children in heaven

Sent here from heaven…

Seems like just yesterday,

Oh Lord they weren’nt here very long,

were they?

Jesus waiting for in heaven

But in an instant

I know that

they were with you again

You were there,

watching over them

to welcome them in!

holy spirit

And now they are with you,

safe in your arms~

jesus hugging little girl

Far away from the world

and all of it’s harms

girl running

They will never know sickness

or what hate ever means

as they play with the Angels

on starry moon beams

angel carrying little girl

Now, Lord

please comfort

the ones  left behind

Remind them

that this

is not

really good bye

in the clouds hugging Jesus

Though, we miss them today,

it is not the end…

For some day we ALL

will gather with YOU again

Jesus loving the children

Diane Reed


11 thoughts on “Bless The Children

  1. Diane, this was a beautiful reminder of God’s open arms for little children. I believe they are dancing with the angels now too. It’s those who were left behind that I can’t stop mulling over. My heart is broken for their loss. I’ve just been in a strange cloud since Friday.

    1. Oooh I know… I didn’t even stop to try to get the cadence right on this poem. I just had to write something to remind us all that THEY are in heaven.
      You and I ache with horror… I can only imagine the town and the families and how this has impacted them. It is all just so sad in the rawest form.
      Thank you for your words here. I guess in the end, we can only find comfort in each other.

      1. You’re absolutely right, Diane. We can only find comfort in each other. It’s been difficult for me to get back into blogging. But I know, this community is so supportive and through our discussions, we will ALL find a way to heal.

  2. So beautiful. So touching. I sat, stunned, as we all watched the madness of yesterday unfold, but like you I’m comforted by the knowledge of the Father and knowing there’s no better place to be than with Him. They are all in my continued prayers, and I just wanted to say that I’m grateful for you!!

    1. I know it was horrible. My daughter called me and we cried together…. not understanding…. I watched a little of it this morning lying in bed with my husband in disbelief…before I went to work… you can’t help but cry as you watch the horror and imagine the pain. All we can do is pray and offer the hope of heaven.

    1. Thank you Ralph. Always so sweet!
      My heart hurts for the families. I woke up this morning praying for them but what to pray??? Just knowing that they all are in heaven is our one comfort. But the ones left behind here, perhaps with presents already wrapped under the trees for some of those lost yesterday is so hard to wrap our heads around. The grief must be unthinkable.

      1. It always seems that the young and innocent are always a target in this madness. Yes, there will be a few unopened presents this Christmas. So sad 😦

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