girl flying

If only

I could will myself

to you,

floating high above,

that you might

feel my presence

in a surge of love.

Like a curtain moved

by  a summer breeze,

curtains in the breeze

a light wind,

holding tight

as it carries me


through my


love in Heaven sillouette

I would set upon

your rooftop


and quietly


right through~

If only to spend

A minute’s

worth of time

with you!

peterpan and wendy not a cartoon

Diane Reed

14 thoughts on “If Only…

  1. Nice….a moment can give clarity to a lifetime. Wondering will cause a person to lose their mind. Sipping on a person’s presence is better than remaining thristy. Love this!!!! Im a romantic!!!!

    1. Is that yours? My new word for the year is ICONIC and that is an amazing quote. I know it must be yours because I have wandered through your latest quotes and they are amazing.
      Ya gotta say one good thing for pain… it sure makes you right from your soul!

  2. “If Only”…. A lot of people, (including me), could write a book around those two words, Di. Those ignominious two words run through my mind much too often as time goes by. “if only” and “I wish”… come up in both happy and sad memories. Nuff said about this. Liked what you wrote a lot.

    1. Paul,
      Thank you! I know… sigh…. you are so right “if only” and” I wish” are synonymous in my book as well!
      I have a feeling that we are kindred spirits! 😉

  3. Beautiful and sensational thoughts.Have a sweet new year and blessed one.jalal

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