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Happy New Year!

******Chapter Eight******

Both Jack and Keri worked long hours during the week and cherished their weekends. They fit in as much time together as they could. Instead of being tired at the end of the week they both seemed to have renewed energy. They shared one adventure after another, wrapped up in their new young love and Jack loved introducing Keri to so many new things that she had never experienced or even imagined before. It was like a new high for him watching her learn.

Though they never mentioned the bouts of Jack’s rage after they were over, they always hung heavy in the back of Keri’s mind. They continued to sail but she could not deny the tension she felt each time they would leave the dock.  She dreaded finding herself in another similar situation and would make excuses when he suggested that they take the boat out.

sailing lesson

Finally, Keri took it upon herself to be proactive and decided to take lessons. She had seen the signs at King Harbor where they sailed, and so stopped in one day after work to check out the details. She ended up booking  the first few sessions right there on the spot. She paid for them all by herself, figuring that she was making an investment in their future.

She would get up early on the Saturdays that she knew Jack would be working and learned to sail like a pro. She never said a word to Jack as she learned all the terms and how to maneuver the boat in and out of the harbor. He didn’t seem to suspect that she was taking lessons and she never told him about them, because she did not want him to expect too much. Though, he seemed impressed that she was such a “fast learner” and she just smiled and said that he was just a good teacher and he seemed pleased.  And she left it at that.

Jack loved to look at boats and cars. He introduced Keri to them both. They would go to car lots late at night in order to avoid overzealous salesmen and look into the windows of all the latest models.

new car shopping1

Jack would run through different options and all of their statistics as Keri listened, impressed at how much he knew about each model.


When boat shows were in the area, he would take her to all of them.  They would spend all day climbing on and off of boat after boat. They both fell in love with one called; The Fiji 41. As they toured the boat, Jack talked about them one day living on a boat like that and almost had her believing that they really would.

sailboat int

Keri knew that Jack was smart, and that he would be successful in whatever he decided to do. She knew without a doubt that someday, he could have whatever he wanted. And if he wanted to live on a boat, they would. Jack loved that Keri believed in his dreams and in him in ways that no one else ever had before and yet he remained suspicious and Keri knew it. She did not know how to break down that last wall of trust but she did not give up.


One day, it was a particularly beautiful Saturday afternoon. Jack’s dad was at work which was not unusual, and Jack had finally stopped working weekends. They had spent the morning messing around and then lay sprawled out on the living room floor reading the paper when Jack suggested that they wash their cars. Keri who would have been just as happy messing around all day on the living room floor, had grown restless after reading each article from the front to the back page,  and jumped up laying the folded paper on the coffee table, thinking that getting out in the fresh air was a fine idea.

washing car

As they pulled their cars alongside the building, they took turns hosing each one down, soaping and rinsing playfully, they began throwing sponges at each other, while taking turns with the hose, both spraying the cars and each other. Jack loved that Keri was such a good sport, as he flashed on a time when Maddie stomped off after Jack had playfully gotten her blouse wet. After polishing their cars, they washed Jack’s motorcycle and as they admired their work, Jack suggested that they take a ride. Keri got a pair of cords out of her trunk and ran up to Jack’s apartment to change. She pulled on her pants just as she had promised her mom several months earlier. Soon they were headed towards the ocean, and ended up pulling over to watch some fancy, and very upscale Radio Controlled Sail planes soar over the cliffs of Palos Verdes.

radio control sailplane

Keri laughed at Jack as he stood with his mouth open, she smiled as she watched his eyes twinkle with such joy. His face looked like a little boy with a new puppy on Christmas morning. He grinned back and closed his mouth. “I have always wanted to do that ever since I was a little kid.” He explained standing in awe as he looked up into the sky. “There’s a place not too far from here, in Lake Elsinore where they have the real things.” He told Keri. She remembered him talking about the  Sail Planes he had read about when he was a little boy, in the National Geographic article She understood now, why he had been so impressed. She watched him watching the planes fly overhead,  and couldn’t resist as she walked up behind him. Wrapping her arms around his waist and whispered in his ear. “So what are we waiting for?!” As she gave him a light squeeze. Jack looked at her and then at his watch. His eyes twinkled as she grinned back at him. They dropped off his bike and hopped into his Triumph Spitfire. Driving with the top down and an eight track of Bread playing all the way to Lake Elsinore, Jack explained more about what to expect. Keri had never seen him so excited.


As they pulled up, they found a mobile home sitting on a dirt field with a few people walking in and out of it while a half of a dozen others wandered around the glider port, looking as if they all had a purpose for being there.. They all seemed very friendly and Keri smiled as they passed a few guys that looked to be familiar with the place and   Jack tipped his chin in greeting as they passed while Keri followed.  Keri thought that they were going to just watch a few take off but before she knew it Jack was paying to go up!


