tangled thread1

The tread that weaves

throughout the years

thread and needle

strong enough

to keep us here

thread unraveled

has been unraveling

before our eyes

amidst our hellos

and goodbyes

hands sillouette

It’s hard to ever

let  it go

and yet we both

really know

the thread’s unraveled

once again…

And…  somehow now

we’ve reached the end…

cross stitch saying



Diane Reed

26 thoughts on “The Thread

  1. Wonderful words .. and your choice of pictures … so delicate. I don’t know if my life is made out silken threads, I think they are stronger than so. Truly beautiful written.

  2. Your poem is so beautiful and yet expresses so wonderfully the deep sadness that comes with the end of a relationship whether by death or mutual parting. Wow…

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