If you have to ask,

couple on the dock

You already know the answer.

Diane Reed

Just saying….

Dr. Suess

I am sure that I did not come up with this saying. And I know that it has been said a miillion different ways. Note* The way that Dr. Suess even has tried to say it. (above)  But I recall about a thousand years ago when at 18 years old I was engaged! I remember asking a lot of people if they thought that 18 was too young to get married. I recall an older woman (perhaps my age now… sigh…) who said “Honey, if you have to ask, you already know the answer”.) Her words resonated and I never forgot them and they have kind of been my measuring stick for any hard question that I might have since.  Because the truth really is that if you have to go outside of yourself for advice, when choosing something for your own life, the real question is; who knows you well enough to answer?

(my blogger friend Joy is now suggested this song… wish I knew how to do this the right way but I loved the suggestion!)

I think that I am finally GETTING the message after all of these years. I have never had enough confidence to be my own authentic self. I have always relied on other people’s opinions to guide me. My New Year’s resolution this year, is to trust what I know in my own soul. If I have to ask… I will go directly to where I began to find the answers so long ago…

Jesus kissing praying girl

30 thoughts on “If you have to ask…

    1. Thank you Denise! Have a great weekend! A kid just walked in and quit… yesterday. He was supposed to work last night! After scrambling to cover shifts. I am working a double today…. so we shall seeee how great my attitude is by ten tonight! lol.

  1. Hi Diane. To put a YouTube video on your post. Go in to YouTube, play the video, underneath you will find Share. Open it. Copy the blue writing (right click/copy). Return to your post and paste it centrally (use the text center button). You can do it now. Edit your post and paste the code from YouTube where the URL is. It’s easy.
    As usual a great post 😀 Hugs. Ralph xox

    1. Thank you Ralp!!!
      And for taking the time to teach me something! You don’t happen to know how to make it for background music as someone clicks on the post? I have seen that on some posts! I love it… or how to open up a post and have the video on the post at least? Some people don’t take the time to click on a link but they might click on a video already there. I love the song that Joy related to this post and it would be awesome to be able to learn how to do that… See you give me an inch and I ask for a mile…. LOL.

      1. I haven’t a clue on the music and video starting up on opening a page. I have seen these on mainly Romanian sites. It looks like they all use the same or similar WP themes which may give them the gizmos. Not sure though. 😦

  2. I immediately loved the song ‘The Voice Within’ years ago, and this reminds me of it. What an important message Diane. Thanks for the reminder – I am sure it speaks to us all.

    1. You are right! I love that song! That would have been cool if I could have had that playing in the background! Wish I knew how to make the tech stuff happen like that! Thank you for always being such a great and positive support in my blogging world! Gotta love ya!

    2. I just listened to this song again! I Thank you for the gift of reminding me… if my book ever became a movie (dream big right? lol) This would be the theme song of my choice!!!! At the very least… it is inspiration as I keep writing!

    1. After all of these years… ya think? lol.
      I am finally seeing the light… I dont’ need to always ask.
      I have really picked a great career haven’t I? Writing… where you need constant feedback! argh!!!
      But seriously, those certain questions where the answers are inside us all… I am working on finding them without going outside myself any longer!
      Thanks for reading! Love your comments as always!!!

  3. That is fabulous! I love this idea and perspective! I must try and apply it in my life, I am always the first to ask someone to validate what I already believe to be true.. How sad is that! Thank you Sweet Sister! Blessings to you!

  4. Hi, there!! Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my post a few days ago. It’s always a pleasure to see new faces. I enjoyed reading your post! That is quite a resolution you’ve made and one I think we should all keep in mind on a daily basis. Best of luck to you! (:

    1. Love your blog! Everyone should take a look! Thank you for taking the time to come and find me as well! Looking forward to being familiar faces on each other’s blogs! 🙂

  5. I think your New Years resolution is a truly good one and … we should all take it on – because I think we need to look into our heart and soul … and it’s time that we start to love us as we are.

  6. This is a great resolution Diane, and, curiously, one that I made for this year too. I like that you posed the question ‘who knows you well enough to answer?’ It really says it all. Great post again.

      1. I think we are taught to be what our parent’s or husband wants us to be. My mom use to tell me to never win at games, always let my husband think he’s right, that I’m too fat or need a neck lift (I’m just above model weight and I might be getting older, but I don’t need a neck lift). Bless her heart, she wants me to be perfect because that is what was expected for her from her parents. I’ve been a big disappointment to her in many ways because I’ve always been my own person. I try to accommodate her as I can as I know she doesn’t mean it in a bad way, it’s just how she was taught. I told her that she could live HER life and I wanted to live MINE. I take that same approach with my children… I will tell them to look at an issue from every direction before making a decision. I may tell them things to consider, but I always tell them at the end of the conversation, that it is THEIR life to life, not mine. I trust them in their decisions and to always pray about everything that seems daunting… 😀

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