Somewhere inside my innocence
I got caught in-between
You gathered up my words
making me believe in your dream…
You held my space
it felt  good to pretend
 I really believed
that we could do it all  again…
cute romantic couple dancing
Dancing with my heart
you made me laugh at my fears
but like a shadow fading in the night
the wind blew away my tears
sad girl standing on the beach
the music stopped
the dancing ended
and I knew
you had just pretended.
Diane Reed

20 thoughts on “Just Pretended

  1. How wonderfully written my friend 🙂
    I hope that you will like my latest batch
    of scripts, they are not horror by the
    way and perhaps you might like them 🙂

    Call by whenever you
    have the opportunity and
    do enjoy your evening 🙂

  2. Damn….that is deep!!!! I wouldnt sell you a dream that reality wont follow. I believe and if you believe then the possibility are infinite. Lets live in our speech, lets be ideal in an idea, lets be everything we envisioned in our hearts when they became one!!!! You have inspired me yet again….keep writing its a gift!!!!

    1. And your words are like the best scent I have ever smelt! 😀
      No really, you should cut and paste your reply to me and write something from it! Those words were amazing! Thank you!

  3. a thousand years from now will these words be true
    as they were a thousand years ago…..
    one wonders if there will ever be a balance in the feminine and masculine energy

    what a beautiful haunting memory your words bring to the surface

    Wishing You the Best that is Yet to Be in 2013
    Take Care…
    ( and thank you for your kind words, I have been drifting in Alice’s world
    lately and am finally seeing the sun again(sometimes) I apologze in the lateness of my response to you

    1. And may this new year bring you lots of sun filled days. Thank you for your amazing words! No apologies needed… that’s what I love about our neighborhood of friends here… no pressure! Ever! Just lots of appreciation for what we receive and not guilt or boundaries here!

  4. Hi Di,
    The scenario you described in your poem often plays both ways and someone always gets hurt. When we’re young we aren’t as observant of the nuances of a relationship to know if it’s good, or lasting, we just are “in love” and not looking beyond the moment. It’s happened to a lot of us.

    1. Paul,
      You are wise beyond wise.
      Sometimes years don’t always bless us all with wisdom. I have been editing my book and so a lot of poems have been rising up in me… remembering…
      I wish that I could take all the young girls going through what I did back then and help them avoid the pain that is inevitable if they stay where they are… to be able to say something that could be the only lesson that they will ever need to know… unfortunately most of us don’t wake up by someone else’s lessons.

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