Keri watched the plane take off with Jack in it. When he landed, She watched until the plane rolled out to the chalk line and then ran out to greet him.  As they popped open the plexi- glass over the cock pit, she could see Jack’s expression and it was priceless. He was that young broken boy, finally finding some joy.  Keri enjoyed just getting to be a part of his experience. She had never seen him so happy. That was enough for her to make their ride there worth it. But when he announced, “You are next!”  Keri hesitated. She had never been scared of an adventure. She loved roller coasters and all the E ticket rides at Disneyland but she had read the brochure and saw what the prices had been for just going up. But Jack insisted and when she landed she was equally as hooked. “That was so cool!” she exclaimed as Jack came running out to greet her as she climbed out of the plane.

“I just signed us up for lessons.” he announced. Keri was concerned. She had seen the prices for just a ride up. She knew that private lessons had to be much more and assured him that she would be happy waiting for him while he took the lessons. There was no way that they could afford both of them taking lessons at the same time. But Jack insisted. “We are a team, we do this together or not at all!” he said. Keri looked up, “Really, me too?” she asked? “Panicking remembering how hard it was for her dad to teach her things. “Do you really think I could do it?” Jack held her away from him, with his hands on her shoulders and such love in his eyes and said in a serious tone, “Keri, you can do anything you want to do and don’t ever forget that.”

sailplane open cockpit

Soon they were in a contest who could solo first. Every weekend was filled with trips to fly. It was very expensive but Jack always budgeted in both lessons. Keri never actually thought about it but she was happy flying and enjoyed it much more than sailing. Even though Keri had actually taken the initiative, Jack ended up soloing first but Keri did it with less flights. And they laughed about it but she knew how proud of her he truly was when he took home movies as she soloed for the first time. It was such a good feeling to be the one who made him proud or laugh. They had so much fun together and Keri was so in love.

sail plane jantar

Weekends consisted of trips through Corona, and staying at little motels in Riverside while studying for their future Glider license exam. They would joke and quiz each other and fall onto the bed laughing as they climbed all over each other until they got enough and then they’d repeat it all over and over again. Their love was endless. But at times, Keri felt a restlessness in Jack that she could not shake or joke it away. She never knew when to expect the dark moods but slowly she learned how to handle them. Sometimes, she could slip under the covers trying to tease him out of it and try to get him to talk about whatever it was bothering him but other times, he would get irritable and shut down. Keri knew by then, that at those times Jack was less than approachable and so she would let it go. One night after flying and having an especially wonderful day, Jack just turned his back to her without warning.  She began running her hand down his back and he stiffened.

sad couple in bed

She knew not to touch him or push, so she  just turned over. And contemplated everything as  they lay with their backs towards each other. She understood that was all she could do. There had been times before when she had attempted to get him to talk about what was bothering him. Those times had not gone so well.  It was a terribly helpless feeling to not be able to show the one you love how much you love them and that you were different from everyone who had ever come before. She had no idea what had caused the turn in his mood and realized that perhaps she never would. Jack would most like wake up with this behind him, perhaps even apologetic. She had begun to learn the patterns.  Keri lay still as tears slid down her cheek, trying to picture a life filled with nights like these. Finally, she turned over her wet pillow and fell asleep.

40 thoughts on “Chapter Eight

  1. This chapter is very well written and moves the reader quickly through the action. I especially like the use of the cars, the motorcycle, then the planes and the flying lessons, which, intentionally or unintentionally suggests to me a a physical movement from common or simple (cars), to more complex machines and movement (planes). To me that is symbolic of the relationship becoming more and more complex as it progresses..I’m waiting to see if in future chapters Keri’s sailing lessons and her new knowledge of sailing pleases or displeases Jack. I can imagine, but I’m reserving my opinion until I read what (or if) it happens.

    1. Steven,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read! I have been stuck where my book is concerned for a while. Since pulling away from the situation I shared… For a while I was just in “automatic writing” mode… just getting it out… thinking the editing will come later. So please understand that I see a lot of errors each time I reread a chapter. But for a while was just writing. And each one I shared, I was thinking this is the last one I will share here but even if one or two readers would ask for more… I’d be so touched that they had taken the time to read and then want more that I’d share the next chapter! I think that in all the things someone can give me, the gift of reading my chapters has got to be epic! Soooo….Thank you! Half of these I have already changed… some I think I will take details out… you know the rule… less is more… show dont’ tell… I have a couple of friends who have taken chapters after I’d written twenty and gone to the first two or three and edited. So Chapter Two revised has a lot of my bad habit word “had” removed! Paul (Papa Bear) a friend I met here, pointed that one out! If you look at some of the middle chapters… especially chapter seven. I did that a lot in there! It is alway good to reread this. I have a feeling writing this one is therapy for me… much more than I started out just wanting to help abused young girls see themselves and not get as sucked in as I did… but now I am the young girl still needing to go back and get her and deal with the pain. After that I might have the will to write the book that will make sense to my readers. Thank you for making me read things over. I am inspired to start working on it again!

