Christmas Typewriter2

Somehow in a corner of my world

I found you

or maybe….

you found me.

All I know is that…

 we have found each other


The one who actually reads my words,

 who shares my passions

and takes the time

to find me

each time I write something new

to LIKE and to comment

and then share your words,

and your time

clock stained

and in the connection

we have found magic.

Thank you to all of my readers

and now my friends.

May the true meaning of Christmas fill your soul

all year long!

Baby Jesus2

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Typewriter

With Love,


32 thoughts on “Merry Christmas To ALL my friends here!

  1. I somehow missed this amid all the holiday buzz, but I have so much appreciation for you!!! This is such a sweet sentiment to all your friends, and we’re the blessed ones who get to read your tender thoughts and talented words!

    Love u much!!


    1. Patricia, I am the blessed one! You guys have been such a blessing! I am not sure that we could really explain our connection to anyone that has not experienced “here” Such a gift I have found in you guys. My husband who is a total computer whiz has finally tried to come on board but he is so funny… he is going or coming, kicking and screaming! lol. Actually he is trying to be a good sport. And at least trying it on for size due to another blogger buddy giving him a hard time for not reading my blogs… not sure I really want hiim to… smile.
      Happy New Year to your sweet little family. May God bless you guys with extra blessings this year!

  2. I was stopping by to share the same sentiment but you did it so eloquently! I appreciate your visit to my blog on Christmas. I appreciate being a part of the Jesus Club online at WordPress and I appreciate the shares of your heart. May Jesus grow in you and through you in the years ahead, Denise

    1. Denise,
      You your blog have been an amazing place to sit back and soak in the Lord! You are one that I speak of here! I love our cyber friendship and I wish you a happy new year!

    1. Cat~
      Same to you!
      I so enjoy your posts and I follow you for that very reason. I love our little community of readers and posts we read… we seem to all kind of flow together and makes a part of my world a place to feel safe, and treasure!

    1. Ahhh Viv,
      You too! It actually ended up better than expected. It was our first year where our kids all went their separate ways with their own families. And it was nice. Not so lonely or filled with holes. My mom got the flu and then my niece decided to elope sooo… it was a wierd holiday with a lot of readjustments…lol… but my mom is better, my niece is married and my daughter is on her way back to spend a few more days at home before she goes back to LA… soooo…. it was and is magical… thank you!

  3. Hi Diana, delightful post. the p o e m and the pictures. You write with passion..Wishing you ,yours and everyone. a joyous Christmas and fabulous new year..Jalal

    1. Thank you my friend! Same to you!!! Thank you for always keeping it real! Love your posts about your family. I feel as if I know you guys!
      Happy New Year~ I finally got back a day late to thank everyone for their sweet wishes!

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