In the shower  letting the water wash all my cares away


Dancing around in my robe as I pour the coffee


Drying my hair and putting my make up on

make up in mirror

As I walk out the door… I hear a little song in my head…

door walking out

I Smile at the neighbor as I hop in the car

car window getting in car

And crank up the music, rolling my window down

Wave the guy in front of me in, it’s not that complicated


It’s gonna be what I make it… and it’s going to be a very good day!

happy woman at the beach

Happy Weekend!

(Even though I gotta work!)



53 thoughts on “Happy… It’s NOT that complicated!

  1. I always like to see optimism and a positive start to the day helps a lot, okay so it was a shame that you had to work but what a wonderful weekend 🙂

  2. You are absolutely right on this! That’s the same I do, and have been doing, especially going from hosp. to hosp. with my mom. These people get very few smiles and thank you’s. (and the love cake… LOL)

    1. Keli,
      Love your attitude! Praying for your mama!
      You are using the opportunity that life handed you for good! I love it! You are my inspiration and I am sure everyone else’s who are at the receiving end of your smile!!
      Hang in there!

  3. I really truly hate when I wave someone in and they do not acknowledge it at all. It should be legal to run into them after and say to the cop, yeah I let him in but he didn’t wave back and the cop should look at the individual with complete disgust.

    Haha jamming out with the windows down, nothing beats it.

    1. Speaking of being honest. I do too. And you are too funny. If only we could slam into them… or suck back in a smile when they don’t smile back or drop the door when they nonchalantly breeze on through like it is our purpose in life to hold the door for them and say “seriously, dude reallyyyyyyyy???
      But then I remember it really is on them… their attitude in life and lack of grace is not going to ruin mine…. and through gritted teeth remind myself…”Grrrrrrrrrr ~~~~~ It’s not that complicated!” ;D

      1. HAHA it would be so nice to do those things, but I agree it is not that complicated and none of those instances make me (or you it seems) stop doing it. I actually think it’s more rewarding to smile at a child, it’s like they can’t help it and smile (and sometimes laugh) back. I guess the best way to look at it (since it isn’t going to change) these things we do because it makes us feel good, or we just feel we should do it, it’s on the other person if they don’t acknowledge it. (jerks) :p

  4. I like how you gathered together all the simple and mundane aspects of getting ready for the day and then ended with — it’s gonna be what I make it!

    So true.

    Thank you for the warm smile.

    My weekend was fabulous! I spent it in Vancouver with my eldest daughter — it was perfect. 🙂

  5. Each day is what WE make it! This happy little diddy put a smile on my face this morning. Thanks, and hope you have a GREAT DAY TOO!!!

  6. Not that complicated. I agree with you, I do. I just don’t know how I keep getting caught up though…. Must try & remember, it is NOT THAT COMPLICATED….

    1. Thank you for reminding me! I forget too. This was written to me. Me inspiring me because I make it to complicated! Thank you for taking the time to read me!!!! 🙂

  7. Easy enough for you to say !!!!! Ha! Just teasing. If a person can’t face the day without at least half of that attude, it’s not going to be a good day. Have a great weekend, Di,

  8. Yes! Happy really isn’t that hard! Thanks for shedding light on the beauty around us. I happen to love cranking up the music with the window rolled down too. You rock, Diane! 🙂

  9. Many tend to describe weekends, as uneventful, due to some negative situation that has presented itself suddenly, and without warning. Deal with it immediately, erase it from your mind, and make the most of this God given break from all your worries. You make the weekend, not the other way around. Enjoy your time,you deserve it. Blessings.

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