~

 moving day hug

Defrosting the fridge with a hammer

defrosting with a hammer

Glass door knobs and yellow tile

yellow tile in kitchen 2

Wooden crates and mason bricks

mason shelves

Still somehow,  make me smile

Long before Pottery Barn or Thomasville

writing a check

Before credit cards statements each month…

There was a time when we lived on dreams

And somehow that was enough.

cute romantic couple dancing

Diane Reed

23 thoughts on “Ironing Boards Inside My Wall

  1. Oh this brings back so many memories…. I think I had exactly the same things except for the ironing board…LOL Now the orange crates, down here, would be really popular due to the shabby chic craze. I love your post! Great one! 😀

  2. Dreams don’t cost anything yet … and I love dreaming and I would like a iron board in my wall with good light over. I have never defrosted the freezer with a hammer ..ö but with a vaccum cleaner. Love this little poem .. especially dancing on a empty floor.

      1. Yes, blow hot air into the freezer and it defrost in half the time.
        But we don’t have the same style of cleaners as you – stand up – we have the ones with long tubs. Its works miracles.

            1. Oh my… only 4 yrs? you would think that they would include that feature! Reminds me of the Disneyland ride about our progress…I heard they were bringing that one back. I really liked it!
              I guess … I do remember hammering the old fridge at work when I would clean it out. We have since gotten a hand me down there for the office… too bad I didn’t know the trick about the hairdryer or vacuum then~ seems like a much better plan!

              1. I know .. they are a bit slow over here – if it had been this year, it’s had been self-defrosting – but my unit defrost very quickly – but I can only do it when it’s minus degrees outside so things on the balcony don’t defrost.
                Never heard about to use a hammer – before we but a plastic containers with hot water in the unit and that worked fine too. ‘
                Things has changed for the better in some respect.
                Ride, I’m not made for ride … doesn’t matter what rides – they make me ill, even looking at them.
                How has your writting gone … the novel ready now ???

      1. Yes, I know exactly what you mean, but I’m learning not to think about re-doing the past, but doing the now, and doing it right. And, lucky for me, I’ve learned the secret to doing just that!

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