I am so sick right now. Got that flu that everyone else had Christmas Eve. My hubby brought me home Nyquil. I only took two doses in two days but I have that headachey hang over feeling from that. He asked me if he could get me anything I said : “Yeah, a hammer to knock me out.” Wish I could just wake up after this bug had done his thing!

But in the meantime, I have to say sorry to have “taken a little powder” and  that I haven’t had time to go back and edit Chapter Nine which I meant to when it posted…  much less, write something new. However, I have this new little friend (Jim) who has been wandering around my archives… among my posts long before I ever knew how posters got readers, when I was writing mostly just for me… commenting on my ramblings. It has been fun going backwards, re-reading where I was back when I wrote what I wrote.

I hought I’d share one that he dug up out of the attic. The perfect one for a rainy, dreary, lots of keenex day!

Hope you guys don’t catch this bug… it sucks the words right out of your pretty little heads!




Sorry, I will write again soon… but in the meantime, please…

read this >>>>>>      


27 thoughts on “Just A little Bug….

  1. Hey Diane, I tagged you/invited you for coffee on my blog today. Have a look. By the way, no one I know reads my blog, including my boyfriend!! Only my ex-husband’s girlfriend seems to stalk me occasionally on it. It’s for me, not them so I don’t mind who reads it.

    1. Joy,
      thank you! I will have to go make a pot and join you!
      That is so funny! How do you know it is her? You could really have fun with that! Great writer that you are! ;D

      1. I know because on Christmas day I wrote that my ex was asleep downstairs and she saw it. He had lied that he had slept on his boat, she caught him out and he got furious with me and left early!! Haha, his problem for lying to her (and cheating on her in the past so she didn’t trust him) but he blamed me of course. And that’s why I am divorced. 🙂

  2. Awe, I’m sorry. I know the hospitals are FULL of people down here with the flu and they are saying it’s a nasty one. I had the flu shot, but still haven’t felt up to par myself, but your case sounds much worse! Sending the thoughts of home-made chicken soup, warm red wine with honey and lemon in it, and positive thoughts for a quick recovery! 😀

    1. Thanks so much Keli
      Finally feeling a bit normal again.! I think my health or lack of it, put me in a pit for a minute but climbing on out! lol. Thanks for the chicken soup wishes!

  3. Hope you will be okay … soon. I started taking cod liver capsules about 8 years ago .. and they keep bad colds away. Not the flue ..
    I get a power from Canada .. a magic powder called Neo Citrin, 2 days and even the worst flue will be gone. Take a long hot shower and a big whiskey – and sleep it off.

  4. Thank you everyone for your well wishes… and for those who actually clicked on the link “Just Right” and commented while I took a leave of absence. I have not been really sick for a long time and prided myself in not catching what everyone else seems to succumb to… But… this one kicked my butt… Though I feel much better! One more day of nursing it should do it.
    Thank you everyone!

  5. Get better! I feel like I’m racing toward where you start posting chapters. I am anxious to suggest endings if you are still struggling with that. Done for the day, back at it tomorrow.

    1. My hubbie doesn’t want me to post anymore (of my book that is) He thinks I am exposing too much of my book… I told him I just wanted feedback from real writers and readers… he wants to send me to some seminars and thinks I am going about it the wrong way. He has had some feedback from some people who have read it and they told him they think I might have something… so Chapter Nine may have been the last… The next chapters are of Keri becoming an adult and their reconnection after decades… I am stuck as to how to end it… I have a few different scenarios… I just want there to be a redeeming message in the end.
      I thought of that today though…you are catching up with my newer posts where other people actually started reading. Having you read some of my old stuff was helpful. It made me go back and remember to write as if people are reading it all.

      1. I do understand his not wanting you to just give your book away. I am of a completely different mind about such things but that doesn’t matter.

        What I was really hoping for was for the book to not have been started before you started the blog and I could see the idea for the book come to light, then the process you went through to go about writing it; the mechanics, the strategy, the boring stuff that would greatly interest me as I have an idea and no established skills on how to go about doing it.

        Once I get there I will give feedback on what I read so you know if I am getting out of each chapter what you hoped (I’ll be more careful than flying through these early blog articles). And after Chapter 9 I will project what I think should happen and how it should end and why. Whether that will help or not I don’t know. Sometimes a wrong idea will even trigger the right one.