      1. Too me, I don’t think you should leave any details out. To me there’s very little extraneous material in what I’ve read so far.

        1. You are too sweet! I opened this message up at work and my heart filled! Nothing I want to hear more. But you are being very kind. I am blessed that I get as many followers as I have… reading my longer posts but to get them to read actual chapters takes a lot! I am grateful to you!
          Thank you!

            1. Just saw this. Also read your other comment again and that is interesting that you found the symbolism in my story. I like your perspective! I don’t think I did that on purpose but I see where it really could tie in to everything!
              So glad you found the beginning of the book. It might be interesting for you to read some of my first ones after reading the later ones. The comments that I mentioned are there as well. I think some people were following faithfully but like I said it is not easy to get someone to read the longer chapters. So I lost readers along the way. I truly feel that people like what they read… but life happens and if you are not totally :
              “working” your blog…and there enough… you can lose followers from being as faithful… I guess in the same way as when someone posts too many posts in one day and people “unfollow” just due to time limits and boundaries. So I stopped putting chapters here until I really get polished and the storyline the way I want it. I think that I may post one more chapter and then they can wait for the book! 😉
              Too many people promised things that they may have had every intention of doing but I feel that those people need to not promise so much to so many cuzz sometimes people think they actually intend to do what they say…
              I think why I always keep a big tall wall up for most… and the ones who find their way scaling over it… well good luck! LOL.
              I really do appreciate the ones who hung on and read each one I posted. They are my heros! 😉

              1. I tried commenting on chapter one, but they would not publish it; so I sent you my comments in an email, even though its the weekend.

  2. This is the trouble with ‘Likes’ as it is easy for someone just to click it and move on to the next Space having not even read one word. I have been thinking about removing that option on mine, indeed I have already taken out the ‘Rate This’ part, which is another easy click when someone calls by, I mean what is the point in clicking ‘Like’ when they haven’t even bothered to read the content? 😦

    I will have to call back sometime soon
    to read through from chapter one, in the
    meantime you have a very nice rest of
    the weekend and have fun 🙂

    1. I just found this… a friend is reading my chapters and posted a comment and stumbled upon your comment. Not sure how I missed it. But thank you for reading. When any of my readers take the time to read my chapters… I know they are long and still very rough and it means a lot.

  3. Thank you so much for liking my post( A day without tomorrow) blessings and regards.Jalal

  4. Thanks so much for posting more. I want to read it all of course! You asked about my (rather rude, sorry) comments on spelling and grammar in the earlier chapters. How about I edit a chapter for you, see how long it takes me and email it to you? I always joke that I was born with a red pen in my hand – I can’t help myself. OCD maybe? Perfectionist about some things? I am so enjoying your story though. Thanks Diane!!

  5. Judgement is our way of filtering out the people we wish to be around from those we don’t. I don’t have a problem with placing Judgement if it fits the crime. With that being said, I agree adult should watch what they do and say around their children. I also believe that parent should have an open line of communication with their children. Educating them about life and relationships. They should encourage them to consistently express how they feel about their family and friends. Ms. Coastal, you should ask yourself why it was so difficult for you to address your father about his drinking. Do you think it was because you thought it was too adult? did you believe his feeling were more important than yours? I encourage my Child to challenge me on my short coming because we have a relationship and its isn’t one sided….I learn from her as often as she learns from me. Your father needed to here that he was effecting you. The parent and child is a circular relationship….the parent should leave their door open to answer any and every question posed but the child has to walk in the door and ask questions until they clearly understand the answers!!!! Moral of the story: study your children because they are studying Us. Great Post….thought provoking!!!!

