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Why do we  start our blogs? I think that it would be an interesting question to explore. I would love to find out why the people I have bonded with here, originally began blogging. At first, I initially began my blog as a place to journal, a place to store what I wrote. I like knowing that I have a kind of a  back up place to go to and with a click of a key, be inside the pages of my world of words. I know that I never expected to generate any interest outside of people I already knew. And yet here you are…..  like my own serendipity.

                     Noun : The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way  .Eg: “a fortunate stroke of serendipity


Thank you for finding me, for taking the time to read my thoughts and words, my poems and stories and daily ramblings. I love wandering around your pages as well. I have found people that I really GET and have been found by people who think the same thoughts as I do… We would probably finish each others thoughts if we were sitting across from each other over lunch.

I am not sure what I expect from my blog. I know it is an impossibility, percentage wise, and yet I am sure the serious writers here have entertained the fantasy of being discovered in a round about way by a friend telling a friend who knows an agent about your blog. But gone are the days of a Hollywood agent discovering America’s next sweetheart on a Soda Shop’s bar stool. Success is more than a fantasy, it is hard work. There are no short cuts.  But it’s always nice to dream. Even though I really know that my blog is just  The Keeper of my words…. and I may never meet an agent or publisher here,  I am still so glad that I have found my little serendipity here in you!

26 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. You are a brilliant writer. I love reading through your blog. I only found your blog a few months back and I try and read every post, even though its hard work I will one day have read every post you have ever written Then when you get your first story published I will buy and read it more than once. You really inspire me to write more. Thank you.

    1. Ahhh you are such a sweetie! What an awesome compliment! I am awe struck by imagining you taking your time to read my ramblings! YOU my dear, are a great little writer yourself! Someday you will look back and remember this time in your life and cherish the words you have, recording your time now, for THESE really ARE the good old days! Even in the sad times, you will remember them all with such tenderness because they are so fleeting!
      You are on the cusp of new beginnngs, you still have falling in love a million times to look forward to, what you will be, where you will live, who you will love… it is all such a wonderful adventure. I remember wanting everything to happen too fast. Slow down and enjoy the ride and thank you for thinking that I am worth your time!

      1. I love randomly clicking on your blog and re-reading the way you can make something sound so beautiful, being a photography it is my job to make it look beautiful but being able to put it into words is a different thing entirely! I’m so glad and honoured to have stumbled across your blog, it helps me when I’m having down days or just want to read something beautiful!

        I’ve recommended your blog to an amazing writer friend of mine and I’m sure she is going to love your writing as much as I do if not more, can’t wait to read what you write next 🙂


    2. What an amazing gift I just unwrapped! Thank YOU for taking the time to not only read but to say something so awesome. You may even understand what I mean when i say it was perfect timing because I have been feeling that we are a lot alike !

  2. I’m glad that the Lord brought us to each other, because hearing from you and reading your posts make my days so much brighter!

    I started blogging at the behest of my mentor/spiritual mother as a way to reach out to, and hopefully connect with more women for the women’s consortium we’re a part of at church. It was without a doubt the move of the Holy Spirit, because it caused me to tap back into something I’ve always been so passionate about but let slip thru the cracks for a while. I love expressing myself with this beautiful language of ours, and I’m humbled and amazed that so many people have been so kind and receptive of my work. When I started I thought maybe the church ladies would read it (mostly out of obligation), but God has, and continues to turn it into so much more!

    With that being said, I KNOW He has great things in store for you, so keep doing what your doing and watch Him work!!

    Love you with the love of Christ my dear friend!!


    1. Patricia,
      I am so glad we happened upon each other! It had to have been a DIVINE appointment! And so glad you decided to blog! I look forward to your posts and you are my blessing of the day!

  3. About 5 years ago I was planning to retire from teaching and return to the “real” world. I was told by someone that I needed an online identity, something that showed I wasn’t just this “old fashioned” school teacher. So, I started a blog. Went on Linkedin. Started a Flickr account. Took a few more years, then I took up with Facebook and now have a Twitter account. I’ve really embraced social media, and made many new friends.

    I’m no longer teaching, and I’ve tried to find work with nonprofits, but, so far, to no avail. Perhaps it’s my age, or my location, or maybe my skills set doesn’t match job requirements. I’ve done quite a bit of volunteer work, and those organizations for which I’ve worked seem quite happy with what I do. There just isn’t any money coming from it. Oh well. I still enjoy blogging.

  4. I started blogging as a creative outlet. I used to love to write, but in college my writing had to be for a specific purpose. Then professionally my writing was in the form of reports. Next came children and I couldn’t find time to write. That brings me to here and now and my little blog where I get to quiet the strings of words dancing around in my head. I love reading other people’s thoughts too. Blogging is a win-win for me.

  5. You’re talented – and you should just carry on … and there are competitions that you can enter with your opuses – you can send them to weekly magazines or glossy monthly magazines. Just send and send .. keep on knocking on doors. Keep on writing. You know that I’m not a poetry person, but I know you have something special in your writing.

  6. Blogs fascinate me–I find wonderful writing, incredible photography, heartache, joy…recipes and gardens. It’s a wonderful ADVENTURE! So glad you are part of my reading.

  7. I started blogging when my interest in poetry started to wan (last spring)..I think of my blog as a place to hang out and “chat” with people such as yourself.. No pressures, expectations just good old fashioned fun..

  8. I just love the people that I’ve found on wordpress. All of you are wonderful. I choose very carefully who I follow. I don’t do it out of obligation because someone followed me. It’s been a wonderful experience getting to know people.

    1. Yaz,
      I know what you mean. I don’t just follow to pay somebody back for liking something I have written or because they have decided to follow me, I truly have to want to read what they write. And I want the same favor returned. I don’t want to be followed because I have followed them. In turn, the little group I follow (you included) have touched my heart in some way that makes them very unique. It is an amazing corner of the world created just by me and the ones I get to choose! 😉

  9. I feel the same way. I started cluelessly blogging a few months ago, after being encouraged by a small group of friends and family who had read a few of my random thoughts. I had no idea what to expect and truth be told am still quite clueless out here. However, I’m so glad I joined this amazing community of beautiful people just like you! 🙂

    1. I love your random thoughts! Sometimes I wonder if you climbed inside my head!!! You gotta know you have a gift! NOT because I think your thoughts but because you have a talent in connecting people to them to make them feel as if they are their’s!!!!

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