8 thoughts on “Pieces of me

  1. Hi D,
    Sometimes when I look in the mirror I wonder…, who is this stranger looking back at me? …and when I ask, there’s this deafening silence, just a mute face staring back at me. I think we all have those times, and maybe they’re just a natural part of life’s process, …or mabye I just didn’t get a good nights sleep! Ha!

    1. I have been avoiding that mirror for months now! I actually used to like looking in it several months ago! I was on a huge healthy kick! Heading to the Juniors clothes rack! Had a glitch and gained some weight…. gonna kick butt in the coming year… someone told me that I lose it fast when I get my gears in motion… just not sure how now… those gears seem a little stuck… lol…

      1. The look in the mirror is a moving target – never stays the same. If I worried about that, I’d drive myself crazy. 5yrs ago I weighed 223 on a 5’10” frame and it wasn’t a pretty sight. Since, I’ve worked back to a respectable 184 (I lost that much hair!), and as time passes, I expect it will change again (does every year from thanksgiving to Christmas) but by summer I’ll be back to me again. I expect that you’ll do the same as soon as you get those gears fixed. Be good to yourself and Happy Holidays.

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