boxes in the yard

The refrigerator box lay sideways in our front lawn. I was four years old and we had just moved in to our new house. My dad answered the door as two little girls looked up at him. The oldest one asked “You got any kids?” I peeked around his legs. And that is how I met her. My BFF.

My dad always loved re-telling that story over the years, whenever she would come for a visit. She was two months older than me, the younger of the two sisters who had knocked at my door on moving day. Refrigerator boxes were so magical back in those days and had such bonding powers, I rarely look at an empty one without remembeing the powers that, THAT one seemed to possess.  I have often teased them both over the years, that they only wanted me for my boxes.

Now over a half a century later, I think I got the better end of the deal.  She has been in two of my weddings. (And has warned me that two is her limit!) She is Auntie Terri to my daughter and my BFF for over five decades! I think she must have followed me around to five record stores while I tried to find a song I wanted to play at my reception and must have  ironed my wedding dress about four times the day of my wedding and stood up for me as my Maid of Honor.

img096  img069

She is the reason that my daughter has experienced Hawaii. And it is because of “Auntie Terri’s”  generosity that she got to go to the school of her choice without the financial hardship there would have been without her heart. She drops everything to play hostess to my baby or will drive for hours to see her in a play.

From playing dolls to having our own babies two months apart, we have come full circle.


(Our babies… mine is on the right though I claim them both!)

We have gone through births and deaths, illnesses and more births, we have gone through weddings and heart breaks and falling in love and out of love, a dozen times over the years. We even got past the idea we were both going to marry the same boy! (Scott lived nextdoor to me and across the street from her!)


We can say exactly what we are thinking without feeling judged and vent and snap and know that none of it will change our love for each other. Life may throw us curve balls but nothing can rock our friendship.  Not even miles….

From the time we were little girls, we made the effort to keep in touch. Through letter writing and special note cards, sealing wax and phone calls, visits and later, emails and texting… we have ridden the wave and found that our love is built on solid ground.

letters with ribbon

My daughter is up there this weekend doing an Art Show and staying with her Auntie Terri and it warms my heart that they have found their own friendship in each other. Their own interests and  memories all of their own.

girls gossiping

And my heart is full as I share my best friend with my best friend.

25 thoughts on “Terri

  1. WOW! You are so blessed to have developed that kind of relationship over the years. What a heartwarming story. Those kinds of relationships are rare and special. What a blessing. And such a blessing to read about as well. God bless you, Terri and your life long relationship.

      1. I had a life long friend I met in the service decades ago. He died suddenly of a heart attack several years ago. I was not as close to him as you are to your friend, but I still miss him. Those kinds of lifelong friends are such blessings, but their loss is tragic as well. God bless you and your friendship.

  2. This final line just melted me to the core. “And my heart is full as I share my best friend with my best friend.” I don’t know if you saw my recent post which was a letter of appreciation to my mom, but I smile so much thinking about our relationship, yours with your daughter, and the one I’m praying for in the future with my baby girl. Your words are such a beautiful inspiration, and let’s not forget about Terri! Blessed, blessed, blessed are you both to have each other!! You’ve described a rich and beautiful friendship, and I hope that my bf and I (known each other since age 7) continue to create beautiful memories such as these!!!

    1. You are such an amazing mom and person. I have no doubt that someday you will be bestfriends with your baby girl and your best friends will love her like mine love each other! Hopefully, we will know each other then too… so I can say I told you so! 😉

  3. Thanks for sharing this story of such a beautiful friendship. Friendships like that which last a lifetime are hard to come buy. You are both very lucky to have each other.

    1. Thank you for reading. I have realized that I am blessed with friendships that have started as far back as Terri and throughout the years, I have come to realize that it takes a long time to grow a special old friend!

  4. True friends accept us for who we are, not what we have or what we can do for them. You are both very fortunate! Such a friendship is rare… 😀

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