    1. I am confused why you are asking me this here… because this is Chaper Eight from my book. Not sure where my dad comes in here? But I know you must be referring to something else I wrote about on my blog or yours…
      But to answer you….
      My dad came home from getting bailed out of jail due to a DUI when I was nine years old. My mom woke me up out of a dead sleep to tell me just that. She told me to watch my two year old sister and left to bail him out. I look back now and wonder why she couldn’t have just left a note? We were both asleep. If I had woken up, I could READ by then, quite well as a matter of fact. Why not just leave a note for me to find when I woke up? Why tell me the truth? Why not tell me that my dad’s car broke down? I am royally pissed off now as I think about it. My dad is dead now, I can’t talk to him about it. I have talked to my mom and she agrees. We just make mistakes and she was just a young panicked mom at the time. I don’t blame her and yet damage done. And it happened again when I was eleven. THAT time you better believe I was going to have my say… when my dad came home, I was already to give him what for. From what I remember, he was probably still drunk, pushed me away. I mean, I am sure he didn’t feel he had to answer to me back in those days. That is why AB, I never approached it again. I agree with everything you say now…and maybe if he had lived past my twenties, I would have even gotten him to sit in on a counseling session or two with me. But I was the good child. My sister got him for those kind of things. I don’t even think she appreciated it. I kind of resent that because of her using… she got the counseling side of my dad. Though I forever get to remember being his wingman. Maybe that should be good enough?

      1. Sorry that was meant for one of your other post….the one about children and parents. I am sorry he past before you was able to understand his prospective…. Yes, parenting is trial and error. I am sure your mother would have decided to change her approach if she seen how it would affect you but we only can act with the information we have at hand. Your a parent and you know how many time you may have had to apologize to your children about making a wrong turn. I believe children should know their parent short coming so they can understand their parent are human. More children are upset for not knowing then knowing. Your mother should have educated you as oppose to thrusting you into the situation, but she allow you to see that your father had a problem. This allow you to see that it was the alcohol and not the man.

        1. I figured you meant this for my They Are Precious In His Sight post probably?
          Yes! My mom would do things differently…we have talked about it since I have gone to counseling. So my point was so important on the post you were reading… that we are all products of where we came from… no matter how normal it may have seemed. I think more of the normal childhoods actually were some of the more damaging… the ones where things were left unsaid or not talked about. Your daughter is blessed to have you as a DAD with open communication… Though on the same realm, I know YOU are a wise dad and know that kids actually truly don’t want to know everything… so I don’t have to remind you that YOU can leave the door open for her to feel comfortable in talking to you… but being very cautious in how much you share with her.
          Though this really should be moved to the right thread… It is confusing to keep this going on my Chapter Eight post.
          If you want to reply… maybe we could move to They are precious in His sight~ k?

  6. I guess i would have to read other chapters because I was lost a few times. The interaction between the two characters seem close but very distant. I would have to see the back story on that. You got my attention because this is defintinely not something I normally read. I will look at earier chapters and go in order for clarity!!!!

    1. Ahhh AB youu are correct in realizing that the story is weaved throughout the beginning…It is not like the Hobbit where if you haven’t seen the other movies semi-connected, you can hop right into the story line… It is part of a book in where you can’t just jump in and understand… I think I will go edit this and let people know…
      Thank you for your time. I am sure this is not your normal genre of choice. lol! 😉

  7. I definitely felt a little disconnect only because I had not read the other chapters. However, even though the background was not there for me, it was still present. Just enough hint and subtlety for the shadow to be recognized. Anyway, I did not stop until I read the whole thing…that is a plus!

    1. I will take the plus!
      I went back and edited in a caution to discourage others in reading this if they hadn’t read the first chapters before this one. But thanks for your time!
      Happy New Year!

  8. Wishing you happy and successful 2013.Beautiful chapters.Jalal

  9. Hi, Di,
    Will need to read chapters 1-7 before I’ll comment on this. I hate jumping into the middle of a story when I know nothing about the beginning or the characters.

    1. Paul,
      I love your generosity. But I will understand if this is not your cup of tea! The story is probably more for a different audience but I love your heart and willingness to give your time to all the chapters!!! YOU are such a sweetie!
      Thank you!
      You actually GET where I am coming from by your post! You are an amazing gift!

        1. I love that you are reading this! I wish I understood your questions! I want to answer you.
          I guess maybe I should explain.
          This story is a love story about abuse. But it has a different twist. It doesn’t make the abuser into a monster… it tries to subtly explain about his upbringing and the horrific childhood he came from…eventually, in the next chapters…you will meet his parents and see the disconnect.
          It also is a warning to young girls who find themselves sucked in to an abusive relationship. The story tries to demonstrate in the beginning chapters how in her innocence, and though seemingly good upbringing, she could find herself in love with the one who has begun to abuse her. And her awareness and denial regarding it all.
          The first few chapters set up the ones that follow.
          Coming in right in the middle may be confusing for you.
          (I posted chapers one through seven here on this blog, several days earlier.)
          Does that help answer your questions?
          I am just grateful that you took the time to read it!
          Happy New Year to you!

              1. Sorry Arjun,
                I was getting so many replies that I have lost a few in the shuffle of things. To answer your question Chapter One is where you begin. 😉 Thank you for wanting to take the time!

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