        1. jim~
          This has been an amazing gift you have given me… I mean who can resist someone who takes the time to really read what you wrote and comment on each thing? Spouses of writers could save their marriages if they did this! THIS is what I was talking about… in my hole fillers post… Ya know?

            1. I take it platonically. Still keep in mind the football could be pulled away if I appear to get too engaged in this to my wife. I have come to see pouring through someone’s blog as having great power. I was so hurt when almost none of my 50 real friends and relatives on Facebook could so much as bother to glance once at my blog, and it is something I pour my entire self into. So yes, to have someone just come along and thoughtfully read each entry and comment on most of the articles is a huge thing. I think you will be the third and the last I do this with in this way.

              1. Well, I am humbled. And glad you are happily married! I hope she was one of the ones who reads your wise words! She sounds to be quite discearning!
                My husband supports my writing. He has had to take a back seat a few times when I have had an inspirational push… I have joked that he could reach me on my blog! Smile… He thinks blogging is not for tough guys…lol.
                Too bad… lots of good converstion could be had here! 😉
                Seriously though, I appreciate your time and effort and am grateful!
                Thank you.

          1. I actually mentioned to my life “this lady” (you’re my age so it should have been “this girl” (the psychology behind that must be bizarre)) who’s husband won’t read her blog. REALLY?!?!? That got us talking about when we left facebook and I started up a new blog and soon after Cathy, my wife, resusitated hers. Almost none of them would glance once at my blog and almost all 50 “friends” were real-life in-person friends or relatives. Do you know how much that hirts after knowing and regularly interacting with these people on Facebook for years? It’s like I work on writing a piece of music for months and now no one will listen to any of the 3-minute piece. Pardon my language, but what the fuck is that? This needs to be my blog today so I am “using” you right now.

            To the point. You can tell your husband for us that his reading your blog is a matter of spousal support that is NOT optional. Cathy is “required” to read mine every day because my feelings would be hurt if she didn’t. Every day as soon as I announce the blessed event that I did my post of the day she drops everything she is doing as quickly as she can and rushes off to read it. And vice versa. We also critique each others writing spur of the moment on request.

            Elsewhere you mention not knowing how you started getting readers. You get readers here inadvertantly in two three ways. 1. You tag your articles so that search engines will bring people to you which is how two of my most viewed pages is “Gesu Bambino” and “Gay Marriage”. 2. Someone starts following you as you followed me with a “Blogs I Follow” list in the right column of the blog. And 3. What I am doing here right here and the way I found you, commenting on someones blog. I saw your endearing comments to flat girl regularly and over time I decided I wanted to get to know you and losing Dawn has tragically given my time for her to you instead.

            Oh! I do believe I rocked FG’s world at least a little as I intended. I posted my WWJD prose/poem on her “Internet Friend” article and she totally broke character in her response. She neither began with “Sir” nor did she end with “Me”. I’m so damned close and am not free to go in for the kill. DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!

            Back, there was a point to be made here. Cathy and I insist you tell your husband it is an issue of mandatory spousal support that he follow your blog. Do what you will, but we have spoken!

            1. He actually is my source of computer know how when I can’t figure things out.
              But he insists that he has tried over and over again to sign up for my blog and can’t get it. Not to be demeaning here but I know a bunch of people much less intelligent than him… who have figured it out.
              He used to sit still and let me read to him. Sometimes I would look up and acutally see tears in his eyes after I was done. He does love me. I know more than anything but as you continue reading you will see that you and your wife are very right. There is something to knowing what your spouse is doing on line.
              A counselor once told me that I am a chatty person and I connect with chatty people. Writers with the same passion would be one big one.
              My husband and I got to a point in our marriage where the chatty stuff was monopolized by the naggy unromantic get stuff done kind of conversations. I do know that chatting on line a few hours a day is a far cry from actually knowing how living with someone would be. I mean even a couple of meetings and lots of talking could never really reveal how it would truly be, though I can’t say I didn’t consider it at least once and really liked the undivided attention from someone who had once been a huge part of my past…. read on… you are getting closer to understanding what the hell I is she talking about! lol.

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